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Bond Rees are the most experienced tracing agents in the UK. Whatever, your tracing needs, our tracing specialists can help.

Do you need to find someone in the UK?

Maybe you need to track down someone abroad?

Have you lost touch with a family member and need to pass on important information, or just check that they are ok?

Does a debtor owe you money and you need to find them to recoup your funds?

Have you fallen out of touch with family members and need to contact them regarding a bereavement or legal matter?

Have you been out of contact with an old friend and now wish to rekindle past relationships?

Are you in the process of taking legal action against a person and need to find them to serve legal papers?

Do you need to contact your ex-partner to finalise a divorce?

Do you need an personal asset trace or business assets trace?

Whatever you tracing needs, we can help. Call us on 0800 270 7260.

Hire Bond Rees, the leading people tracing service in the UK.

people tracing

Our professional tracing agents and private investigators are all ex-military or ex-police and have the knowledge, expertise and access to resources to ensure we are the leaders in the people tracing industry.

We are open 24 hours a day and can start work immediately on every trace requested from us.

We can usually locate your missing individual within 3 to 5 days and, quite often even sooner or the same day. We guarantee that we will provide you with the current details for the right person that you are looking for.

We have a very high success rate for tracing people and all of our tracing agents go above and beyond to provide your trace in the shortest possible time.

Once we have located your missing person we will provide you with their current address and any other information we have uncovered which we feel will be useful to you and that is legal for us to provide.

We provide our expertise in tracing services to private/general public customers as well as companies and legal firms to locate the person you or your business need to find.

Our specialist tracing agents can locate someone with minimal information from you due to their experience and knowledge, expert methods and access to resources and data not available to the public or other tracing agencies.

We adhere fully to the requirements set by the Data Protection Act and the Credit Services Association so you can be assured that every tracing agent working for us will act in a legal and ethical manner throughout every people tracing process they conduct.

We charge an upfront and affordable fixed fee so, unlike with many other tracing companies, you know exactly how much your trace will cost. There will be no further costs added no matter if the trace takes longer than usual or is more complex. This is not the case with many companies who offer no trace, no fee arrangements; with Bond Rees, you know the full price you will pay for your trace. This price is for the entire job and there will be no additional fees.

How to trace a person

There are many ways to trace a person, you can use a people tracing service like ourselves, you can hire a private investigator or you can try and trace the person yourself. Tracing a person can be difficult, so we would recommend hiring a service like ours.

Our tracing agents are ex-military or ex-police meaning that they already have the knowledge, experience and skills required for professional people tracing.

Our status as a professional tracing agency allows us access to information and databases that are not in the public domain and not accessible to amateur or non-professional tracing services.

Unlike many other tracing companies, we do not rely on electoral data that can be avoided by people not wanting to be found.

Our tracing agents and private investigators will undertake physical reconnaissance were needed to ensure that we have found the exact person you are looking for, and even provide physical evidence such as photographs where possible.

If you are not sure whether you need a tracing agent or not, you can learn about how to trace someone for free here.

Why should you use Bond Rees tracing services?

  • We are the leading UK experts in people tracing and debtor tracing.
  • We only employ tracing agents with a police or military background.
  • We have access to information, databases and resources not available in the public domain or to non-professional agencies.
  • We offer a clear, upfront fixed fee for every trace so you don’t get any nasty surprises and know exactly what the full price will be.
  • We adhere to the requirements set out within the Data Protection Act and by the Credit Services Association.
  • We have a high success rate.
  • We work quickly and seek to locate your missing person in the shortest possible time.
  • We are open 24 hours a day and available to start work immediately on every trace.
  • We require minimal information from you to find a person.
  • We guarantee the details you are provided with will be for the exact person you are looking for.
  • We go above and beyond the work of other tracing services, physically attending the location of your missing person to ensure the greatest accuracy and proof.

Tracing Agent Services

At Bond Rees, we are seasoned professionals, with decades of experience tracing debtors. We have dealt with an array of various debtor tracing cases. Unfortunately, people often try and get out of paying money they owe someone else, even if they are legally required to pay up. So, whether you are wondering how to find someone who owes you child support, how to find someone who stole from you, or how to find a cowboy builder who took your money, Bond Rees has your back. We have the expertise to legally and efficiently locate any of your missing debtors, and get your money back to you.

Tracing Cowboy Builders

Cowboy builders are unfortunately all too common and can be very evasive. If you have ever employed a builder that has taken fees upfront and disappeared without completing the work, or has taken payment started building, and disappeared without finishing the job, you have been victim to a cowboy builder. Frustratingly, these cowboy builders vanish after swindling their ‘customers’, and are impossible to track down without professional help. Fortunately, we have years of experience dealing with cowboy builders, and can not only track them down using our on-site professionals, but can serve them legal documents to ensure they show up in court.

We’re expert Tracing Agents

Bond Rees are a fully legally compliant Investigations and Tracing Agency that has been featured in the press worldwide, including The New York Post, Huffington Post, The Sun, Yahoo Life, The Mirror, Lad Bible, Bristol Post, and Wales Online.

Investigations & Tracing Agency Press Coverage

How do I request a trace?

It’s easy to get your trace started; just get in touch with our tracing agents through any of the client contact methods given below. We are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and will reply promptly to any enquiry made to talk through your needs and advise you of the fixed cost of your trace.

A tracing agent will then call you to clarify who you want to find and to obtain any information or details you have about the person such as full name, date of birth, telephone number or any contact details or last known address.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all of this information; the tracing agent will work with you to determine exactly what you do know and go from there. Far less information is required to trace a person than you would think!

The tracing agent will begin the specialist tracing process on an immediate basis as soon as the payment of the fixed fee has been received.

There are many reasons that you may wish to use our tracing people services; rest assured that whatever your need, you will be met with a warm and helpful response by Bond Rees and a commitment to providing you with the fastest, most thorough and most accurate person tracing and debtor tracing in the UK.

Let Bond Rees find your missing loved one or absent debtor today and provide you with the information you need to regain contact and take action. Contact us today to start a search.

Tracing Agents FAQs

What are tracing agents? 

Tracing agents specialise in investigating missing persons, long lost family and friends, witnesses and helping to recover debts. Tracing agents are professionals that work within the confines of the law to 

Can you track down somebody who has died?

Yes, we can trace dead people in almost any country. We have access to various digital records, death indexes and registrars, and legal documents that can help us to ascertain the person’s whereabouts, cause of death, and their next of kin.

How do tracing agents find you? 

There is a lengthy process that goes into tracing a missing person, which can include checking electoral roll data, conducting detailed searches of non-public information, searching through social media platforms and investigating prior addresses, telephone numbers and other data sources. 

Tracing agents have years (sometimes decades) of experience when it comes to legally and efficiently locating a missing person. 

Are tracing agents legal? 

Hiring tracing agents is completely legal, as long as you choose a recognised agency, such as Bond Rees. Tracing agents are trained professionals that have access to technology and tools the general public do not have access to, and can use those tools to locate missing persons for the purpose of debt recovery, locating lost relatives or finding a witness to a crime.  

How much does a tracing agent cost in the UK?

The cost of a tracing agent in the UK will vary depending on the type of job you are looking to have done. Variables like the length of time the job will take to complete, how long the person has been missing and the amount of information you can provide upfront all factor into the cost of a tracing agent. We can discuss these variables with you to come up with the best solution for you. 

Our People tracing services generally range from £99 to £389, depending the complexity of the case and the resources required.

How do tracing companies work?

A tracing agent will use both legal and ethical methods to search for a missing debtor, find links and leads and follow trails, even with minimal information to work with. Tracing companies locate phone numbers and current addresses of the missing person in question through the use of advanced technology and experience. 

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