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Bond Rees are an experienced and firmly established professional private investigation agency.

We provide discreet, effective, and efficient private and corporate investigation services to individuals and businesses across the UK and achieve the results and concrete evidence that our clients need to tackle difficulties and issues in their personal and professional lives.

We have local branches situated in towns and cities throughout the country including Middlesbrough.

If you or your business require professional, reliable investigative services in Middlesbrough or throughout the UK, contact Bond Rees today to find out how we can provide the practical and effective solution.

Private Investigator Services in Middlesbrough

Bond Rees provide a broad range of private and corporate investigation services throughout the UK including:

  • Covert Surveillance
  • Surveillance Equipment 
  • People Tracing
  • Polygraph Testing
  • Corporate Investigation
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Employee Investigation 
  • Background Checks
  • Asset Checking
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Process Serving
  • Bug Sweeps

Why choose Bond Rees Private Investigators in Middlesbrough?

Bond Rees have the experience and capacity to provide you or your business with the most effective, comprehensive, and conclusive investigations in the UK which produce the most robust evidence to support you in whatever next course of action you need to take.

We have a diligent and highly trained team of professional private detectives with access to the latest in technology and investigative equipment who will go the extra mile to achieve the results and outcomes your case requires.

Bond Rees are compliant with all legislation relating to private and corporate investigation and will ensure that there is no risk of legal challenge to the evidence that we produce or to you or your business following investigative work undertaken by us.

We fully recognise the significance of the information you share with us and the need to keep the details of your investigation confidential and we guarantee absolute discretion and data protection.

Bond Rees are the professional private investigation agency you can trust to deliver on our promises and provide the solution to whatever personal or professional dilemma you are facing.

Locations we cover in Middlesbrough

Bond Rees cover the whole of the UK with local offices sited within towns and cities throughout the country.

Our Middlesbrough branch is located centrally to the town and within walking distance of Middlesbrough Town Hall.

We cover all surrounding areas from this local office, reaching as far as Hartlepool, Darlington, Osmotherley and the east coast.

How to access private investigation services in Middlesbrough

Below are a number of options for getting in touch with Bond Rees.

Just use any of these methods to register your enquiry with us and an advisor will call you straight back to discuss the details of your situation and how we can help.


Text: 07792 762 511


You can call any of the below numbers depending on the service you require:

Private Detective Services: 0800 002 9468

Lie Detector Services: 0800 051 5329

People Tracing Services: 0800 270 7260

Process Serving & other services: 0800 773 4931

Or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Private Investigator Costs Middlesbrough

The exact cost of your investigation package will depend on the services you require and the specifications of your case. Our advisor will talk this through with you and ensure you are fully informed regarding total cost before you commit to hiring us or part with any money.

We provide the below as a guide to the types of cost you can expect to pay for Bond Rees private and corporate investigation services:

People tracing services from £99 to £389.

Surveillance ranging from £389 to £780.

GPS Tracking Devices from £99 to £988.

Lie Detector Testing from £450 per test.

Corporate Investigations starting from £740.

Bug Sweeping Services starting from £998.

Why hire a private detective in Middlesbrough?

There are occasions in everyone’s life where they wish they knew more about a person or situation or could get to get to the absolute truth underlying a dilemma or predicament they find themselves in.

Sometimes this is just healthy curiosity, or we must accept that we will find out more in good time, as we get to know someone better or a situation unravels.

However, sometimes there is greater urgency or significance to finding out the truth and the safety or wellbeing of you, or someone you care about may, or an important relationship may depend on it.

In these kinds of circumstances, you need to know the truth and get accurate and reliable answers to the questions you have in minimal timescales.

This is where professional private investigation can provide invaluable assistance; if you need to become more informed and protect yourself and your emotional or physical wellbeing or that of someone you care about or your assets, Bond Rees can get you the details you need.

If you are concerned that your partner is cheating or engaging in unhealthy pursuits such as drug use or gambling, Bond Rees can undertake discreet and covert surveillance and obtain the photographic evidence to reassure you or prove wrongdoing.

If you have a missing loved one, have lost touch with a family member or old friend or need to locate someone who owes you money Bond Rees’ person tracing service will track them down.

If you are worried a person who has entered your life poses risk to your own safety and security or that of other people you care about Bond Rees can conduct background checks to determine if a person is who really who they say they are and whatever secrets their past may hold.

Whatever your situation or concern, professional private investigation will accurately and reliably enable provide you with the knowledge you need to make fully informed decisions about an individual or dilemma in your life.

What benefits can my Middlesbrough business see from hiring you?

Bond Rees provide professional corporate investigation services to businesses of any size and operating within any industry throughout the UK.

We are highly experienced and knowledgeable in corporate investigation and have an exceptional rate of success in this field, obtaining the results and evidence that our business clients require to safeguard their companies and address risk.

Whatever concern, risk, or dilemma your business is experiencing whether this be fraud, employee misconduct or negligence, cyber-attack or problems with those associated with your business such as contractors, suppliers, customers or competitors, Bond Rees will provide the pragmatic and effective solution.

Bond Rees will allocate an advisor to your case at the point of enquiry who will ensure we fully understand your situation and requirements of us, keep you fully updated throughout the entire investigation process and issue you with a full detailed report with photographic evidence at its conclusion.

We respect your business’ need for privacy and maintaining your reputation and associate network and guarantee absolute discretion and confidentiality throughout our investigation and in regard to all information you share with us.

We have the capacity, experience, resources and team of dedicated professional private investigators to achieve the results and evidence your business needs in minimal timescales and will always go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction.

Do you help law firms in Middlesbrough?

Bond Rees would be delighted to provide our professional services to any Middlesbrough law firm.

If your firm needs process serving, person tracing or any other investigative task undertake we can help; just contact us on any of the above methods and an advisor will call you straight back.

Are private investigators legal?

Yes, private and corporate investigation are both completely legal practices in the UK.

Certain legislation pertains to what can and cannot be undertaken within professional investigation such as:

  • GDPR
  • Human Rights Act 1998
  • Investigatory Powers Act 2016
  • Data Protection Act 2018
  • Protection from Harassment Act 1997 

As long as this legislation and guidance is adhered to, investigation is totally legitimate.

Bond Rees are fully legally compliant and undertake all investigations in a professional and ethical manner.

What can a private investigator legally do?

Clients often enquire about the activities professional private detectives can legitimately undertake to obtain the comprehensive information and evidence they need.

There are many options available to support any investigation and some examples of these are provided below:

  • Covert surveillance and the taking of photographic evidence can prove a person’s daily routines, locations and residences, the behaviours and activities they engage in and the people they meet with.
  • The use of specialist software and technology to carry out in depth searches of databases, records and files can acquire personal details as well as an individual’s financial, criminal, address, or employment history.
  • Social media searches can obtain insight into the lifestyle, habits, activities, and social network of an individual.
  • Door knocking and reconnaissance can gather further information about a location or a person’s habits and lifestyle.
  • GPS vehicle tracking can be legitimately used in some circumstances to gain understanding of locations a vehicle is driven to and how long they spend there.

These are just a few of the many activities a professional private detective will include in a comprehensive investigative process.

Private Investigator FAQs

How quickly will I get results?

Every investigation is different and can incur complexities and obstacles along the way; your Bond Rees advisor will provide you with realistic timescale expectations for your investigation and keep you updated throughout.

Will I be provided with evidence of your findings?

Yes. Bond Rees provide a full detailed report and photographic evidence at the end of every investigation undertaken.

How do I know that you are a genuine and professional agency?

The private investigation industry is prone to con merchants and scammers; we understand that you may be apprehensive about the company you hire to undertake this work for you.

We assure you that we are a genuine and legitimate professional investigation agency but have a chat with one of our advisors and if you don’t feel confident in hiring us there will be no obligation to proceed any further.

Do I have to pay the whole fee upfront?

This depends on the package of services you require and the size of your investigation; our advisor will talk you through all payment options available to you.

How soon can my investigation start?

Bond Rees have professional private detectives located across the UK who are ready to start work without delay as soon as you need it.

How can I hire Bond Rees?

We have provided the details of a number of contact options above; you can use any of these to get in touch with Bond Rees and an advisor will call you straight back and guide you through the entire hiring and investigative process.

We are open 24/7 and ready to help you or your business right now.

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