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Welcome to Bond Rees Private investigators. We are a private detective agency that provides discreet, professional private investigation services UK wide that get results. If you are looking for a private detective to help you out with a problem you may have keep on reading.

Private Investigator Services

We have been providing private investigation services UK wide for many years now and have built up a team of detectives that can help you with a wide range of problems. Our private detectives are trained to the highest standard and all of them will have come from a police or military background. If you need investigation services we can help.

Why choose Bond Rees as your Private Investigator?

private detective uk

There are many private investigators that can provide you with services as we can, however, none of them has the experience or the expert team of detectives that we do. At Bond Rees, we have built up a huge network of private detectives around the UK that can mobilise at a moments notice.

By landing on our website it tells us that you are in the process of hiring a private investigator, so here are some of the reasons why you may want to hire us as your private detective agency.

We get results

we get results

First and foremost, we get results. What good is hiring a private investigator if they can’t get you the results that you need? Our agents can call upon many years of experience to get the job done. If your job is a tough one then you will want the best detectives working on it.

We are professional

Our investigators have been trained by government agencies and have come from a police or military background so understand the need to be professional at all times. When you hire us we understand that we are representing you so you can be assured that our professional investigators will carry out a job to the highest of standards. The private detective industry isn’t regulated so you could come across rogue traders, if you hire us you will be hiring a company that works to the highest professional standards.

We are experienced

Some services that we provide are more difficult than others. For example, our people tracing service looks for someone who is missing or has gone into hiding and our professional investigators often only have a name or a last known location. If we look at London that has a population of 8.9 million people then imagine how hard it could be to find one person off a name alone.

Our private investigators can draw upon years of experience to find that one person and have done many times. If your job is complex, our agents have the skill and experience to carry it out.

We are national

national detective agency

Our private investigator network covers the whole of the UK. We aren’t a one person with a camera operation so if your job takes us around the UK or even worldwide we have the resources to get the job done.

We also have multiple office locations around the UK including London and all of the major UK Cities so if you wanted to meet face to face this is also an option. However, we understand the need for being discreet so if you don’t want to meet that is perfectly fine too.

At the bottom of the page, you can see some of our office locations along with the areas that we serve. If you don’t see your town or city listed get in touch as I’m sure we can still help. Our network is vast and we can have a private investigator on your job within days and often the same day.

Who we work with and what work do we carry out

private detective services

The private investigation sector covers a wide range of services and can be carried out for different people and businesses, here are some of the services that we can provide to you and the people that we provide them for. If there is a service that you need that isn’t listed please get in contact and one of our highly experienced investigators can give you impartial advice.

Private Clients

Our private investigation services are often hired by private clients so they can make informed decisions on what action to take next. We can gather intelligence for private clients and present it in an easy to understand format which is also cost-effective. When you hire a private detective we outline all of our costs upfront and if there are additional costs we will explain these before carrying out any work so you aren’t surprised by these extra costs.

When you hire an experienced investigator it’s more cost-effective than hiring someone new to the industry as you aren’t being constantly billed for services that weren’t included in the beginning. We know roughly how much private investigations cost on average so we are upfront with you at the beginning whereas other agencies are not.

Commercial and Corporate Clients

We work with many commercial and corporate clients with our private investigation services. These can include fraud investigations, diligence investigations, surveillance work, background checks, missing people tracing who may owe your company money and so much more.

If you are looking for private investigations for your business you may want to check out our corporate investigations page where we outline some of the work that we carry out for businesses. Or if you want to speak to one of our investigators get in touch here.

Legal Clients

private detective services for lawyers and law firms

If you are a law firm that needs help with your legal services such as process serving then we can help. Our private investigators are fully insured and having come from police and military backgrounds we know the importance of the evidence and procedure chain.

We can help serve:

• Summons or claims

• Statutory Demands

• Bankruptcy or winding up petitions

• Court orders

• N39 Order to attend court

And much more. To see how we can help your law firm check out our process server page.


Surveillance services

Our private investigators are experts in surveillance and if you need to gather irrefutable evidence in a legal way then an undercover detective can help. Gathering evidence without being spotted is a skill in its self and our team of private investigators have been carrying out surveillance in both criminal investigation and private investigation for years.

We can provide surveillance for all types of reasons including catching cheating partners, carrying out due diligence checks, monitoring your employees, background checks, and much more to gather irrefutable evidence so you can make informed choices.

Matrimonial and relationship investigations

relationship investigations

If you suspect your partner is cheating or is up to no good, maybe hiding gambling debts or something else from you then we can investigate them and present this evidence to you. Maybe you want to conduct your due diligence on them before getting married as divorce can be expensive on both parties. Whatever your reason, our private investigators can provide matrimonial surveillance and investigation to give you peace of mind.

People tracing

finding a missing person

Tracing agents can help find someone that has gone missing or has gone into hiding, maybe someone owes you money and has now fallen off the face of the earth. Our Investigators can find a missing person in the UK very quickly. We can also find missing persons who may have left the UK too, but we recommend searching the UK before going nationally as it’s the best way to find a person.

Our people tracing investigations can take us all around the UK and nationally so hiring a detective agency that has the resources as we do is going to help you get the results that you need. The world is a big place so hiring a one-man band to find a missing person often isn’t going to produce the expected results. In London alone there are 8 million people so be sure to consult with the right private investigators that have the resources needed to help you.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

gps tracking

Our GPS vehicle tracking service can be used by both private and commercial clients alike. If you want to see where your vehicle is going our private investigators can help. We can help fit a GPS tracking device to your vehicle and then monitor it and provide you with evidence to show exactly what your employees or partner has been up to, where they have visited and show you the exact locations they have been at what times.

Our GPS vehicle tracking service is useful for catching cheating partners but it can also help companies cut down on fuel fraud and excess vehicle milage where company cars are being used for non-work-related activities.

Our detectives can also sweep for GPS tracking devices as well as other bugs and provide you with electronic counter measures if you think you could be a target for such devices.

Polygraph Tests

lie detector tests

Polygraph tests or as they are more commonly known as lie detector tests are something our investigators can provide. If you need a lie detector test to prove your innocence or want your partner to have one to prove theirs then one of our professional polygraph experts can be with you very quickly and can give you the result in days if not the same day.

Data Recovery

Have you lost files that are critically important to your business or have sentimental value then our cyber team can help you recover lost data from your devices.

Bug Sweeps

big sweeping services

We live in a world where people will do anything to get a competitive advantage. Many of our corporate clients have hired us to perform our bug sweep service so they can keep their competitive advantage.

Bug sweeps are not just for businesses though and individuals can also be targets. Every client is different and if you think you could be a target for electronic surveillance talk to one of our experts today for advice on setting up a bug sweeping routine.

How much does a private investigator cost?

private investigator costs

Hiring a private investigator is more affordable than you think.

While some agencies may be more expensive than others, the ultimate aim is to provide you with the answers you need. The price of hiring a private investigator is dependant on the service required. Background checks for example will cost differently from finding someone around the UK.

Every client is different and every investigation is different. If you would like a free no-obligation quote get in touch with a member of our team.

The location also plays a role in the cost of an investigation because if we have to track a person around the globe rather than in one city like London there are going to be different costs involved.

Private Investigator FAQs

private investigator faqs

Hiring a private detective is something that not many people will have experience in so naturally there can be many questions about our service. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we get. If your question isn’t answered below please get in contact with us and a member of our team will help you with any queries that you may have.

Will the information I provide you be confidential?

Yes the information we collect as well as the information you provide us will be confidential. If you are concerned with hiring a private investigator don’t be. Our agents are professional and can provide you with free advice on the best service for the problems you may be having.

I’m nervous, what should I expect from a private investigator?

You can expect professionalism and discreetness that will provide you with the truth that you seek. We understand that hiring an investigator is not something people do on a daily basis so we will give you all the advice, support and skills that you need to give you peace of mind. For a free no-obligation quote talk to an agent today.

Are private investigators legal?

Private investigators are legal and operate within the law of the country they are working in. When you hire Bond Rees you can be assured we will act legally with ethics on your behalf. Our detectives have worked in London, Manchester, and everywhere else around the UK and the rest of the world.

Will the person find out you are tracking them?

When we run investigations the person we are tracking will never know that we are there. We have tracked people all around the world without them knowing we were there so if you are concerned about being discovered we can assure you we won’t be.

How can I pay?

Before embarking on an investigation we will outline all of the costs upfront so you are not surprised with unwanted fees. All jobs are different and our British investigators have years of experience so the cost we provide you with our initial quote is often the cost that you will pay. If an investigation takes an unexpected turn we can talk to you about additional fees before we continue. Our investigation services are paid for in advance and can be paid by bank transfer, visa or debit, in-person cash or online payment.

I want to find someone/trace someone who owes me money, what information do I need to provide?

The more information you can provide our investigator with the quicker we can find a person. Investigations for finding missing people can be difficult but hiring an experienced detective agency such as ourselves gives you the best chance of finding someone with little information.

Can you monitor someones social media account?

A private investigator will use a wide variety of techniques in their investigations and looking at a person’s social media is certainly a part of that. We also have access to industry databases not available to the public to aid in our investigation.

What can a private investigator do for a law firm?

Most of our law firm customers use us to serve documents around the UK. If you have a law firm that has additional requirements please get in touch to speak to one of our agents.

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