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Losing your data can have a big financial impact on your business or can cause you a lot of hassle in your personal life. Files can stop working for a variety of reasons all of which can cause unneeded stress on you. Our data recovery service can help you recover damaged, corrupt or deleted files in different formats.

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We help our clients around the UK recover data from HDD, RAID, solid-state disks SSD, memory sticks, USB portable disks, SD cards, tapes and even mobile phones. If you have a deleted file you want to recover or a broken hard drive with data you need then we can help you recover that data.

What file types can you recover?

Our file recovery service can help you recover the most common file types on your device this can include:

  • .Wav
  • .Midi
  • .MP3
  • .Zip
  • .Tar
  • .jpg
  • .PNG
  • .text
  • .csv
  • .php
  • .bat
  • .sql
  • .ost
  • .pst
  • .PSD

And many more. If you would like to see if our data recovery service can help recover a lost file on a storage device you own then please get in touch as our file recovery service is affordable and can get results for the majority of people who get in touch with us.

At Bond Rees we have years of experience in lost data recovery and our technical experts give you the best chance of recovering your data while being affordable and efficient. We can help recover from mechanical and logical failures.

If you would like a free no-obligation quote get in touch with one of our data recovery experts by using the form on this page, calling the number listed on this page or by going to our contact page. Whichever method you use you can be assured that one of our data recovery experts will give you clear and concise information on the best steps to take next.

How much does data recovery cost?

data recovery

In a data loss scenario many of our customers panic that it’s going to cost too much to recover their files but in our experience, most of our customers are surprised when they realised it’s very affordable to recover their files. When it comes to pricing every job is going to be different and therefore the costs will vary.

An original drive that has a corrupt formatted partition is going to be more difficult and expensive to recover than a device that’s deleted an image from the recycle bin. What you can be assured of is that there are no hidden costs and our security experts will be upfront with you when it comes to recovering data.

To get the most accurate quote and a high chance of recovered files contact us today.

Can I recover my own data?

Yes, there is data recovery software out there that can be used on multiple devices such as a hard disk, memory card, storage drive, hard disk drive, USB stick, external hard drive and any other type of memory stick. With that said recovering data is a difficult job and you could actually make it worse if you don’t know what you are doing.

If the missing file is important to you then we highly recommend hiring a data recovery service such as ours to help you to get your data back.

One common mistake we see our customers make often is either trying to recover their missing files themselves or taking their devices to a friend who works in IT to try and fix. 9 times out of 10 this makes the problem worse. Data Recovery is a science in itself and just because someone is good with computers it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be able to help you out with your situation.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to send your device off to be fixed then you may want to try and recover your missing files yourself as a last resort but it certainly shouldn’t be your first choice if the missing data means anything to you as long term this could make your problem worse, make it harder for us to recover and make it more expensive for you.

What devices can we work on?

If it has a hard drive and can hold files then there is a good chance that we can work on your device to recover your deleted data. Some of the most common devices that we recover data from include:

  • External drive.
  • USB flash drive.
  • IOS device.
  • PC & Laptop.
  • Mobile phones.
  • RAID & Servers
  • Solid State Drives

We work on many devices and can restore all of your files to a specific file type from the recovered data. When you speak to one of our experts be sure to let them know what files you would like to recover and from what device as this will make a difference in the final cost of your data recovery.

How do your data recovery services work?

When you hire Bond Rees to recover your missing files you can send your device to one of our locations in the UK and our experts will work on your device to recover your files.

We offer data recovery UK wide so chatting to one of our recovery experts they can recommend the best place to send your device to, this is done so you pay less on your postage and you can get your device back quicker.

When we receive your device we will then work on it to recover your deleted or damaged files. Sometimes this can be done in a day or it could take a few days depending on the complexity of the job and the number of files being recovered. There are many situations where this job can take longer than normal and if this happens then we will explain this to you and keep you in the loop at all times.

If successful we will then return your device to you with your recovered files intact. If we can’t recover your files for whatever reason we will let you know and then give you advice on what your next steps should be. Data recovery is a difficult task but by using our data recovery software along with our expert knowledge we often get results for our clients that they are happy with.

Are there times where you can’t recover the data?

Yes in some circumstances although rare we may not be able to recover any of your data. This is often seen when your hard drive has been damaged beyond repair or your data is too corrupt for us to read and fix. If this were to happen in your situation we would communicate this with you and advise you on the next best steps to take.

Are there any ways in which I can prevent data loss from happening in the first place?

Data loss can come at any time and it often happens when it affects you most.

As an individual, this could be anything from losing your wedding photos or losing photos of a loved one that has just passed. As a business, you may lose data or important files when your business is most busy or you could be subject to a ransomware attack in which you are locked out from your data by a Hacker.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do about that, but what you can do is put a data backup process in place.

Every week for example you could backup your data to external devices or use cloud computing technology to sync your local files in case the worst were to happen.

This way your data is safer than if you didn’t have a plan in place. You can backup your data to physical and cloud solutions for the best overall protection. We would recommend backing up your data to at least 3 different sources for the ultimate protection.

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