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Bond Rees are the private investigation agency that you can rely on for thorough, reliable investigations that get you the results you need.

As the foremost private investigation agency in the UK, Bond Rees have the experience, manpower and resources to provide unrivalled private investigation services. 

Bond Rees cover the whole of the UK but have local offices situated nationwide including in the city of Nottingham. 

If you need private investigation services in Nottingham or the surrounding area, and you want the very best in the business contact us now.

Private Investigator Services in Nottingham

private investigator

Bond Rees offer a broad variety of private investigator services to cover every eventuality or situation. Just contact us to discuss your specific needs and we will advise exactly how we can help you.

Below are some examples of the services we offer and are highly experienced in providing:

And many more.

Why choose Bond Rees Private Investigators in Nottingham?

private investigations

Quite simply we are the best; as the leading UK private investigation agency we have the background, knowledge, and experience to guarantee that you will receive the most effective and robust private investigation achievable.

We ensure all of our agents are fully trained and informed regarding legislation relevant to private investigation so you can be assured there will be no risk for you or your business as a result of work undertaken by us.

We understand that every case is different and will approach every investigation on an individualistic basis; we will work with you to fully understand your situation and the outcomes you need and design a package of services that ensure you achieve the results you want.

Bond Rees recognise that people and companies only use private investigator services when there is something significant occurring in their personal or business life; we will keep you regularly updated with how your investigation is progressing and will provide professional reports and documented evidence for every case we work on.

Bond Rees appreciate the confidential nature of private investigation and the information you provide to us and guarantee absolute discretion and data protection.

We only employ agents who have previous employment experience in government, military, or police services to ensure that we have the right people with the right skills to carry out the highest quality of investigation for you.

We are locally based in Nottingham meaning that you won’t be paying the price for expensive travel costs that most other agencies will charge.

Locations we cover in Nottingham

locations we cover

The Bond Rees Nottingham office is centrally located near to the Victoria Shopping Centre and close to major transport routes.

From our city centre location, Bond Rees are able to cover the entirety of the city and a wider radius extending from Mapperley to Cotgrave, and from Breaston to Lowdham.

If you or the investigation you require falls outside of these locations, we will be able to provide our services from another one of our many UK branches so do still get in touch with Bond Rees now.

How to access private investigation services in Nottingham

Bond Rees want to help you now with whatever problem or dilemma you are facing in your personal or professional life.

Contact us on any of the below methods:


Text: 07792 762 511


You can call any of the below numbers depending on the service you require:

Private Detective Services: 0800 002 9468

Lie Detector Services: 0800 051 5329

People Tracing Services: 0800 270 7260

Process Serving & other services: 0800 773 4931

Or use the contact form at the base of the page.

Bond Rees are available 24/7 and always ready for an immediate start on whatever investigation service you require.

Private Investigator Nottingham Costs

private investigator costs

Below is a guide to costings for our services; the exact price you will pay will depend on the service or package of services you require, and the specific details of your circumstances:

People tracing services from £99 to £389.

Surveillance ranging from £389 to £780.

GPS Tracking Devices from £99 to £988.

Lie Detector Testing from £450 per test.

Corporate Investigations starting from £740.

Bug Sweeping Services starting from £998.

Why hire a private detective in Nottingham?

benefits of hiring a private investigator

Bond Rees help all kinds of people and businesses every day with all kinds of situations.

Professional private investigation gets answers to questions you have, clarifies suspicions, finds out information unobtainable by any other means, catches out those who intend you or your business harm and provides robust and irrefutable evidence of every finding made.

Professional private investigation services allow you to gain certainty over a situation in your life and enable you take fully informed and justified action to address this.

You might be an individual who is experiencing relationship problems with your partner; you may be worried that they are hiding something from you or are committing infidelity. Perhaps you have already separated and are engaged in acrimonious divorce or child custody proceedings, and you need to evidence the truth in these.

There could be a person or company who owes you or your business money and they have disappeared, leaving you seriously out of pocket. You need to track them down to address the debt or take legal action.

You could be an employer and your business is being harmed by fraudulent employee claims for sickness pay or an injury they allege they have suffered; you will need robust evidence to take action to address this.

Perhaps there is a competitor in your industry whom you have concerns about and want to know more about their background or agenda, or perhaps you are considering a merger or association and just want to check out the other party before you take this significant step.

Whatever your situation and requirement, Bond Rees have extensive experience conducting private investigation in all manner of circumstances and can offer the professional and effective solution you need. 

What benefits can my business see from hiring you?

we help businesses in manchester cut down on fraud

Bond Rees are the leading private investigation service in the UK; we are able to provide the most effective and comprehensive investigation services available and obtain results in the shortest timescales.

Bond Rees undertake all private investigation work in line with legislation and government guidance ensuring no risk of legal comeback for you as a result of the work we undertake.

Bond Rees are the UK specialists when it comes to corporate or employee investigation and highly experienced and skilled in this field.

Bond Rees will work with you to understand your exact requirements, keep you fully updated throughout the investigation and provide you with a professional report and photographic evidence at the conclusion of our work.

Bond Rees are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss your situation or start investigation for you.

Do you help law firms in Nottingham?

Yes – we have significant experience in working with legal firms across the UK and are happy to help any Nottingham legal firm with any private investigation service they require be this process serving, person tracing or just finding out more about a person or group.

Are private investigators legal?

Private investigation is completely legal in the UK.

It is important that professional private investigation agencies comply with legislation and guidance pertinent to private investigation such as The Freedom of Information Act 2020. The Human Rights Act 1998, GDPR, and The Data Protection Act 2018.

Bond Rees always operate in a manner that is legally compliant and respectful of human rights.

What can a private investigator legally do?

It is not illegal to physically follow a person (surveillance) to find out where they go, what they do and who they are with. It is also legal to take photographs of the subject as evidence.

It is legal for a professional private investigator to use software and resources available to them to search information, records and databases to determine personal details, criminal history and financial information about a person.

It is legal for a private investigator to trace a person who is intentionally or unintentionally missing and to supply details of their whereabouts to another person.

It is legal for a private investigator to search a person’s social media accounts to find out where they are or uncover facts about their personal life and behaviours.

In certain circumstances it is legal for a private investigator to use GPS vehicle tracking.

Private Investigator FAQs

Why can’t I just investigate someone myself?

Private individuals do not have the skills, experience, training, knowledge, technology or resources necessary to effective and successful private investigation.

Businesses who undertake investigation in house risk being found to have not been objective or impartial and evidence is disregarded.

Legal frameworks are in place around the actions you can and cannot take when investigating a person or group; there is huge risk that you or your business will inadvertently commit a criminal act if you are not aware of these.

How can I get an investigation started?

Just contact us on any of the above methods and we will be happy to get the ball rolling for you!

Will I receive a report?

Yes; you will receive a full report and documented evidence at the end of every investigation.

Do you help private individuals?

Absolutely. Bond Rees are here and available to help anyone who needs private investigation services. Just get in touch and we will support you through the investigation process.

When are you open?

Bond Rees are available 24/7 and waiting to hear from you.

How soon can my investigation start?

As soon as you need it to; we have agents available and ready to start work for you right now.

How much does private investigation cost?

See above for a guide to our prices; the exact cost of work undertaken will depend on your circumstances and the package of services you require.

How can I hire Bond Rees?

Just get in touch through any of the communication methods given above and a Bond Rees Advisor will call you straight back to talk you through how we can help you today.

Bond Rees are available and ready to start work on your investigation now.

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