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Bond Rees are a UK wide private detective agency with the experience and expertise to achieve the results and evidence you need in minimal timescales.

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We provide discreet and effective private detective services to both individual and corporate clients.

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Private Investigations

Bond Rees are the UK’s leading provider of professional private investigations and can find out the truth about a person or situation for you and obtain irrefutable evidence to support this.

We undertake investigations for both private and corporate clients across the country and have an exemplary track record of achieving the results required whilst ensuring discretion and confidentiality for you.

We have offices for private investigation services in London, Manchester, Liverpool Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, and Edinburgh. Due to high demand, we are expanding rapidly, having recently set up teams of detectives in Basingstoke, Bath, Glasgow, Bournemouth, Bangor, Taunton, Chester, Guildford, Crawley, Hatfield, Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone, St Albans, and Aberdeen.

Private Investigations
People Tracing

People Tracing

Has a loved one gone missing? Have you lost touch with an old friend or ex-partner and want to rekindle past relationships? Do you need to pass important information to a family member you have lost contact with? Do you need to find someone who owes you money?

We are also expert Tracing Agents and our people tracing service will find the individual you are looking for in the shortest timescales and allow you to regain contact and resolve whatever issue was driving your search.

Lie Detector Tests

Are you worried your partner may be cheating on you? Has a crime been committed, and you can’t be sure who the perpetrator was? Are there secrets and lies in your family or friendship group? Our lie detector test service will find out the truth and prove who is lying to you and who is being honest.

Bond Rees provide professional and accurate lie detector testing that will provide peace of mind or confirm your suspicions so that you can take action to address the issue.

Lie Detector Tests
Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations

Bond Rees are the UK specialists in providing corporate investigation services to protect the health of your business and prevent harm caused by fraud or misconduct.

Our corporate investigations are the most comprehensive and effective available in the country and will ensure confidentiality and discretion so that your reputation remains intact.

Data Recovery Services

Our data recovery services can help you if your data has been corrupted, deleted, or stolen.

We can recover many different file types from different devices and operating systems.   Talk to our data recovery experts today for more information.

Data Recovery Services
Bug Sweeps

Bug Sweeps

Are you worried that someone may be stalking you or invading your right to privacy? Our bug sweeps will find and remove any surveillance or listening devices placed in your home, vehicle, or premises.

Bond Rees will ensure that no form of bug remains and that you can return to feeling safe and confident in your own home, car, or business location again.

Process Serving

Bond Rees can hand deliver legal documentation throughout the UK. Our expert Process Servers can deliver all manner of legal documents, including Divorce papers, Statutory demands and claims, Court Orders & writs, Eviction notices, Winding up petitions, Non molestation orders, Injunction, and bankruptcy petitions.  

Bond Rees fully comprehend how critical process serving is to a client’s case and ability to proceed; we undertake this service with absolute diligence and care. You can rely on Bond Rees.

Process Serving

"Bond Rees found out the real truth behind the extortionate sick pay claims I was receiving from a member of my staff. You saved my business a fortune! Thank you!"


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