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Hire Bond Rees UK Bug Sweeping Services

Expert bug sweepers who find hidden cameras and recording devices in your London offices, meeting rooms, home, hotel room, toilets, waiting room, or car.

Bond Rees London are Bug Sweeping Services are among the most advanced detections and counter-surveillance services in the UK. Our professional bug sweep experts are called into action daily to remove bugs from commercial offices, homes, hotel, schools, doctors surgeries, and even cars, across London and the UK.

Our clients contact us because they feel that bugs are being used to invade their privacy by a partner, they feel sensitive information is being stolen from a business premises, or they feel that they might be the subject of stalking or surveillance by somebody.

Our bug sweep team is made up of ex-military, ex-police force, and cyber security experts who regularly deliver counter-surveillance results for smaller private clients, high-net worth individuals, corporate clients, and family offices, across the globe. Discretion is by design.

24/7 Emergency Bug Sweeping Service

Need an urgent budget sweep in your London hotel room, your home, your car in Birmingham, or a location abroad? No problem. Call our team and we can arrange same day bug sweeping anywhere. Contact Bond Rees on 0800 773 4931 or send us an email here.

What is Bug Sweeping?

Bug sweeps or counter surveillance (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) is the process of scanning for bugging devices that have been placed without your knowledge. This could be a listening device, a hidden camera, GPS trackers, an eavesdropping device or any other type of electronic bug that is used to invade your privacy.

Hire Bond Rees UK Bug Sweeping Services

We provide bug sweeps for corporate clients and private clients that believe they have been targeted by spying devices so that their private information can be used against them.

Our bug sweeping services are carried out by the best counter surveillance team in the UK that has years of experience in finding electronic listening devices, tracking device, recording device and any other unwanted device. Our counter surveillance measures are provided UK wide.

Do I need a bug sweep?

Electronic equipment that’s used to gain access to your private information has become easier to access and cheaper to afford so criminals and competitors can easily bug your work premises or home. A bug sweep is a perfect countermeasure to finding this bugging technology and our services are affordable too, considering the huge financial risks that are at stake if your private information were to become public.

We also work with private clients that are concerned with their privacy being invaded. Our sweeping service will involve a thorough search of your private residence, your business or anywhere else where you frequently visit to find any unwanted devices.

London Bug Sweeping Experts

Why hire Bond Rees Bug Sweeping Services?

We are the leading bug sweep specialists and private investigators in London and across the UK. At Bond Rees we understand that hiring private detectives can be a daunting and unfamiliar process. That’s why our trusted team will guide you through every step of the way. They are knowledgeable and experienced. Due to this, their expertise has been featured in the press worldwide, including The New York Post, Huffington Post, The Sun, Yahoo Life, The Mirror, Lad Bible, Bristol Post, and Wales Online.

Places we can check for a surveillance device

Types of bugs that are used for surveillance

As mentioned above, criminals can bug the most frequent places that you visit in order to get access to your private information. The most common areas that are bugged include:

  • Your Home
  • Your Hotel Room
  • Your Offices
  • Your Car
  • Your Garden
  • Your Clothing (Bags, Jackets, Shoes, etc)

No level of bugging is acceptable but when someone bugs your home it becomes personal, being bugged at home is distressing for all involved and especially when video is involved as it can catch you and your family on this video which is then sent to a location that you have no idea of.

Corporate espionage is common and one way of getting competitor secrets is by bugging the office. This can be done through covert cameras, a hidden device used for listening in on meetings, gps tracking devices to monitor your company vehicle routes, installing spyware on your computers and more. If you suspect espionage in your office our bug sweep service can help.

Your car is often a frequently visited place and you can spend hours a time travelling in it while talking to others on your phone, this leaves you open to attack and your private conversation recorded. Our bug sweeping service can find any bugs that could listen to your private conversations in the car. Your car can also be subject to tracking and our electronic bug sweeping equipment can pick this up and find any offending devices.

How to schedule a bug sweep

At Bond Rees Private investigators we offer our sweeping services UK wide and can have a professional investigator with you within the same day. If dishonest people have targeted you with electronic eavesdropping devices our counter covert surveillance team will find the devices and dispose of them effectively.

If you would like to speak to our team of experts you can call the number on this page, use the quick contact form on this page or you can contact us on 0800 773 4931.

What should you do after a bug sweep has been carried out?

When your bug sweep is carried out whether you have found electronic surveillance devices or not you should then put a plan in place which will secure your home, office or car. This plan will help you find who enters and leaves your buildings or property, at what times and you should also put in place a surveillance system of your own.

For maximum protection, we recommend setting up a scheduled bug sweep as often as your budget allows, this will minimise the risk that you face from listening and audio devices. You can also adjust the time in between the sweeps if you think there is a higher risk potential of being bugged at certain periods.

You can also call in an emergency sweep if you think your home, office or car has been bugged. At this point, we would recommend that you don’t talk in the place where you suspect a bug has been placed for your own safety.

To schedule a sweep contact Bond Rees UK Bug Sweeping Services here.

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