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Our London Private Detectives work with private customers, high-net-worth individuals, and corporate clients.

Bond Rees are the most successful Private Investigators in London, with a 98.7% case success rate. Our private detectives are highly experienced, and provide a professional, discreet and affordable investigations service. Our team is made up of background tracing professionals, ex-military, ex-police force, investigative journalists, and cyber security experts who regularly deliver results for smaller private clients, high-net worth individuals, corporate clients, and family offices, across the globe.

So whether you need surveillance on a cheating husband in Chelsea, a rapidly delivered writ in Marylebone, an eviction notice, summons or divorce paper serving in Fulham, a same-day bug sweep of your offices in Canary Wharf, an investigation into a breach of restrictive convenant in Bank, a discreet trace on an individual in Clapham, or even legal evidence gathering for a court case in Chancery Lane, our London detective agency can help.

Bond Rees Professional London Private Investigator Services

We have the capacity, knowledge and resources to ensure that all of our private investigation work is fully compliant and undertaken in a lawful and ethical manner. Most importantly, we achieve the results you need.

At our London PI agency, we employ a large and dedicated team and background check all agents; all of our private detectives, both male and female, are fully trained and sourced from government, military or police backgrounds and have the expertise to guarantee that you receive competent and effective service. They are tenacious, creative and highly-skilled.

We work with both private and commercial clients to provide the highest quality private investigator services, ensuring the most robust and irrefutable evidence for you.

At Bond Rees, we recognise the significance of our outcomes and you can have complete confidence that we will always go the extra mile to provide a bespoke and individualised service and obtain everything you need.

If you require a private investigator in London, contact us now to find out how we can provide the most effective solution to your needs. We can start most investigations on an immediate basis and ensure the swiftest results. We guarantee the strictest confidence and confidentiality for all enquiries and investigations undertaken by us.

Bond Rees London PIs can investigate and trace fraud, both private and corporate

Award-winning Private Investigator Services

Whatever your issue, Bond Rees private detectives can provide you with the clarity and evidence to make fully informed decisions and robustly challenge and resolve difficulties affecting your life or business in the most cost-effective manner. Our private investigators in London have an enviable skillset that enables them provide a diverse range of detective services, including:

  • Person tracing (We trace missing persons, lost relatives, ex-partners and old flames from school, find probate beneficiaries, find people in the UK, fine people abroad, find cowboy builders who owe money from an unfinished project, etc.)
  • Debtor Tracing (Someone who owes you money like a tenant who didn’t pay rent)
  • Beneficiary Tracing (For wills / probate)
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Covert & undercover surveillance
  • Infidelity & Affair Investigations (We offer surveillance to catch cheating husband, wife or partner, benefits cheats, theft by employees, etc.)
  • Corporate Investigations (Due diligence, breach of non-compete clause (often NCC), restrictive covenant, or covenant not to compete (CNC), corporate espionage, spying, intelligence gathering, corruption, employee theft, theft of intellectual property, illegal recording, theft from key logging software, and competitor investigations.)
  • Financial Investigations
  • International Private Investigations
  • International People Tracing (USA, Canada, Australia, Africa, Asia, etc)
  • Fraud Investigation (including benefits fraud, insurance fraud, pension scams, holiday scams, vehicle scams, money mule investigations, account takeover fraud, illegal tradespeople, etc)
  • Honey trapping investigations
  • Employee investigations (such as employee theft, employee fraud, employee misconduct, and data Protection Act breach investigations)
  • Business partner investigations (for theft and corruption)
  • Bug sweeping of private homes, hotel rooms, industrial premises, bathrooms, and commercial offices.
  • Surveillance Equipment / Covert CCTV installationBrand Protection Investigation
  • Vehicle tracking / Find a stolen car, trailer or motorbike
  • Cyber Crime (Scammers, Phishing, Electronic money theft, Cryptocurrency theft, Phone & Computer Hacking, Identity Theft, Stolen Money, Computer Forensics, Security Penetration Checks (Pen Testing), etc)
  • Process serving (e.g serving of legal documents, such as divorce papers, writs, summons, section 8 and section 21 notices, etc)
  • Telephone number tracing
  • Lie Detector Testing (also called Polygraph Examination)
  • Background Checking
  • Tracing Land Owners
  • Identity theft investigations
  • Catfishing investigations
  • Family law investigations
  • False allegations and character assassination
  • Investigate troublesome neighbours (for damage, suspicion of dealing drugs, domestic violence, theft, vandalism and damage to vehicles, etc)
  • Evidence gathering for traffic accidents, accidents at work and assaults to prove negligence or otherwise
  • Bullying investigations (e.g Workplace bullying)
  • Locate struck off doctors
  • Cult infiltration and investigations (i.e Narcissistic family cults, Religious groups, Sex cults, etc.)
  • Coercive behaviour, Gaslighting investigations, Cult mind Control, Brainwashing of vulnerable individuals, Childhood conditioning, Totalitarian Behaviour, etc.
  • Theft or abusive behaviour investigations of partners, private care worker, cleaners, nannies, etc.
  • Stalking, Intimidation, Exploitation & Harassment investigations (Online harassment and Off-line harassment)
  • Illegitimate child search / paternity investigations
  • Searches for parents not paying child support
  • Child custody investigations (Finding children who have been taken away by parent)
  • Finding birth father or biological mother
  • Find ex-colleagues from work, the military, sports teams, community clubs, etc.
  • Evidence for prima facie defamation (e.g Finding someone who posted photos, comments, or damaging information on chat forums, social media and website comments.)
  • Tech fraud (Bank hacking, crypto theft / hack forensics and tracing, phishing email fraud, etc.)
  • Close protection services
  • Mystery shopper investigations
  • Fly Tipping Investigation
  • Brand Protection Investigation
  • Address tracking
  • Service of court order
  • Attend and make court hearing notes at criminal trials
  • Witness interviews, statements and investigations
  • Suspicious neighbour investigations (Drug Users, Suspected Drug Dealers Physical Abuse, Child Abuse, Noise Intimidation, Gaining proof of verbal abuse and disturbance, etc)
  • Grooming investigations
  • Dating profile investigations (e.g cheating partner’s pretending to be somebody else.)
  • Adverse possession investigation for claims (Property or land taken without the original owners consent)

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At Bond Rees London, we work with both private and commercial clients, including legal firms, who need guaranteed answers and evidence for issues affecting their personal lives and businesses. There are lots of reasons that people and businesses employ our private investigation services, including:

  • It may be that you think a partner is cheating on you or you need to demonstrate infidelity or asset holding for a difficult divorce.
  • Maybe you have a suspect employee whom you think might not be acting in the best interests of your business, embezzling or stealing from your company or claiming sick pay from you on a fraudulent basis?
  • You may be an insurance company or a business and feel that an individual is making a false claim and lying about the extent of their injuries or the impact of an incident on their daily life.
  • It could be that someone has stolen from you, owes you money or has escaped legal action and you need to find out where they are or the business activity they are involved in to recuperate your loss or serve Court papers.
  • Perhaps you have lost contact with family or a friend and need to find them to ensure their wellbeing and safety or address unresolved matters between you.
  • You may be involved in court or social services action regarding the custody and care of your children and need to prove the inappropriate or harmful behaviour of the other party and ensure the best outcomes for your child.
  • It might be that you have concerns that you are being followed or that tracking or listening devices or cameras have been placed in your home, vehicle or place of work.

Why choose Bond Rees Private Investigators London?

Bond Rees is a leading Detective Agency in London

We are the leading private investigators in London and across the UK. At Bond Rees we understand that hiring private detectives can be a daunting and unfamiliar process. That’s why our trusted team will guide you through every step of the way. They are knowledgeable and experienced. Due to this, they have been featured in the press worldwide, including The New York Post, Huffington Post, The Sun, The Irish Sun, Yahoo Life, The Mirror, Lad Bible, Bristol Post, Daily Mail, Metro and Wales Online.

Bond Rees private detectives have been featured in the London and international press

When you contact our London private investigators you can be assured of a non-judgemental and respectful response, and that we absolutely guarantee full confidentiality and discretion. We will listen to you to fully understand your difficulty or dilemma and then talk you through the solutions we can provide, so that you know exactly what work we can undertake, what you will receive and how much it will cost you to best and most effectively achieve your aim.

Throughout any investigation undertaken for you, you will receive regular updates so that you know what is happening and have the reassurance that the work we are doing for you is being carried out in a thorough, pro-active and competent manner. At the end of any investigation we undertake for you, we will provide a full professional report including photographic evidence so that you have all the documentation and concrete proof you need.

We operate on a timely basis and fully recognise the need for urgency and action in most cases. We are always available to contact or to commence an investigation and operate on a 24/7 basis. We can usually guarantee an immediate start for the majority of investigations and our London-based private detectives have a very high success rate.

24/7 Private Investigations Agency with professionally trained investigators

We are the most established and experienced private detectives in the UK and have a sizeable, fully trained and extremely competent team working for us so you can be assured of a local detective being available for you in central London, the greater London area or, indeed, the whole of the UK to ensure the most efficient service and cost-effective solution for you.

Many clients enquire about the legitimacy of private investigation; we are a professional private detective agency and ensure we always work with due diligence for the law to protect you from any legal ramifications and guarantee the most irrefutable evidence gathering. It is fully legal within the UK to hire a private investigator and for private investigators to undertake surveillance, tracking, monitoring, record accessing and background checking.

The private investigation industry in the UK is legitimately accessible to both private and corporate clients and is regulated by the need for all private investigators to hold a licence provided by the Security Industry Authority. All of our London private detectives and British investigators hold an SIA PI licence demonstrating that they have been background checked and passed for this nature of employment. You cannot obtain this licence with a criminal record.

All of our agents come from government, military or police backgrounds and are provided with regular training to ensure they hold the most current knowledge of methods and learning within UK private investigation as well as the legal framework surrounding the private investigation industry.

How much do Bond Rees London Private Investigators cost?

London Private Investigator Costs

You may be asking if it is worth the cost to hire a private investigator in London? Private investigation work is not an unskilled or unqualified task; we use professional, highly experienced and trained operatives to ensure a discreet service and the most robust of evidence gathering and report writing for our clients.

Many private investigations go wrong when clients try to undertake these on an independent basis or pay cheap and less experienced or less ethical agencies to carry out this work; surveillance or a vehicle tracking device being facilitated by an untrained person and exposed or uncovered by the subject will completely invalidate any evidence achieved or any future opportunity to gather more, meaning any issue or challenge will be unresolvable.

The full cost of the work Bond Rees undertake for you will depend on the details of your situation and services required, but a rough guide to our costs is provided below to aid in your decision.

People tracing services from £99 to £489.

Surveillance ranging from £389 to £780.

GPS Tracking Devices from £99 to £988.

Lie Detector Testing from £450 per test.

Corporate Investigations starting from £740.

Bug Sweeping Services starting from £998.

Why hire a London private investigator?

Why consult with us?

Untrained or inexperienced persons undertaking private investigation work will not have an understanding or knowledge of the legal framework around private investigation services in London and the UK, meaning that they may act in a way that is not fully compliant or produce findings in a manner or format that cannot be submitted as evidence or to Court meaning that again your matter will be unresolved.

Hiring a professional and experienced private detective agency can save you considerable amounts of money in the long run and prevent your investigation and evidence from being sabotaged by incompetence or inadequate knowledge.

The techniques and skills required for private investigation work are obtained through comprehensive training and honed over years of experience and make tasks that are impossible to the layperson, achievable for our private investigators; imagine, for example, the task of trying to trace an individual. In London alone there is a population of 9,425,622 people; in the UK there is a population of 68,226,916. Without the skills, resources, equipment and knowledge available to a trained and professional personal investigator, finding a person at an unknown location would clearly be unachievable.

When you use Bond Rees you can have the peace of mind that you are choosing the leading private detective agency in the UK and London who can guarantee you a professional, discreet and effective service that will be fully compliant with UK law. Call us to hire a PI today!

Locations We Cover in London

Bond Rees offer a full range of private investigation services from our offices based within the city. Our London Head Office is situated at 19 Palmer Street, London, SW1H 0AD.

Where our London Private Detectives operate

At our London Head Office location in Westminster, we are easily accessible to private and corporate clients based in the central and greater London area. We are located just a short walk from the Broadway London Underground Station or there are several car parks convenient to us on Victoria Street, Arneway Street and Greycoat Place.

To find us if you are travelling by London Underground, turn left when you exit the Broadway London Underground Station and cross Palmer Street. We are located next to the Starbucks coffee shop. We are also within walking distance from the St James Park London Underground Station or a short taxi ride from Westminster Cathedral or Buckingham Palace.

Our central London office enables our prime location to for our local private detectives and private investigator services across the capital and into the surrounding areas.

From our office in the capital, we are able to cover the central London locations as well as the greater London area reaching from Watford to Dartford and from Woking to Brentwood in Essex, and all areas contained within this radius on an immediate and 24/7 basis.

We also agency offices located across the UK that enable us to provide investigation expertise in any area. Locations include Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Southampton, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, Leeds, Leicester and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

If you required investigations on an international scale, then we also have teams of detectives in the USA, Canada, India, Thailand, UAE, and Hong Kong.

How to access private investigation services in London

How to contact our detectives in London?

Our private investigators in London are happy to offer a free comprehensive and no-obligation consultation to allow us to understand your needs and ensure you are fully informed regarding the options and services available to you, how these will resolve your issue and what this will cost.

If you need to hire one of our private eyes to collect evidence, run background checks, perform risk analysis or any of the services about our team of investigators can help. You can get in touch with us here to discuss your needs.

Locations in London we service

Locations we serve in London.

Private Investigator Case Study: The Cheating Partner & The Secretary

Location: Clapham, South London

Hire a private detective to catch cheating partner - Case study

Case Background

In our line of business, we work on a varied array of different types of private investigator jobs. One stand out job we completed was back in April of 2021. Our private investigators in London were hired by a client in Clapham, South-West London, who was beginning to think her husband, a military man, was having an affair. Unfortunately, this is rather common. We get enquiries almost daily about investigating cheating spouses. Luckily for our client, we were the experts and here to help and to figure out what was going on using our expert surveillance services. 

What we did

We were contracted for a week, and we sent one of our Chelsea-based professional private investigators to follow the husband to  see what he was up to. It turns out that the husband was no longer in the army, like his wife believed, but working in a local factory. He had left the army 6 months prior without informing his wife. Already, this is a bad sign, but it meant that our private investigator was on the right track. He drafted an interim report that he sent back to the client, and she urged him to keep investigating. 

After following him to and from his job in Putney (South London) for a week, our detective finally caught him out when he let his guard slip. On the second-to-last day, our private investigator caught the husband in various compromising positions proving he was having an affair with the secretary of the company he worked for.

The couple clocked off work at lunchtime and we followed them over to Knightsbridge and Kensington where they went shopping, then into central London where they visited two bars in Soho, followed by dinner in Mayfair. At the end of the evening, the drinks had clearly been flowing as the pair were rather amorous which was the perfect opportunity to capture photographic evidence for our client. We wait outside their hotel in Marble Arch and gathered more evidence, just to be sure.

While this is the ultimate cheating partner cliché, this is unfortunately what happened to our client but she was glad we had substantiated proof of the affair.

The Result

Our on-site surveillance professional collected the necessary evidence and reported back to the client. She was devastated that her suspicions had been confirmed, but relieved to know what was going on and filed for divorce. With the use of the evidence we collected for her, she was able to proceed with a smooth and expedited divorce. This case was a successful result for our client. 

All our private investigators are highly-trained, and they are guaranteed to get the job done, in a professional and sensitive manner. 

Private Investigator Case Study #2: The Daughter & The Religious Cult

Location: Islington, North London

Case Background

A couple from Hong Kong contacted us because they had lost contact with their daughter who was at a prominent university in London. The daughter had become more illusive after she had said she was joining a religious group that made her feel safe and wanted. The parents thought nothing of it until everything went quiet for over 3 months. Before joining the group, the daughter had requested a large sum of money which the parents thought she needed to pre-pay her rent for the next year.

Worryingly, there are believed to be over 2,000 religious cults operating across the UK, that are ready to exploit vulnerable people. People who have lost loved ones, who have lost money, people who feel bullied or victimised, and those who are recently divorced, are obvious targets. The end goal is usually the exploitation of money, assets, or getting an individual to undertake a task against their normal behaviour (such as theft or recruiting other members).

What we did

A number of our detectives have investigative expertise when dealing with religious groups and cults. In the past, we have taken on jobs were part of the role was to infiltrate the cults by going undercover to get answers and achieve the desired result.

We managed to track down the daughter, who has stopped attending university, by locating her friends on campus and tracing her recent whereabouts. We found the girl at a house that was being treated as a base for the religious group, with nearly 30 occupants. Our agent managed to work their way into the house by pretending that they were lonely (recently widowed) and had a recommendation by a friend to seek out the group.

Our agent uncovered a mix of high-pressure psychological manipulation techniques (including Gaslighting), which caused members of the group to ignore their friends and family for the cause. They also found that higher ranked members of the group were regularly asking for money which they called ‘rent, lodgings and education fees’.

The Result

We made contact with the girl and made her realise that she was being psychologically manipulated and that the money they took was something that she didn’t need to pay. She explained that she was scared of being alone at university, that the pressure was getting too much, and that she needed somebody to talk to. We explained that her new found friends were only there short term until she ran out of money, and then she would be on her own again.

We eventually managed to lead the girl away from the house, collect her belongings from her university halls, arranged a flight ticket, and flew her back on a plane to her parents in Hong Kong . The family was reunited and they were very happy with the outcome of the investigation.

Bond Rees also made contact with the university to make them away that this group was targeting vulnerable students and that they should educate their students on this type of behaviour, and to make their support services more available.

Bond Rees London Private Investigator FAQs

London Private Investigator FAQs

Is hiring private investigators in London legal? 

Hiring private London private investigators is perfectly legal as long as you choose a professional and regulated agency like Bond Rees. There are boundaries when it comes to private investigation and therefore it’s important you choose professional investigators that abide by the law. 

How much does a private investigator cost in London?

Fees for private investigator services vary depending on the level of service you require. The price of your private detective depends on the length of the investigation you are wanting to be conducted, and the specific requirements you’ve asked for. For a more comprehensive cost breakdown of your specific enquiry, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

What is a private detective agency allowed to do? 

 An authorised and regulated private investigator will only use legal methods to carry out their investigations. At Bond Rees, we are a recognised private investigator company, and we only work within the confines of the law.

A private detective can follow people, use GPS tracking, perform background checks, use social media and use public databases and open sources. 

A professional detective agency will also have access to sophisticated software to help them track down the relevant information they need for their specific investigation.

When should I hire a private investigator? 

If you want to obtain information on the whereabouts of someone or the credibility of a person or company then a private investigator can assist with this.

In addition, many people enlist the help of a private investigator to run a check on potential employees or to find out if a spouse is being deceitful. A private detective is usually able to get results quickly and effectively, using methods that are not generally available to everyone thanks to specialist training and access to highly sophisticated technology.

Based in London but with a nationwide network of agents, our proven track record of private investigations success and people tracing services both within the UK and internationally is unrivalled.

How discrete are private investigators?

All our private investigators in London are trained professionals, with years of expertise in their field. We understand that oftentimes private matters of a delicate nature are at hand, and we conduct all our investigations with utmost diligence. Our ultimate aim is to provide service of the highest quality, with our investigations being conducted discreetly and efficiently. We have worked with high-profile celebrities and have worked diligently to complete their cases while keeping the investigation out of the public eye. 

Do you investigate abroad?

Yes, we have a team of personal investigators abroad who can handle overseas projects. We are working with businesses and individuals every day who require people tracing in Australia, Africa, USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia, etc. We also offer international surveillance and bug checking for high-net-worth individuals.

Do you offer bug sweeping in London?

Yes, we have an experienced team of detectives who regularly work with corporate clients and high-net worth individuals to bug sweep their London homes, offices, vehicles, and hotel rooms. Sometimes these bug sweeps are because they are being surveilled by their spouses and other times, it is because they have sensitive information in their possession. Bug sweeps are also now more common on rental properties, like AirBnB lets, because some unscrupulous owners are trying to spy on the people who are renting the property.

I think I am being followed. Do you provide counter surveillance?

Yes, we offer counter surveillance for our clients. We have provided counter surveillance services for important political figures, celebrities, high net worth individuals, and people who believe they are being stalked in London. Our ex-military employees are well-versed in counter surveillance and making sure that our clients remain safe and protected from potential threats.

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    • Little Stanmore

    • Little Venice

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