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Bond Rees are a long standing professional private investigation agency who offer a comprehensive range of high quality professional services including reliable process serving and also surveillance, person trace for missing persons or to assist debt collection, background check services, and polygraph examination to name but a few.

Our many years of operating in this field has provided us with experience and extensive knowledge and we can be depended on to serve any divorce papers, injunction, court document, legal papers, family court documents, statutory demands, or any other legal document you require safe and proper service for.

We work for any client from legal firms and solicitors to local authorities and government agencies, to businesses, or any private individual and our professional process server team are always available to undertake process service whenever and wherever you require across the United Kingdom.

Bond Rees are a diligent and responsible private investigation agency and have full professional indemnity insurance and guarantee absolute confidentiality, data protection, and discretion for every case and client we work with.

If you would like to know more about our UK and Penrith process service or about any of other private investigator services, talk to Bond Rees today.

How to hire a process server in Perth

To hire our Bond Rees process server Perth or UK wide service, just get in touch using the contact info provided below and a helpful advisor will call you right back:


Text: 07792 762 511


Telephone: 0800 773 4931

Or you can just fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Why choose Bond Rees to act as your process server in Perth?

Bond Rees cover the whole of the UK with use of our extensive local branch network which places us in the unrivalled position amongst our competitors of being able to respond to every process service need anywhere in the country even at short notice or with urgent need as soon as our clients need us.

We have a local office based in the central Scotland city of Perth on the banks of the river Tay, the historic county town of Perthshire and home to the Fergusson Gallery, located in a former water tower, which allows us to easily and efficiently cover Perth and the surrounding areas.

We are able to meet any process server requirement without the lengthy and tedious wait times and delays that court services or bailiffs will place on you and your proceedings and we offer fixed fee process service so you won’t be paying unexpected repeat visit costs over and over as you will with a bailiff or court service.

Our process server agents are all highly experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled in process service with the abilities to serve difficult or evasive defendants, de-escalate situations of conflict or aggression, and prevent exacerbation of acrimony between parties particularly in cases pertaining to family law.

Just contact Bond Rees using any of the communication options below to hire our process server Perth or UK service or enquire about our private detective services:


Text: 07792 762 511


Telephone: 0800 773 4931

Documents we serve

Bond Rees can serve any legal document for our clients, on time, and even at short notice throughout the UK, including such examples as:

  • Non molestation order / prohibited steps order / restraining order / injunction order
  • Section 21 Notices and Break Notices
  • Claim forms, summons, and writs
  • Notification documents
  • Legitimate Interest Documents
  • Privacy notice documents or orders
  • Court order
  • Debt order
  • Statutory demands
  • Bankruptcy petitions
  • Winding Up petition
  • Family and children court proceedings
  • Witness summons
  • Occupation order
  • Divorce papers

Our Process

Your legal document can be emailed to us for printing, or we can often collect these directly from you if you would prefer.

Within our process, our process servers will carry out 3 visits at the home address or other specified locations known to provide potential for service such as a workplace or home of a partner and will undertake service with proper civil procedure, in person, and within stated deadlines.

If we are presented with an obstructive or avoidant defendant, we have the experience and training to make use of legitimate and reasonable strategies to engage the defendant and facilitate service, and we also provide quick and accurate person tracing if it appears that the defendant has absconded or relocated.

We will inform our client the moment service has been completed and make certain that all paperwork and proof enabling confirmation of this is provided such as a statement of service or affidavit, and photographic evidence.

In the rare event that Bond Rees do not achieve service we will assist our client with all information and evidence they require to proceed with making application for third party or substituted service or any other next steps they need to take.

Process Server FAQs

How quickly can you serve my document?

Bond Rees cover the whole of UK and have a substantial team of professional investigators at every local branch; we can serve your document as soon as you require and with short notice.

Can a defendant trick a process server?

There is no legal obligation on the defendant to present or co-operate with service and it is common for recipients to try to trick the server by claiming a false identity for example or attempt to hide from the process server.

Bond Rees are experienced process servers and alert to the many tricks and tactics defendants try and will spot this and have skills and strategies to counter such behaviour – there is nothing we have not seen before, and this behaviour will not stop proceedings or achieve any long-term benefit for the defendant.

Will proceedings not go ahead if you can’t serve someone?

There are many further options if a defendant or individual evades service such as substituted service and other means used to give notice; proceedings will not terminate if initial attempts to serve are unsuccessful.

What can a process server not do?

A process server is not allowed force entry or break into private property, use threats, intimidation or abusive language or behaviours to achieve serving, impersonate a protected professional such as police officer or court official, or serve documents to an unspecified or unnamed individual.

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