Where in the UK has the lowest crime rate?


Safety and security are key considerations for individuals and families when choosing a place to live or visit. The United Kingdom, with its diverse regions, offers a range of options. In this article, we delve into the topic of crime rates and unveil some of the safest places in the UK. By highlighting areas with the lowest crime rates, we aim to provide valuable insights for those seeking a secure and peaceful environment.

1. City of York:

Nestled in the picturesque county of North Yorkshire, the historic City of York stands out as one of the UK’s safest places. Renowned for its stunning medieval architecture and rich cultural heritage, York boasts a remarkably low crime rate. The city’s well-preserved walls, charming streets, and welcoming atmosphere contribute to a sense of safety and tranquility for residents and visitors alike.

2. Shetland Islands:

Situated in the northernmost part of Scotland, the Shetland Islands offer a unique blend of breathtaking landscapes and a remarkably low crime rate. The tight-knit community, known for its warm hospitality, plays a significant role in maintaining a safe environment. With its stunning coastlines, picturesque fishing villages, and rich wildlife, the Shetland Islands provide an idyllic setting for those seeking safety and serenity.

3. South Gloucestershire:

Located in southwest England, South Gloucestershire has emerged as another area with a notably low crime rate. This region combines the best of both worlds, offering picturesque countryside landscapes alongside proximity to the vibrant city of Bristol. With its strong sense of community, excellent schools, and ample recreational opportunities, South Gloucestershire provides a safe haven for residents to enjoy a high quality of life.

4. Orkney Islands:

Situated off the northeastern coast of Scotland, the Orkney Islands are renowned for their stunning natural beauty and rich archaeological history. This remote archipelago boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the UK, creating a safe and welcoming environment for its residents. The strong community spirit, coupled with the islands’ awe-inspiring landscapes and historical sites, make the Orkney Islands an appealing destination for those seeking security and tranquility.

5. Rutland:

Nestled in the heart of England, Rutland is England’s smallest county and offers a peaceful and secure living environment. Surrounded by charming villages, rolling hills, and picturesque reservoirs, Rutland epitomizes rural beauty. With its close-knit community, low crime rate, and excellent schools, Rutland presents an ideal place for families and individuals looking for a safe haven away from the hustle and bustle of larger cities.


When it comes to choosing a place to reside or visit, safety is undoubtedly a top priority. The UK boasts several regions with low crime rates, where residents and visitors can enjoy a sense of security and tranquility. Whether it’s the historic City of York, the serene Shetland Islands, the picturesque South Gloucestershire, the remote Orkney Islands, or the idyllic Rutland, each destination offers its unique charm while prioritizing safety. By exploring these safe havens, individuals can make informed decisions about where to find the peace of mind they seek in their everyday lives. Bond Rees now

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