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Business Investigation services we provide:

Bond Rees are able to provide any corporate investigation services you require and tailor every case for a client’s exact needs. Some of the work we undertake for companies and businesses across the UK everyday include: 

  • Bug Sweeps and Wiretapping Investigations
  • Data recovery (We’ll recover data from damaged computers, phones and hard drives)
  • Background Checks (Investigating the background of individuals or entities involved in corporate transactions, partnerships, or employment.)
  • An external, undercover investigation
  • An internal, undercover investigation
  • Employee Investigations (Including Restrictive Covenants and Non-Compete Clause Breaches for existing employees on gardening leave or employees who are contractually bound not to compete or poach clients)
  • Industrial espionage investigations (IP Theft, Property Trespass, Poaching Employees who are under NDA, wiretapping and intentional cyber attacks to disrupt operations.)
  • Financial investigations (embezzlement of money, business fraud, or money laundering.)
  • International investigations (People and hidden asset searches, investigation of employee behaviour while representing your company, track movements when away on business, track stolen property, track stolen funds that have been moved abroad, etc) 
  • Cyber crime investigations (We investigate Phishing attacks, malicious virus attacks, intentional malware, firewall breaches, cryptocurrency theft, financial exploitation, etc)
  • Intellectual theft (including financial records, computer code, customer information, and personal employee information).
  • Covert surveillance (of employees, competitors, and other people who could be deemed a threat to your business) 
  • Counter surveillance (to see if you are being followed, bugged, or filmed)
  • Obtain key witness statements (from employees or third parties for internal investigations or prosecution.)
  • Surveillance equipment (We install surveillance cameras and voice recording devices in your business premises to catch people who are a threat to your operations) 
  • Background checks or screening (Employees, Partners, 3rd Party Services, etc)
  • Business due diligence investigations (Conducting thorough investigations into the financial, legal, and operational aspects of a company before employment, a merger, acquisition, or partnership.)
  • Forensic data and technology searches (find where funds have been sent, use of keylogging software, unauthorised computer access, etc)
  • Asset searches and tracing (Locating and evaluating assets, such as property, vehicles, financial accounts, and intellectual property, for various purposes including debt recovery, litigation, or fraud investigation.)
  • Person tracing (Find ex employees, witnesses, potential employees, business partners, and persons of interest to your business.)
  • Polygraph testing (Lie detector testing to see if they are a possible threat to your business)
  • Employee theft investigations (Money, property, assets, etc)
  • Employee drug investigations (We offer employee drug and alcohol testing at work that may contravene the company’s contractual health and safety policy.)
  • Internal Business Fraud investigations (Theft of equipment and intellectual property, theft of funds, Selling of trade secrets, Confidential data breaches, etc) 
  • Absenteeism investigations (To see if employees are moonlighting with other employment or feigning injury)
  • Pre-litigation investigations (To ascertain the true value of a company’s finances, usually when hidden abroad or through shell companies.) 
  • GPS tracking (On vehicles to see track movements that are outside the scope of business operations.)
  • Counter espionage (Identifying and neutralising possible threats from competitors and bad actors, and helping your business to protect itself and its intellectual property.)  

Bond Rees are the most experienced corporate investigations agency in the UK, with a 98.7% success rate. Our commercial detectives have been meticulously assembled by recruiting only the highest-skilled professionals. Our operatives are made up of ex-military, ex-police force, tracing professionals, and cyber security experts.

Our investigators operate 100% within the laws, are discreet, and are well-versed in handling sensitive situations, often in a covert manner for our clients. We will leave no stone unturned and provide full reporting and evidence of every single operation. Our team is second-to-none.

Our London-based corporate investigators are experts in finding bad actors, scams, deceitful employees, hidden assets, and threats to your business.

Your business is as important to us, as it is to you. Our commercial investigators are here to protect it from fraudsters, scams, bad actors, deceitful employees, and other internal and external threats that can greatly impact your reputation, business operations, or lead to a financial loss. 

So whether you need an investigation of an old employee over a non-compete agreement, bug sweeps of your offices or vehicles, a discreet trace on an employee or assets, an employee background check, an on-site drugs test, or even surveillance equipment to catch a thief in the act, Bond Rees can help. 

We have corporate investigations teams based in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Bristol, Brighton, Newcastle and Leeds. We also operate across Europe, North America, South America, Middle-East, Asia, Africa and Australasia.

Our Corporate Investigators are expert sources for the global press

We have Corporate Investigations offices in London, and we operate globally.

We are the leading private investigators in London and across the UK. At Bond Rees we understand that hiring private detectives can be a daunting and unfamiliar process. That’s why our trusted team will guide you through every step of the way. They are knowledgeable and experienced. Due to this, they have been featured in the press worldwide, including The New York Post, Huffington Post, The Sun, Yahoo Life, The Mirror, Lad Bible, Bristol Post, Daily Mail, Metro and Wales Online. We are common asked for comment on business fraud and investigations.

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What are Corporate Investigations?

Corporate investigations aim to uncover wrongdoing and damage caused by management, employees, and third parties, allowing you to focus on future safeguarding and protecting your businesses’ integrity. 

We have the capacity, knowledge and resources to ensure that all of our corporate investigations are fully compliant with the law and conducted in an ethical manner. Our private investigators are also able to provide you with evidence, including photographic evidence where appropriate, for court cases and tribunals. 
If you require a corporate investigator in the UK, contact us now to find out how we can offer an effective solution to assist your business. With 24/7 availability, we are always available to start your case whenever you need us.

Why choose Bond Rees Corporate Investigation Services?

  • Our corporate detectives are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can start work on your investigation immediately.
  • We are the leading provider of UK corporate investigation services. We also operate globally.
  • Bond Rees guarantee absolute discretion and confidentiality.
  • We will go above and beyond to achieve the reliable information, results and irrefutable evidence you need.
  • Our team adheres to all Data Protection requirements and will always conduct every investigation in a lawful and ethical manner.
  • We have an expert, multi-disciplinary team of experienced investigators who all have a background within military, government or police work which has equipped them with the knowledge and skills they need to undertake targeted, comprehensive investigations.
  • Bond Rees have access to information and data for individuals and companies not available within the public domain or to non-professional investigation agencies.
  • Bond Rees provide all investigators with the highest specification, state of the art technology and software
  • Our findings and reports are submissible to a court of law as evidence and can be used to support legal action. Our investigators can also provide witness statements to further support you.

Contact Bond Rees Corporate Investigations Team to protect your business from risk today.

How might your business be at risk?

We identify fraud, data breaches, theft and possible threats to your business.

Merger or collaboration with associates or other businesses offers great potential for growth and success but also poses a significant risk; find out everything you need to know before taking this step.

False or fraudulent claims for an injury occurring in the workplace or for long term sickness costs you money with no return and gives the message to other employees that this is a viable option when working for you.

A data breach or misuse of information places you at direct risk of litigation and heavy financial penalty, as well as being extremely harmful for your professional reputation and potentially harmful to individuals if personal information is abused.

Any behaviour by employees or partners that affects clients, associates or your professional network directly harms your reputation and places you at risk of litigation and loses you money.

Any behaviour by employees or partners that causes harm or offence to other employees or clients places you at direct risk of legal action and investigation, and heavy financial penalty.

Reasons to conduct a corporate investigation

Our team has expertise with investigating corporate fraud

Misuse of information

Individuals or other companies working with you or for you necessarily have access to information held by you; this could be personal information about management or employees, information about clients and client base, financial information or information about corporate development. You need to know that the people who have access to your records are showing due diligence and respect for the information you have entrusted them with. Bond Rees corporate investigations will uncover the root of any data breach or inappropriate information sharing, enabling you to address this and prevent further harm.

Financial abuse

Your company is vulnerable to financial abuse; a company of any size needs to employ or associate with others to undertake transactions, accounting, purchasing, money handling, investment etc. Every extra pair of hands involved with the management of revenue increases the risk of financial crime such as theft, embezzlement, business fraud or money laundering. It’s vital that you can trust the people involved with your financial management and information. If you suspect any wrongdoing or any vulnerability in your financial chain, Bond Rees can investigate and allow you to implement solutions to any potential financial risk.

Corruption and sabotage

Think your company is being stolen from? Call us to see how we can help identify with corporate theft.

Employees, partners and associates can be the greatest asset to your company. However, they also have access to knowledge, information and data within your organisation that can place you at risk if the individual does not have the interests of your company at heart.

Leaked information, false accounting or reporting, reputation harming and client poaching are some of the many ways that someone on the inside can harm your organisation and further their own goals.

A corporate investigation can uncover any behaviour that is intended to damage your company and ensure that you know exactly who you can trust.

Recruiting new employees?

We offer detailed employee background checks and investigations

Do you want to know exactly who you might be employing? Bond Rees can screen any potential employees for you so that you can be sure who is going to be working for you if they have any issues in their past that may pose risk or concern, and that their claimed qualifications, experience and reference is legitimate. This ensures the right person works for you.

Planning a merger or worried about the competition?

Merging or working with other corporations, associates or agencies can be a sound and successful means of growth for your organisation, but can also place you and your business at risk.

Bond Rees can get you all the information and evidence you need to make the right decisions before taking such a significant step. You might be worried about the behaviours or agenda of a competitor, or how great a threat they pose to your client base and the plans you have for your business growth.

Bond Rees corporate investigation can obtain all the facts you need to be fully informed about any competitor, or any factor that may influence the development and growth of your business.

Internal Investigation, Employee Theft:

employee theft

Have you noticed stock or equipment has started to go missing from your business or premises? Are the accounts no longer adding up or has demand increased whilst profits have not? Are customers complaining that they do not receive the full service or product they had expected? Are there slight but regular anomalies in income or financial reporting?

It could be that an employee or employees are stealing from you or your clients, or embezzling funds. The expert team at Bond Rees can identify and evidence employee theft or embezzlement allowing you to act immediately to recoup funds and stop your business from losing any more money.

Employee Misconduct and fraud:

employee misconduct

Have you got concerns or suspicions about an employee but can’t find the evidence you need to act? Maybe you suspect an employee is misusing substances within the workplace or behaving in a way that is offensive to colleagues or customers? Are they logging hours or jobs they have not done? Are they abusing company time or resources?

Do you think an employee may have lied about their experience or qualification, or has an individual submitted a fraudulent claim for sickness pay or a false injury report that is costing you money? Bond Rees corporate investigation services can obtain the evidence you need to address all forms of misconduct and fraud.

Case Study: The Events Company & the £150,000 Theft

Location: Soho, Central London

Case Background:

The Events Company & the £150,000 Theft

We were contacted by a client who required a corporate investigation because they believed an employee or multiple employees who worked in their finance department were stealing from them.

The company was responsible for running various promotional events for clients and, over the previous 12 months, the company had seen various expensive items (watches, necklaces, bracelets) and money taken from their safe. They also suspected other financial anomalies as they had seen a sudden surge of unexplained costs across the business, particularly with travel.

In total, the business estimated that they had lost £150,000 in theft over the past 12 months.

What we did

We met with the client off-site, where we were fully briefed on the situation. Due to the scale of the operation and the workload of the business, it appeared that many members of the finance and events team had access to the safe where the expensive promo items were stored. This was clearly an issue because it made it difficult for them to monitor who was coming and going, who was accessing the safe, and when the items were being removed.

The next actions were to:

Covert Cameras – We installed covert 24-hr CCTV in the finance office. This included CCTV facing the area where safe was located and monitored the finance team to see if we could identify any suspicious activity.

Financial Investigation – Next, we then undertook a financial investigation into the surge in costs across the business. It appeared that the sharp increase in costs had occurred in the travel category, in particular taxi fare expenses.

We sifted through records and receipts of the previous 6-months to see if any members of staff were falsifying receipts and claiming more than they should have. It didn’t take long before we identified the culprit.  

The Result

Within 3 weeks, we identified a member of the finance team who was stealing from the business. The shocking part was that they were stealing from the business in a number of ways.

Firstly, our CCTV picked up the person accessing the company safe without authorisation or reason, after hours. They had remained in the office late and our covert cameras had caught them stealing petty cash and a watch from a fashion event that had finished the day before.  

Secondly, we realise that this individual was responsible for processing staff expenses. It turns out that it wasn’t the events team that was fiddling expenses but the individual in the finance team when processing the expenses.

Our covert cameras caught them processing expenses while appearing to doctor the figures. Upon further examination and some interviews with the events team, we found that the person has been changing and increasing the amounts on hand-written taxi receipts which enabled them to take extra money from the petty cash. For example, they were adding a 1 to the front of a £9.50 receipt, making it £19.50. They would then pay the original expense to the events team member and pocket the extra £10.

Finally, we found an even larger, more audacious theft. On the CCTV we noticed strange patterns of behaviour from the individual in question, where they were regularly using another person’s machine when that person was on their lunch break or in a meeting.

Our intense surveillance showed that they were processing invoices using their colleague’s machine and was somehow gaining access to the finance system. When we investigated further, we found that they had used key logging software to attain their colleague’s passwords, enabling them to go onto the company banking system and send payments to a family member who was set up as a supplier.             

Next Actions

The employee lost their job and was duly prosecuted for their actions. The current penalty is unknown, but our covert surveillance and expertise saved the business from further loss of funds in the future.

We also provided the company with a set of internal security measures to implement that would ensure tighter security across the business. The client was extremely happy with our service.  

Client quote: “The Bond Rees team were ‘on the ball’ from day 1. Their knowledge and expertise proved invaluable and enabled us to remove a person who could have seriously damaged our business if not stopped. They removed the risk in 4 days. Highly recommended.”

Following the project, we told the client to implement some best practice measures, including changing the code on the safe to limit access and officially restricting access to the safe to a smaller number of people within the finance function.

We also instructed them to change all passwords and sweep all computers for malicious keylogging software.

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