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Experienced UK process servers with a 98.7% success rate. No matter, who needs to be served, we will find them and serve your legal documents. Need a emergency or same day court document serve? No problem.

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If you required a trusted UK process servers (also called Court Servers) to serve legal documents urgently, Bond Rees is a name that you can trust. We can offer emergency 24-hr and same day process serving of Divorce Papers (also called Divorce Petition), Court Summons, Writs, Court Orders, Eviction Notices, Non-Molestation Orders, Winding-up petition, Tenant and Landlord Lease Break Notice, Letters of Intent To Sue, & Injunctions. We also serve papers at weekends and evenings, making sure the job gets done as soon as possible.

Our process servers have come from a police or military background and know the importance of serving documents in a legal manner. We can serve a legal document anywhere in the UK and abroad. Need a process server for the USA? Need divorce papers serving in Australia? Need an eviction notice serving on a holiday property in Spain? Want to serve a Letter Of Intent To Sue to someone on social media? No problem. Bond Rees can deliver.

If you need a process server that is reliable, can get the job done and can work to a fixed fee, then Bond Rees can help.

Process Servers can deliver Divorce Papers a.k.a Matrimonial Orders anywhere in the UK

What legal documents can we our UK Process Servers serve?

Our UK process servers can ‘hand deliver’ a wide range of legal documents and papers anywhere the UK or abroad. Our agents are highly skilled, proficient and tenacious. They are experts in tracing people, especially those who often prove elusive or don’t want to be served. Debtor tracing is a speciality of ours. Legal documents they can server, include:

Statutory demands and claims

A statutory demand is a document that will be served by a creditor to a debtor. It warns a debtor that legal proceedings may begin if the recipient does not acknowledge the letter, the debt, and make contact to arrange payment of the outstanding amount. We have a lot of clients who use us regularly to serve statutory demands for their businesses.

Court Summons

We regular serve legal summons by the courts for invidious to appear in court to respond to an allegation or face prosecution. If the individual does not attend court after being served, they can be imprisoned for committing an offence.

Winding up petitions & Bankruptcy petitions

We often serve companies winding up petitions by creditors who are owed money by their debtors. It is an important part of the compulsory liquidation process where a company is forced to cease operations and sell/liquidate it’s assets to pay creditors.

Divorce petitions / Matrimonial orders

A divorce petition is served by a spouse to divorce their partner because the marriage has irretrievably broken down. This is the initial starting point, notifying the recipient of divorce intentions.

Court orders

A court is a legal instruction by a judge telling someone that they must do or must not do something. The type of court orders we often serve are Residence orders (Child arrangement orders), Prohibited Steps Order, Non-Molestation Orders, Maintenance Orders, Consent Orders, and Specific Issue Orders.


We regularly hand-serve writs which means High Court Enforcement Officers are empowered to take control and, if need be, remove and sell goods in the absence of payment by the debtor.


Common kinds of injunctions are injunctions to protect you and your kids against a violent, harm or abuse from a threatening spouse or partner, or an Occupation Order which determines who can legally live in a property and step foot in the surroundings.

Eviction notices (Also called Possession Order)

An eviction notice is a court order, also called a Possession Order. This is a legal instruction by the courts to leave a property by a certain date, or risk being removed or evicted by bailiffs (via a warrant of eviction).

When our UK process servers deliver these documents we can sometimes face negative and aggressive behaviour, however, all members of our process serving agency are trained to handle this behaviour so you can rest assured we will act professionally at all times when representing your solicitors or law firm.

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What is a process server?

UK Process Servers to Serve Divorce Papers

A process server is a person or an agency that will deliver legal documents to a person or a defendant in a court case. A person must be informed of court proceedings in person and a call or email isn’t enough to inform a person of legal proceedings against them, this is a legal requirement and this is where a process server comes in.

At Bond Rees we can provide you with this service and it’s something we have many years of experience in. If you would like to discuss your needs with one of our court server agents, you can call us, fill in the quick form on this page or you can head on over to our contact page and submit a query there.

Why choose Bond Rees as your trusted process servers?

Bond Rees Process Servers have featured in press coverage across the world

We are among the most established and experienced UK process servers. We have offices in the UK and serving agents who operate worldwide, who are among some of the best in the industry. Due to our depth of expertise with private investigations and legal document serving, we are regularly contacted for an expert opinion by media titles, and have been featured in the press worldwide, including The New York Post, Huffington Post, The Sun, Yahoo Life, The Mirror, Lad Bible, Bristol Post, and Wales Online.

All of our process serving agents have extensive experience in delivering legal papers in a manner that helps your legal proceedings. Bond Rees know of the importance of complying to all relevant legislation when it comes to serving legal documents so you can rest assured that your documents will be handled and served in the correct manner.

As we have a network of process serving agents we can serve your court papers around the UK in a matter of days, this makes your job of preparing for the case easier as you don’t have to worry about an inexperienced agency messing up the delivery of your papers. We can serve same day documents in the UK or abroad.

Who do we serve?

Bond Rees are legal document servers operating across the UK

Our process service can help a wide array of individuals with legal documents whether for large claims or small claims courts. We have experience;

  • Serving divorce papers. We are licensed to track down and legally serve divorce papers to recipients in a manner that makes the serving of the documents legally binding. Oftentimes people try to avoid being served to stay married (even when their partner’s no longer wish to be), and we have the skills and expertise to track them down and serve them their divorce papers. We provide proof of service that holds up in court.

  • Serving papers to cowboy builders. Cowboy builders are unfortunately all too common and can be very evasive. If you have ever employed a builder that has taken fees upfront and disappeared without completing the work, or has taken payment started building, and disappeared without finishing the job, you have been victim to a cowboy builder. Frustratingly, these cowboy builders vanish after swindling their ‘customers’, and are impossible to track down without professional help. Fortunately, we have years of experience dealing with cowboy builders, and can not only track them down using our on-site professionals, but can serve them legal documents to ensure they show up in court.

  • Serving legal documents to missing tenants. If you have a missing tenant that has skipped out on paying rent and has disappeared, we understand your frustration. We have decades of industry experience on locating missing tenants and serving them the required legal documents.

Process serving UK and Worldwide

Primarily we work with law firms in the UK to deliver legal documents up and around the country. We have process servers in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Cambridge, Blackburn, Glasgow, Bournemouth, Bristol, Bradford, and Maidstone. We have the team to cover the length of the UK.

However, on times we may need to serve documents worldwide and as one of the largest process serving companies in the UK we have the facilities to do so. If you need international process serving services please get in touch with us and a process server from our company will be able to provide you with the next step in the process for delivering documents internationally.

At Bond Rees, we offer a personal service to every case and will make sure that your documents are delivered in a timely manner. Our court servers are the best in the business.

Case Study #1: Express Delivery Of Divorce Papers

Location: London

What we did

Our UK Process Servers were hired by a solicitor to find a man who had been avoiding being served for weeks, and to serve divorce papers at an address in London. As professional process servers, we are able to accurately and efficiently locate people and serve them official legal documents (also called a Matrimonial Order) in a safe and timely manner. 


We were on the job for a couple days, and eventually caught up with the man at work after tracking him across various locations in London. Our professional process server took on the persona of a delivery driver delivering a parcel, and asked the recipient to come down to sign for the package. Our agent served the papers and notified the recipient that he had been served. 

The man was obviously unhappy, so he threw the papers on the floor and went back to work. However, because the papers were served by a professional process server, the man had been officially served even though he had discarded the papers. The solicitor was happy, and eventually the divorce proceedings could continue. This is an example of our process servers needing to be creative but still legal, to achieve the desired outcome.

Case Study #2: Serving Divorce Papers to the Accountant

Location: Chiswick, West London

What we did

Sometimes people do their very best to avoid being served legal documents, such as divorce papers. This is why people often choose to hire professional process servers to get the job done. Our agents are highly skilled and capable of efficiently and legally delivering legal documents.

In April of 2022 we were hired to serve divorce papers to an accountant who had refused to be served previously. She had tried for 6-months with other process servers and he was always unavailable and would blatantly ignore people who walked up to him. He stayed perpetually busy, and was very hard to pin down. 

His wife believed he was doing this because he was hiding valuable assets and didn’t want to divorce because these would need to be declared or found.

Case Study: We served divorce papers to an accountant in Chiswick, West London

How we did it

Our professional process server posed as a potential new customer who a high-net-worth individual who had a £multi-million business and was looking for a new accountant for a range of services. This obvious made the target see pound signs! Once our operative sat down with the accountant in a meeting room, he served him his divorce papers. Despite our fictitious character, the target had been legally served.

The client was thrilled by how quickly we manage to serve her husband. She also contacted us again during the divorce proceedings to trace his assets, because she believe he wasn’t being honest.

Our Tracing Agents managed to locate two properties he had purchased. One in the North of England and one in Spain. We also found that he had purchased a boat and and old sports car that was very valuable.

The Result

The client was very happy with the results because they could move forward with their life instead of feeling like they were in limbo. Their divorce proceedings went smoothly and they were also able to arrange a suitable and fair financial agreement based on the extra assets that her husband has hidden away. A job well done.

Why should I use a process server?

Whether you are a private business or an individual you may need to deliver documents to a person in the UK at one point. In some instances, a person may be hard to find and therefore you don’t have the skills to track them down and deliver legal documents in the right way.

At other times you may not want to deliver the documents to a person because of safety issues. For example, a person going through a divorce may not want to deliver divorce papers in person in case of aggression issues, this can also be true for domestic violence cases. In these examples, it would make perfect sense to use a process server as all of our agents are trained in de-escalation training and you won’t have to deal with this issue yourself.

Serving court papers is also a complex process and if you don’t have experience in doing so then you can easily get a court case thrown out of court. If you don’t want to risk an entire case on serving documents you may want to hire a process serving agency like ours.

Most of the time courts will like you to use an independent agency to serve court documents and legal papers anyway so if you are in this situation then consulting with a process server like us can be helpful as we are efficient and affordable.

legal firms that need papers served after business hours also benefit from using a process server as we often work at all times of the day. A process server hardly ever works a 9-5 schedule so if you need a process server to deliver documents around the clock that is something we can help with.

Can I trust Bond Rees to deliver documents on time?

Hiring a process server that you can trust is difficult, we know as we have tried hiring other process serving agencies to see if there was anything we could do to improve our service. At Bond Rees, we are constantly trying to improve our service and anything we can do to make your service better we will.

At Bond Rees, we will make multiple delivery attempts of your documents to the person at multiple premises often within the same day. If delivery can’t be made we will make a substituted service if the case allows for it.

As an experienced process server you can expect professional service and results from Bond Rees that you won’t get anywhere else on the market while providing you with complete discretion.

Can your legal document servers, serve on the same day?

Need an emergency process server? As a client you may need a same-day service, and this is something we can offer depending on the availability of our process servers in your area. A same-day process serving service can cost more but if you need results fast we are an agency you should be speaking to.

Can you serve legal documents without an address?

Yes, we can serve legal papers without an address. Our job is to serve the person / individual so, as long as we can locate them, we can serve them. We are qualified tracing agents so we can pretty much trace a person, anywhere in the world. So, whether they are sunning themselves on a beach in Mexico, hiding out in the Costas, operating out of a new home in Dubai, and shacked up with a new partner in the highlands of Scotland, we can trace them and serve them the legal papers, whether they like it or not. We have a network of international tracing agents and process servers on every continent.

How much does a process server cost?

Our price for Process Serving if legal documents starts at £299 + vat. International serving starts at £499 + vat.

Just like any other service, there will be different costs involved when it comes to serving legal documents. More difficult jobs will require a higher budget while simpler jobs are cheaper.

When you hire Bond Rees you will be pleased to know that we work on a fixed fee cost so there won’t be any hidden surprises. If you need same-day process serving then the price of the service can go up. We can also lower the fee of our process serving if you were to book a block booking or order in bulk.

The best way to get a more accurate cost is to call our agents today from the number at the top of this page. You can also use the quick contact form or get in touch with us on our contact page.

Can a process server go on private property?

Our servers are not allowed to trespass onto private land, but we are allowed to knock on doors and find individual in public places. However, our agents are very skilled and patient, and they will use legal techniques to serve papers or wait for the right time in a public place. Papers are always delivered in a professional manner.

Can you serve divorce papers to someone in prison?

Yes, we can serve any type of legal documents to someone in prison, including divorce papers, writs, bankruptcy, etc. Our process servers do need to make an appointment with the prison and go through the correct channels but this is fairly straightforward for us. So, just because your husband, wife, or partner is behind bars, we do not let that stop us. We have a job to do and we will do it.

Can you serve divorce papers to someone abroad?

Yes, we can serve legal papers to someone in another country. Tracing people abroad is one of our specialities. Having a location or address obviously speeds up the process, but our tracing agents can track people down using various techniques and then we can serve the divorce papers (or other legal documents) without any drama.

Can your UK process serving team serve divorce papers to somebody in hospital?

Yes, this is also possible. Provided the individual is mentally stable, they are not under the influence of drugs, and they have the ‘capacity’ to make conscious decisions, we can serve them in hospital.

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