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Bond Rees are professional private investigator agency who cover the entirety of the United Kingdom and have an impressive track record for fulfilling the needs and expectations of our private and corporate clients and who are proficient and dependable professional process service providers.

We undertake all jobs with purpose, integrity, and diligence and always endeavour to offer the highest levels of customer service,

Bond Rees’s competent process server service is available to any law firm, solicitor, housing association, landlord, lender, Middlesbrough Council or local authority department, government agency, business, or individual and we also offer the service of acting as a UK agent for any persons or organisations based outside of the United Kingdom.

We have extensive experience in the service of all legal documents including any statutory demand, privacy notice, county court papers or orders, injunction, and any other order or documents that our client requires and can provide our reliable process service at short notice anywhere in the United Kingdom.

If you would like more information about our process serving or private and corporate investigations services, or you need to hire our process server Middlesbrough or UK professionals, contact Bond Rees today.

How to hire a process server in Middlesbrough

It’s quick and straightforward to hire our process server Middlesbrough or UK service; just get in touch via the options provided below and a helpful advisor will contact you directly:


Text: 07792 762 511


Telephone: 0800 773 4931

Or you can just fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Why choose Bond Rees to act as your process server in Middlesbrough?

Bond Rees are a UK wide process serving service provider with a head office on the south coast and many local branches located in towns and cities throughout including in the large North Yorkshire town of Middlesbrough, arguably the capital of Teesside and the Tees Valley and known to visitors for its industry, transporter bridge, and Middlesbrough FC.

Our many local offices furnish Bond Rees with a considerable advantage over competitors and the facility to respond to any short notice or urgent process service requirement anywhere across the country and to serve any legal or court document whenever and wherever our clients require.

We also provide a wealth of other effective private investigator services including person and debtor tracing to track down a lost loved one or an individual or agency who owes you money or that you need to issue legal proceedings against.

Bond Rees prioritise absolute confidentiality and data protection for all personal information and data and have full professional indemnity insurance in place.

To discuss your process server requirement in Middlesbrough or throughout the UK, obtain an instant no obligation fixed fee quotation, or enquire about our other private investigator services, just contact Bond Rees via the below options:


Text: 07792 762 511


Telephone: 0800 773 4931

Documents we serve

Bond Rees can serve any document, to any location in the UK, within required timescales including such examples as:

  • Non molestation order / prohibited steps order / restraining order / injunction order
  • Section 21 Notices and Break Notices
  • Claim forms, summons and writs
  • Notification documents
  • Legitimate Interest Documents
  • Privacy notice documents or orders
  • Court order
  • Debt order
  • Statutory demands
  • Bankruptcy petitions
  • Winding Up petition
  • Family and children court proceedings
  • Witness summons
  • Occupation order
  • Divorce papers

Our Process

Bond Rees process servers have the skill sets and practical knowledge to carry out service even in situations of obstructive or evasive defendants and will go above and beyond to meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

Our servers utilise legally compliant tactics to gain contact with defendants or recipients where non-compliance is posing a problem and we undertake all process serving work with diligence, courtesy, and understanding of emotive or uncomfortable contexts especially in cases of family law.

Bond Rees undertake 3 service attempts to the primary service location as informed by our client to provide service in person, with correct process, verifying defendant or recipient identity, and ensuring firm evidence that process serving has been completed to prevent any risk of denial at a later date.

If service proves unfeasible at the initial or home address, our process servers will extend their efforts to attempt service at other locations that are pertinent to the defendant and where they are suspected or known to regularly attend such as the home of a partner or relative, or work site or premises for example.

In the rare event that Bond Rees fail to complete service we will equip our client with all pertinent information and proof to make application for substituted service or to assist with any other further actions that they need to take to minimise delay to proceedings.

Having achieved service we will advise our client promptly and ensure they have all required evidence of this such as a statement of service and photographic proof, and any other specifications or details asked for.

Process Server FAQs

How many attempts at service will Bond Rees make?

We undertake 3 visits to the primary or home location to provide service but if this is not successful our process servers will attempt service at alternative addresses or locations known to hold potential for service such as a workplace or other premises the defendant is known to frequent.

What happens if you cannot find the defendant to serve them?

Bond Rees are tenacious process servers and will do all in our power to complete process serving for our clients. We will persist with attempting service at known locations and can also provide person or debtor tracing services if the individual continues to be evasive.

If it is truly impossible to contact the defendant there are other options available such as third-party or substituted service where documents can be served to another connected person, and this will not prevent proceedings from continuing.

What can a process server not do?

It is illegal for a process server to force entry to private property, to employ threat, intimidation, or aggression to achieve service, or to impersonate another professional such as a court official or police officer.

How much is a Bond Rees process server to hire?

Contact us on the above communication options for an instant, fixed fee, no obligation quotation for your process server requirements today.

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