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If you require a professional process server, Bond Rees are an established and experienced provider of process serving and have the capacity to serve all manner of legal papers whether this be a statutory demand, court order, witness summons, bankruptcy petition, or any other legal document.

We provide process serving and other professional services including debtor tracing to any law firm, government agency, independent solicitor, housing association, landlord, charity, local authority, business, private individual, or any other organisation or agency requiring our assistance.

Bond Rees cover the whole of the United Kingdom and our British investigators can provide experienced process serving or any other professional service in whatever location you require, and we also act as a UK agent for individuals located abroad in accordance with Hague convention protocol.

Our process servers are fully trained in legal process and civil procedure relating to document serving and possess the skill sets necessary to serve even the most evasive of defendant and resolve incidents of conflict or confrontational behaviour with diplomacy and professionalism.

Bond Rees conduct process serving with respect and courtesy, recognising the often difficult circumstances this relates to and seek to minimise distress to individuals and prevent any further antagonising of relationships between parties especially in cases of family law.

In the unusual event that we cannot complete the serving of documents, we provide the evidence and information our clients require from us to enable application for third-party or substituted service and for proceedings to progress without unnecessary delay.

Why choose Bond Rees to act as your process server in Bedford?

Bond Rees have many years of professional process serving throughout the United Kingdom, and possess the capacity, experience, and knowledge as well as a large and fully trained private investigator team to ensure that our clients consistently receive a dependable and proficient personal service.

We are a nationwide firm allowing us to serve any legal document wherever our client’s requirement lies in the shortest of timescales and without the need for them to arrange for other providers if there are multiple documents or locations that require serving or in the situation that the target address changes. 

Bond Rees have many branches located throughout the UK that provide local knowledge that removes likelihood of error and prevents delay for process serving and ensures that our clients receive the most efficient and cost-effective services available.

We advise of a fixed fee for our UK process server services prior to you making any commitment to hire us and this will be the price you pay, whatever issues or challenges we incur with no later or unexpected costs to pay.

Bond Rees are aware of the sensitive nature of process serving and always provide a discreet and respectful service that aims to prevent distress to individuals concerned and ensures absolute confidentiality and data protection at all times.

We are a responsible and conscientious UK process server and always ensure we act in accordance with the law and have sufficient professional indemnity insurance in place.

Documents we serve

Bond Rees offer an experienced process server provision and can meet the proper procedural requirements and needs for serving any legal document you served in any location in the UK.

Examples of the types of legal papers and documentation we serve on a regular basis in the UK include but are not limited to:

  • Divorce papers
  • Non-molestation orders / prohibited steps orders/ restraining orders (injunctions)
  • Section 21 Notices and Break Notice
  • Claim forms, summons and writs
  • Statutory demand
  • Witness summons
  • Court orders
  • Debt orders
  • Statutory demand
  • Bankruptcy petition
  • Family and children court proceedings
  • Witness summons

Our Process

Bond Rees are dedicated and tenacious process servers and appreciate the importance of the legal documents we deliver and the absolute need to ensure that they are issued in the correct and proper protocol with full data protection and within often urgent deadlines.

We work quickly and efficiently on hiring to attend the target address with minimal delay and issue documents in person and obtain full and valid verification of the individual’s identity is obtained and recorded during this process.

If we are unable to initially serve the target at their home address or if they are evasive, we persist with ongoing attempts and visits to complete the process serving our clients are relying on us to achieve.

Bond Rees’s process servers are tenacious and if difficulties persist to complete proper and successful process serving, they will attend the place of work or other known frequented location of the target or employ fully legitimate yet resourceful methods for gaining attention and contact.

In the uncommon instance that we are unable to complete process serving, we are also able to undertake third-party or substituted service if consent is given and ensure that the document safely and securely reaches the hands of another identified adult as instructed.

Bond Rees will provide all reports and legal documentation necessary to formally verify that process serving has taken place such as a certificate or statement of service or Sworn Affidavit as applicable.

Process Server FAQs

What is it illegal for a process server to do?

A process server cannot force entry to private property, use threats, intimidation or abuse to achieve serving, impersonate another professional such as police officer or court official, or serve documents to an unspecified or unnamed individual.

Will proceedings end if process serving cannot occur?

There are many further options available if serving cannot be undertaken in the usual way and this will not cause proceedings to terminate. Service can be undertaken via third-party or substituted service which enables a document to be served to another named adult if consent is given and notice can also be given through other methods such as social media in extenuating circumstances.

What locations do you provide a professional process server in?

Bond Rees cover the whole of the UK and can provide an experienced process server wherever you require.

Can summons be served by email?

It is not possible to serve certain legal papers, including summons, via email as there is a legal requirement for them to be issued in person and identification of the recipient seen and recorded.

How much do Bond Rees charge for process serving?

Just contact us on any of the options below to obtain and full and no obligation quotation for your process serving requirement.

How to hire a process server in Bedford

If you are a legal firm or any other individual, agency, or business requiring a UK process server or any other professional service, just contact Bond Rees using any of the methods below and an advisor will be in touch without delay:


Text: 07792 762 511


Telephone: 0800 773 4931

Or you can just fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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