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How to hire a process server in Hull

If you would like to enquire about our professional process serving or hire one of our experienced process servers, contact Bond Rees via any of the below methods:


Text: 07792 762 511


Telephone: 0800 773 4931

Or you can just fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Bond Rees are an experienced and accomplished provider of professional process serving and we can carry out any process serving requirement, even on an urgent basis or at short notice, anywhere across the United Kingdom, and make certain that any legal document is supplied to the correct recipient on time.

We offer professional process serving to any law firm, landlord, housing association, financial provider, local authority, government agency, business, or private individual and we can also act as a UK agent for any person or organisation located overseas in accordance with Hague Convention policy.

Our British Investigators are tenacious and determined in their work and have the experience, knowledge, and training to ensure proficient process serving even when faced with obstructive or avoidant defendants and to conduct service with care, sensitivity, and resolve, minimising acrimony between any party especially regarding family law.

If you or your business need a dependable and diligent process server, contact Bond Rees today.

Why choose Bond Rees to act as your process server in Hull?

Bond Rees offer proficient and dependable process serving across the whole of the United Kingdom through the benefit of our many local branches situated in towns and cities throughout including in the port city of Hull, or Kingston Upon Hull, in East Yorkshire, named as the UK’s Capital of Culture in 2017.

Our network of local offices facilitates a base for our professional investigator teams with their extensive local knowledge, and the capacity to meet, without delay, any process serving need in any location across the country.

Bond Rees are a responsible professional service provider and ensure absolute discretion and confidentiality throughout our work and stringent compliance with Data Protection Act requirements, and we have full professional indemnity insurance cover in case of any eventuality.

Our British investigators are highly trained and experienced professional process servers and have the knowledge and skill sets to serve any legal document or papers with correct protocol and in accordance with civil procedure and to meet any deadlines set.

To hire a Bond Rees professional process server today, get in touch with us via any of the options below:


Text: 07792 762 511


Telephone: 0800 773 4931

Or you can just fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Documents we serve

Bond Rees have been operating in the professional process serving field for many years and have extensive experience of serving all manner of legal document including examples such as:

  • Non-molestation order / prohibited steps order / restraining order (injunctions)
  • Section 21 Notices and Break Notices
  • Claim forms, summons and writs
  • Court order
  • Debt order
  • Statutory demand
  • Bankruptcy petition
  • Family and children court proceedings
  • Witness summons
  • Occupation order
  • Divorce papers

Our Process

Bond Rees adhere to civil procedure and conduct all process serving with care and understanding for the responsibility and significance of this role.

On confirmation of hiring and in possession of relevant documents or legal papers we will assign a professional investigator to your case who will commence process serving procedures without delay.

Our professional process servers will make certain that they have all the details they need from you including any unique or individual requirements that we can accommodate into our process as part of our personal service.

Bond Rees will undertake three in person attendances to the home or primary serving address to carry out process serving and will ensure verification of identity prior to service.

If the home address does not provide opportunity for service, our process servers will persevere with visits to other addresses known to hold potential for service such as a place of work or home of a partner, relative, or friend.

If the defendant is detected to be at the premises but avoidant of service our investigators will utilise legitimate techniques to encourage contact and if a defendant is suspected to have absconded or relocated, we are also able to offer person or debtor tracing services to assist with this.

In the unusual circumstances that we are unable to complete service, Bond Rees will provide all required information and proof to help with application for third-party or substituted service and avoid lengthy delays to proceedings.

Once process serving has been successfully undertaken, we will advise our client and supply all required confirmation of this such as a statement of service.

Process Server FAQs

Will my proceedings have to stop if you cannot serve the defendant?

There are options if service is not possible; application can be made for third-party or substituted service wherein documents can be served to another connected individual or notice of service can be provided through other means or notice of service can be provided in other ways, and proceedings will not end due to this.

How much does it cost to hire a professional process server?

If you would like an instant and no obligation quote for your process serving requirement, just contact Bond Rees on any of the communication methods provided above and we will get straight back to you to provide you with full costings.

How quickly can you serve my document?

Bond Rees cover the entirety of the UK with local branches distributed throughout including in Hull; we have British investigators ready and available to undertake process serving wherever and whenever you need and even with minimal notice or on an urgent basis.

Can a defendant trick a process server?

It is not uncommon for defendants to try to evade or trick a process server; our British investigators are highly experienced and used to the various methods defendants employ and have the ability to spot this and the training and techniques to counter any such behaviour and persist with service.

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