Tracing a property owner or a landowner

Tracing a property owner or a landowner.

Are you looking to locate a missing property owner or landlord? We understand that tracing a landowner can be a difficult, time consuming and frustrating process. At Bond Rees, we undertake traces on landowners regularly, and have the tools and expertise to not only find their names, but also their contact details and current addresses. We take the work out of people tracing.  

When do you need to trace a landowner?

You might be wondering at what point might you need to trace a missing property owner. There are many situations in which you might need to employ expert services to trace a land owner. You  might need to locate a person on your lease or title, or you might be looking to purchase a run-down property for the land rights, but cannot locate the owner of the property. 

How to find out who owns a property?

Land registry search

There is a way you can go about trying to obtain basic information about a missing landowner without the need for professional help, but to gain more in depth information such as current addresses and contact information, you need to use professional help. 

85% of the land and property in the UK is registered with HM Land Registry. Much of the land owned by the Crown, the aristocracy, and the church has not been registered as it has never been sold, which is one of the main reasons for compulsory registration. HM Land Registry holds records about most property or land sold in England or Wales since 1993. This can be a fast route to obtaining the current owner details, or at least obtaining the name of your missing landowner, which will help professional tracing agents locate the remaining important information on your property owner. 

Using professional tracing agents

Professional tracing agents, like Bond Rees, have the resources and technology available to locate not just the name of the landowner you are looking for, but also their contact details and current address. Even if you have managed to obtain the name of your missing landowner using the Land Registry, you would need to find their contact details. Most can only hope to do so through the use of professional people tracers. 

Professional people tracers have access to technology that the general public cannot access, as well as decades of experience searching for missing or elusive people. We have the expertise to find your missing landowner and get you in touch with them. 

Need to trace a missing landowner? Contact Bond Rees: professional tracing agents

Remove the hassle, time-commitment, and stress that comes with tracing a landlord on your own and get in touch with us. At Bond Rees, we are the leading tracing agents in the UK. With over 40 years of industry, hands-on experience, we guarantee that we can locate your missing landlord legally and efficiently. 

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