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Bond Rees is a leading private investigator in Cardiff and has years of experience in covert surveillance, people tracing, catching cheating partners, process serving and much more.

If you need a private detective agency in Cardiff that is professional, discreet and gets the job done then we can help.

We offer an affordable private investigator service that won’t be beaten on quality. All of our private detectives have come from a military background so you can be assured you are hiring the best when hiring Bond Rees.

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Private Investigator Services we provide

private detective services

Private investigation is an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of services and skills. Our private detectives can offer you the following services:

and much more. If you would like to speak to one of our private investigators in Cardiff use the contact form on this page or click on the contact page for more details.

Why hire Bond Rees Private investigator Cardiff?

private detectives Cardiff

There are many private investigators that you can hire in the Cardiff area, however most of these are small businesses with small teams. Sometimes this can work, however private investigation is an area that sometimes requires vast resources. It’s quite common for an investigation to start in Cardiff and progress to other cities in the UK. If this happens with a smaller detective agency you will get charged for travelling expenses.

Travelling expenses can eat up your entire budget for investigative services very quickly, this means that your problem goes unsolved and you don’t have a solution while being out of pocket.

Bond Rees on the other hand has a vast network of private investigators that can be called upon right away. Bond Rees don’t charge you for travelling and can use all of your budget on the things that are going to get you results.

best private detectives

Having a vast network also means that our investigators have a wide range of skills that can all be used to solve your problems. Maybe your partner is cheating, or maybe someone at your business is committing business fraud. Our expert detectives will have different skills that compliment each other so you get the best private investigators in Cardiff.

At Bond Rees we also have a proven process that works for our detectives and clients alike. This process has been built on over the last decade and as a result it gets the job done efficiently while keeping you as our customer informed with progress along the way.

Once an investigation has completed we then have our process of delivering results which keeps it easy for you to understand along with making sure the evidence collected can be used in a court of law to prove your case.

Unlike smaller detective agencies we have agents waiting on standby and can usually start your job immediately. Over the years we have noticed the majority of private detective jobs are urgent so as a result we have built up a team of experts that are ready to work right away.

Do I really need a private investigator?

private detectives cardiff

Some problems can be fixed themselves, but for complex problems where any type of surveillance is concerned then we would recomend leaving the investigation to the experts.

Private investigators can access databases that you may not know about, can go around door to door looking for evidence and can track someone down from anywhere in the country within a few days.

Private investigation is an unregulated field so anyone can become one, so when you choose a private detective for your problem be sure to choose one that has experience in the job at hand.

If you do decide to take on an investigation yourself you may cause errors in evidence collecting which could get your whole case thrown out if it ever went to court. You may also put yourself in danger. Let’s say you suspect a partner of cheating and decide to follow them, you may confirm your suspicions but in the heat of the moment where emotions are flying high you could commit a crime by being violent or violence could happen to you.

lie detector results

Hiring a private investigator is going to get rid of both these problems as we understand the importance of evidence collection. We also know that collecting evidence of cheating partners and showing it to you at a later date is still going to cause a wide range of emotions but at least you will be able to handle these emotions better while not being in the situation.

Untrained people doing their own investigations is also going to waste a lot of time. When people think of private investigators they think of movies and how cool it looks to be a “private eye” but the truth is, being a private investigator isn’t as glamorous as the movies make out. Often private detectives will have to spend their times in unmarked vans in the freezing cold for hours on end waiting to catch a glimpse of someone for 30 seconds.

If you don’t want to waste your time sitting in the cold, call our investigation team today.

Locations in Cardiff we cover

Our private investigators can cover all areas of Cardiff and its surrounding areas. Cardiff has a population of around 335,000 so if you need help finding someone, tracking someone or delivering legal documents in the Cardiff Area we can help.

We have private detectives in Adamsdown, Butetown, Canton, Cathays, Penarth, Splott, Llandaf that can service all of Cardiff. If you would like to speak to one of our detectives contact us here.

Private Investigation FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions when it comes to our private detective services in Cardiff.

Can a private investigator break into a home and plant bugs?

What you see on TV or in movies may not be what private investigators can actually do. While some private detective agencies may think they are James Bond, more professional agencies like ourselves will abide by the laws of the country we operate in, this is to ensure all evidence is collected legally and can be used in a court of law if needed.

What happens at the end of an investigation?

At the end of the investigation you will be provided with all of the evidence collected in digital format along with the investigators notes. You can also have a paper based file delivered too at request. You can these use this evidence in any way you would like.

Can you be discreet?

Of course, being a private investigator is all about being discreet. We can be discreet when carrying out our investigation and when communicating with you. We know that some spouses want to keep their involvement with us at a minimum incase their other half finds out. If this describes your situation don’t worry we have worked with many clients who have worried about this problem in the past too.

How do I hire Bond Rees as my private investigators?

You can hire Bond Rees as your investigators by calling us, emailing us or using any other method on this site. Our investigators can get in touch with you via any method and time of your choice. We can then discuss your problems and if it’s something our investigators can help with we can advise you on a plan to proceed.

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