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we provide process serving services to law firms

Are you a law firm, company, or private individual who needs a professional process server to proficiently and reliably serve a legal document, court order, statutory demand, or any other legal paper for you in Hartlepool or at any location in the United Kingdom?

Bond Rees are a professional private investigator agency who operate across the whole of the UK and provide dependable and competent process serving as well as other useful professional services such as person or debtor tracing.

Our process serving and professional services are available to any UK law firm, government agency, local authority, financial provider, housing association, landlord, business, or private individual and we can also act as a UK agent as stated within Hague Convention proceedings for persons or companies located overseas.

We are a well-established organisation and have the coverage, resources, and facility to undertake process serving of any legal document anywhere in the country and can be trusted to make certain this will be carried out correctly and on time. 

Why choose Bond Rees to act as your process server in Hartlepool?

Bond Rees provide professional services across the United Kingdom with a network of local offices situated in towns and cities throughout including in the major northeast port town of Hartlepool famed for its long fishing heritage.

Our clients receive the benefits of our local knowledge due to our British investigators who are based at each of our many UK wide offices and our resulting ability to respond to any process serving requirement regardless of how short notice or how urgent the need anywhere in the country.

Bond Rees are a responsible and ethical professional investigator agency and conduct all work with absolute discretion and confidentiality, applying strict measures to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act for every case and client and we have full professional indemnity insurance cover.

Our British investigators are committed and proficient professional process servers who have all been recruited for their competencies to achieve the high standards we set and who have the acumen to undertake service with adherence to civil procedure, within requested timescales, and deal with difficult or evasive defendants.

Documents we serve

Bond Rees provide process serving throughout the United Kingdom and consistently and reliably provide accurate process serving on time.

Examples of the numerous types of documents and papers we serve on a regular basis include:

  • Court order
  • Debt order
  • Statutory demand
  • Bankruptcy petition
  • Family and children court proceedings
  • Witness summons
  • Occupation order
  • Divorce papers
  • Non-molestation order / prohibited steps order / restraining order (injunctions)
  • Section 21 Notices and Break Notices
  • Claim forms, summons and writs

Our Process

Bond Rees have the experience and ability to serve any legal document for our clients at any UK location and can meet any timescale you need us to, even if this is at short notice or on an urgent basis.

Our professional process servers will obtain relevant documentation and instruction and carry out 3 visits to the primary location or home address to conduct service in compliance with civil procedure and ensure proof of identification of the defendant or recipient.

If the home address does not provide opportunity for service, we will endeavour to serve at other relevant locations for the defendant such as a workplace or home of a partner or family member or any other location advised.

If it is suspected that the defendant is present at the address but evading service, our process servers will utilise legitimate and responsible approaches to encourage contact and will persevere with service attempts in a respectful but firm manner.

If it becomes apparent that the defendant has absconded or relocated, we can also offer services to address this issue such as person or debtor tracing if requested.

Once service has been concluded, we will advise our client and forward all required proforma and evidence to verify this such as a statement of service or sworn affidavit.

In the unusual situation that Bond Rees cannot complete service we will support our client with all they need to make application for third-party or substituted service and prevent any avoidable delay to proceedings.

Process Server FAQs

What is a process server not allowed to do?

A process server cannot force entry to private property, cannot use threats or abusive language or behaviours to achieve serving, cannot pose as a protected professional such as police officer or court official, cannot serve documents to an alternative individual unless proper consent given and must apply confidentiality.

Can you sue someone if you cannot serve them?

The defendant has no obligation to make themselves available for serving but this will not result in the termination of legal proceedings due to other options available such as third-party or substituted service or even the possibility to serve notice through other means.

Do I need a professional process server?

Certain legal documents need to be served in person with identification verified. This can be a difficult and, at times, risky task and it is important that serving takes place correctly and in accordance with required procedure. Hiring a professional process server removes risk to you and guarantees correct process and proof of service.

How much does it cost to hire a Bond Rees professional process server?

We can provide an accurate, instant, and no obligation quotation for your process serving requirement anywhere in the UK; just contact us via the below options to obtain this today.

How to hire a process server in Hartlepool

You can hire one of our effective and experienced process servers by contacting Bond Rees via any of the below options and a helpful advisor will call you right back to arrange this for you without further delay:


Text: 07792 762 511


Telephone: 0800 773 4931

Or you can just fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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