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Bond Rees are the professionals to turn to if you require effective and reliable private or corporate investigation services.

We have nationwide coverage across the UK with local branches situated in many towns and cities including Clock House

Bond Rees have extensive experience in the field of private investigation and the manpower, capacity, facilities, and training to provide the best investigative services that offer a pragmatic solution to whatever issue or dilemma you are facing in your personal or professional life.

If you want to find out the truth, become more informed about a situation or individual, or need evidence of wrongdoing by another person to take resolute action against this then just contact Bond Rees today to find out how we can help you.

Private Investigator Services in Clock House

Bond Rees offer a diverse range of private and corporate investigation services that can be customised to target the exact difficulties you need to address and achieve the outcomes you seek.

A few examples of the types of services we provide every day across the UK are provided below:

  • ·         Background Check Investigations
  • ·         Asset Checking
  • ·         Vehicle Tracking
  • ·         Process Serving
  • ·         Asset Location
  • ·         Surveillance
  • ·         Surveillance Equipment (use of and installation)
  • ·         Close Protection
  • ·         Lie Detector Test
  • ·         Corporate Investigation
  • ·         Fraud Investigation
  • ·         Matrimonial Investigation

Why choose Bond Rees Private Investigators in Clock House

Bond Rees are a highly experienced and established professional private investigation agency. We take enormous pride in our work and are constantly striving to ensure that we provide the UK’s most effective, efficient, and reliable investigative services for each client who hires us.

We take a personal approach to every case, however large or small, and will provide a point of contact who will explore your situation and needs with you and keep you updated throughout the investigative process.

Bond Rees will always supply a full professional report and photographic evidence at the conclusion of every investigation so that you are fully informed and have all the proof you need to decide and take effective next steps.

We have the utmost respect for your privacy and every investigation is undertaken with absolute discretion and any information or personal details you share with us will be closely guarded and kept entirely confidential throughout, and after, any work we carry out for you.

Bond Rees work in a proactive manner and are highly motivated to achieve the right outcomes for every single client who comes to us; we will get the answers you need and will always go the extra mile in every case we work on.

Locations we cover in Clock House

Bond Rees have professional private detectives working across the UK and local branches situated in many towns and cities.

Our Clock House office is located just outside of the center. 

A stylish pub with mismatched vintage furniture, outdoor seats and dining space with open kitchen just next to Peckham Rye Park Common.

From here we can provide professional investigative services throughout the city and beyond, reaching all across the United Kingdom.

How to access private investigation services in Clock House

It’s easy to contact Bond Rees in Clock House just use any of the below methods to get in touch and an advisor will call you right back.

We are open and available to discuss your enquiry 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and look forward to speaking with you.


Text: 07792 762 511


You can call any of the below numbers depending on the service you require:

Private Detective Services: 0800 002 9468

Lie Detector Services: 0800 051 5329

People Tracing Services: 0800 270 7260

Process Serving & other services: 0800 773 4931

Or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Private Investigator Costs Clock House

We have provided the below general guide to service prices to give you an idea of what to expect when you hire Bond Rees.

The exact cost of our work for you will depend on the specifics of your individual case and required outcomes and will be explained in detail by our advisor before you agree to proceed with any investigative service.

People tracing services from £99 to £389.

Surveillance ranging from £389 to £780.

GPS Tracking Devices from £99 to £988.

Lie Detector Testing from £450 per test.

Corporate Investigations starting from £740.

Bug Sweeping Services starting from £998.

Why hire a private detective in Clock House

At Bond Rees we recognise that making the decision to hire a private investigator is not something most people do every day and may seem like an extreme or stressful approach to a situation.

We want to reassure you that private investigation is far more common in the UK than you would perhaps think and that many people contract our help every day to resolve the most diverse range of difficulties in their personal or professional world.

Professional private investigation has many benefits and uses and can find out the truth about a person or situation, providing peace of mind or the evidence and power to take effective and justifiable action.

Undertaking private investigation, yourself comes with many risks and is unlikely to achieve the accurate and comprehensive results and evidence that a professional can produce, in the timescales they can offer.

Our team of highly trained and experienced private detectives have the experience, knowledge and access to technology and software just not available to members of the public and this provides a significant advantage when conducting investigation.

There is also a complex legal framework around private and corporate investigation in the UK and anyone undertaking this without detailed knowledge of the law may accidentally commit a criminal act opening risk of civil or criminal legal action against them.

A business attempting corporate investigation in house risks being accused of lack of objectivity or impartiality which can render any evidence achieved useless and the business unable to act against any identified wrongdoing.

Hiring a professional private detective to address whatever situation needs resolving in your life or business ensures thorough and legitimate investigation that can provide irrefutable evidence in minimal timescales.

What benefits can my Clock House business see from hiring you?

Bond Rees specialise in corporate and employee investigation and will customise a bespoke and targeted service package to address whatever issue or concern you are experiencing in your business.

We have a long history of achieving results and robust evidence in employee investigation and have had success in cases where employees have been submitting fraudulent sick pay or injury claims.

Bond Rees always undertake every investigation in a legally compliant approach ensuring no risk of legal challenge or redress for your business as a result of work carried out by us.

We appreciate the importance of your business reputation and maintaining the professional networks you have built up and will always conduct every investigation with absolute discretion and confidentiality.

Bond Rees will provide you with regular updates and information throughout any investigation and a comprehensive report with documented evidence at its conclusion, so you have all you need to act to safeguard your business.

Bond Rees have nationwide coverage meaning we can follow wherever your investigation leads and that we have the capacity to take on any size or complexity of investigation.

Do you help law firms in Clock House?

Bond Rees can provide professional services to any legal firm in Clock House or the surrounding area in need of these.

We have worked for many legal firms across the UK reliably undertaking tasks such as process serving, ID checking, document delivery and person tracing.

Whatever you or your client needs, Bond Rees would be happy to hear from any Brook Green legal firm and help you in whatever way we can.

Are private investigators legal?

Private and corporate investigation are both legitimate professional services in the UK. 

There are certain legal frameworks that dictate what can and cannot be undertaken in the name of investigation and any disreputable or non-professional agency or individual that does not follow these is acting illegally and placing clients at risk so it’s crucial that you hire a professional and ethical investigative agency.

GDPR, the Data Protection Act 2018, the Human Rights Act 1998, and the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 are all examples of legislation that apply to professional investigative services and must be followed to ensure findings and evidence are legitimate.

Bond Rees are fully legally compliant and will not undertake any action that places us, you, or your business at risk of legal challenge or action.

What can a private investigator legally do?

There are many actions that a professional private investigator can carry out that do not constitute any form of civil or criminal offence and that provide information and evidence for investigation purposes.

Professional private detectives have the training and background to undertake investigative actions in a discreet and covert manner, avoiding detection and sourcing information unobtainable through other methods to achieve comprehensive understanding of the truth behind a situation or individual.

Professional investigators can employ a wealth of techniques to support investigation including covert surveillance and use of surveillance equipment to gain concrete evidence.

They have access to specialist software and technology to facilitate in depth searches of data and records to clarify an individual’s personal details or address, employment, financial and criminal history.

They can conduct robust social media trawls to access intimate details of a person’s lifestyle, behaviours, and social and professional networks.

Professional investigators can use this information to then carry out discreet and undercover enquiries with persons known to the subject in a personal or professional sense to gain insight into all areas of their life.

With the knowledge and consent of business owners’ private investigators can carry out undercover work within a company or premises to gain internal access to whatever situation is causing concern and, in certain circumstances, can utilise GPS vehicle tracking.

Private Investigator FAQs

What kind of personal situations can private investigation help with?

Bond Rees have experience of providing the practical solution to a huge range of personal difficulties and dilemmas.

You might be worried that your partner is cheating or engaging in harmful behaviours such as gambling or substance misuse, or you may need to find out more about a potential partner or a person who has become involved in your life or the life or people you care about.

You may need to track down a missing person to check on their welfare, pass on significant information or recoup debt.

You may be involved in complex divorce or child custody legal proceedings and need evidence to support your case.

Whatever situation you are facing in your personal life, Bond Rees will be able to recommend an effective course of action to help you.

When are you open?

Bond Rees are open and ready to discuss your enquiry 24/7.

When can my investigation start?

We always have private detectives ready to start work across the UK whenever you need us.

How much will investigation cost?

This depends on your specific case and will be explained fully to you by our advisor; we have provided the above pricing guide to give you an idea of what sort of expense you can expect.

Do I have to pay for the full investigation upfront?

This will depend on the details of your case; our advisor will talk you through all the payment options available to you on an individual basis.

Do you help businesses?

Bond Rees have extensive experience and success in the field of corporate and employee investigation and would be delighted to assist any Cambridge business with this.

How to access private investigation services in Clock House

It’s easy to contact Bond Rees in Greater London just use any of the below methods to get in touch and an advisor will call you right back.

We are open and available to discuss your enquiry 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and look forward to speaking with you.


Text: 07792 762 511


You can call any of the below numbers depending on the service you require:

Private Detective Services: 0800 002 9468

Lie Detector Services: 0800 051 5329

People Tracing Services: 0800 270 7260

Process Serving & other services: 0800 773 4931

Or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

How can I hire Bond Rees?

It’s easy and stress free to hire any private investigation service or package from Bond Rees.

Just use any of the above contact methods to get in touch with us and a helpful advisor will call you straight back to discuss your situation and explain how we can provide the solution.

If you are completely happy with the services, we can offer you we can get started on your investigation as soon as you need it.

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