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Bond Rees are no strangers to outlandish cases. After decades of service as private investigators, we have seen it all. But even we can get shocked by a case from time to time. One such case involved an elderly man named John, and his new wife Eleanor, and issues that arose surrounding inheritance. 

Uncovering an inheritance scam using private investigators

John was diagnosed with dementia in his late 60s, shortly after marrying his new wife Eleanor who was 15 years his junior. As his condition worsened, he required frequent visits from carers. It was this that prompted one of John’s sons to contact Bond Rees. After concerns that his father was not receiving adequate care, we were asked to keep track of how often John’s carers were actually coming. 

Eleanor’s adult son from a previous relationship had recently taken it upon himself to arrange John’s care and his finances, including taking money from John’s account to pay for it. This situation was monitored from afar by John’s sons, as they lived further away, but they were able to visit their father regularly. A couple of months after John’s diagnosis, the pair visited John and were disturbed to see their father had deteriorated so quickly and lost a significant amount of weight in a short period. They arranged a meeting with John’s doctor who was just as concerned.

During their visit, John’s sons found out that Eleanor had been quickly spending the money in her and John’s joint account, and had made some quite large investments. Rightfully suspicious, this was when John’s son contacted Bond Rees to intervene. 

After investigating the situation, we discovered John’s carer was visiting just once a week, sometimes only for half an hour. We passed this information along to John’s sons, who agreed that John had been receiving inadequate care. After further surveillance, we established that Eleanor was also starving John in the hopes of speeding up his death so she could claim his estate alongside her son. 

Outraged, John’s sons stepped in to take control of John’s healthcare, which led to a notable improvement in John’s overall health. Unfortunately, they were unable to prove neglect in court, and so Eleanor stayed married to John, hoping to still inherit his estate upon his death. 

But this didn’t happen. In a shocking twist of fate, Eleanor died suddenly. As the couple were not divorced, her entire estate was passed to John. When John passed away just three months later, both Eleanor’s and John’s estates were left to John’s sons. Eleanor’s son was left with nothing. 

While this story is a sad one, it is always nice to see that our private investigators can go a long way to reveal the truth before it is too late. 

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If you have concerns surrounding an issue of inheritance and need help gathering evidence, why not hire a private investigator? Bond Rees PIs are highly trained to deal with sensitive cases in a professional manner, and go above and beyond to provide you with peace of mind. We also undertake process serving enquiries, as well as people tracing. Call us today to discuss your situation and help you take control of the situation. 

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