Where can I get a lie detector test done?

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The purpose of a lie detector test (or polygraph examination as it is otherwise known) is to detect deception; to find out the probability that a person is lying in response to questions asked about a specific issue.

Many people request lie detector tests throughout the UK every day for private and work-based reasons; for example, this could be because they are concerned that a partner may have committed infidelity, or something may have gone missing and the person responsible for this theft needs to be identified, or a person may be being accused of an act they have not undertaken and want to prove their innocence.

Whatever the background to the need for a lie detector test, it is possible to receive this service in whatever part of the UK you live or work in.

There are several companies covering the UK that provide lie detector test services; some of these companies will only cover a local or small radius area from their home base but there are also larger companies who cover much larger areas or are even UK wide. You will be able to find a provider of a lie detector service to accommodate your testing requirements in whatever part of the UK you are in.

However, there are some situations and locations where lie detector testing may be a little harder to obtain and you may need to be a little more flexible in terms of arranging the test, the cost of the test, exact location and date and time of the test. This article will go on to explain why below.

A lot of companies offering lie detector services on the internet talk about having a team of polygraph examiners at their disposal; this is not always completely true Polygraph examiners are a rare commodity and it is unlikely that every company advertising polygraph tests have an army of examiners ready and willing, and available, to attend tests countrywide at short notice.

The majority of lie detector companies are, in fact, one man (or woman!) operations meaning that they will struggle to meet demand if they cover the whole country and travelling from Lands End to John O’Groats to undertake one lie detector test does not make good business sense obviously. 

Some of the bigger boys operating in the polygraph examination industry may well have several examiners. They may also have offices across a large area or across the whole of the UK. However, even they will not have a resident polygraph examiner at every one of these offices or allocated to cover one area.

As stated before, polygraph examiners are pretty few and far between, and the demand for lie detector testing is very high. Most polygraph examiners cover a large area and travel a great deal to undertake lie detector tests where people need them.

If you live in the extremities of the country or in remote areas, it may well be that the examiner will struggle a little more to get to you or to fit you in with the other tests they are performing that day. They will always try their best, but it may be that you need to pay a little more for your test to cover the expense of the travel and accommodation of the polygraph examiner and be a little more flexible about when you are available to take the test and not expect this at last minute notice if you wish to employ the services or a competent, ethical and experienced polygraph examiner.

There is also the matter of the exact location of you lie detector test; if you do happen to live in far flung parts of the UK or a place that is not particularly accessible, it may reduce the cost of your test and increase your options in terms of date and time the test can take place if you are willing to travel a little to take the test.

In regard to premises where the lie detector test can take place, this is actually pretty flexible; the majority of lie detector testers are happy to come to your home at no extra cost.

This is convenient to you and often helps people to feel more at ease and relaxed then being in a more formal and clinical office setting and having the stress of travelling there, potentially getting caught up in traffic and running late etc. This allows for you to be in the comfort of the home and allow the examiner to deal with the issues of getting to you on time.

Taking the test at home can let you prepare yourself for the test and often, as a result of this, you are in a psychological and physical state that is more conducive to the obtaining of clearer physiological indicators and data during the test.

Larger companies will also have offices across the area they cover which can be used for you to attend to take a lie detector test if your home is not suitable for this.

However, there is a high demand for lie detector tests and the other services that private investigation companies offer and it is common for the meeting room to be unavailable much of the time. The company may also not have an office in your exact location and therefore unable to provide dedicated office space for your test.

This is not a problem, and the company will be happy to book a hotel room at their own expense if no office space is available on the day of your lie detector test, and you do not wish the examiner to attend your home. This may seem like an odd or unprofessional place to attend for a polygraph examination but due to the wide area that polygraph examiners cover and the amount of travel involved this is actually very commonplace within lie detector testing in the UK.

The examiner will ensure that the room booked meets the physical and practical requirements in order to undertake a valid and reliable polygraph examination and will also make certain to use the utmost discretion when booking the room and meeting you within the reception or hospitality area of the hotel prior to your test.

No confidential details will be discussed within any public area and your privacy is guaranteed.

Essentially it is possible to obtain lie detector testing across the UK and you will be able to book this service wherever your need be.

It is important to remember, however, that polygraph examiners are low in number within the UK and there is high demand. Whilst companies will go above and beyond and do their utmost at all times to get you the test you need, at the place you want it and within the time frame you require it, there may be times when this is just not possible and, if you wish to use an examiner who is experienced and adept at their job and who will get you the most reliable results, you may need to be a little more flexible in terms of cost, locations and timings.

The company and polygraph examiner will be more than happy to talk to you about your options and work out a plan with you that meets your needs, that you are comfortable and satisfied with, and that gets the right examiner to you to undertake your lie detector test.

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