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If you’re looking for a high quality, professional private investigation agency in Leeds, you’re in the right place!

Bond Rees are the leading national private investigation agency and have a local branch in Leeds city centre.

We are a highly experienced and established private investigation agency who have a track record for achieving results for private and corporate clients alike.

If you want to hire experts in private investigation, contact Bond Rees in Leeds today.

Private Investigator Services in Leeds

private investigator

Bond Rees can provide a vast range of efficient and professional private investigation services tailored to your needs and the results you wish to achieve.

Below are a few examples of the kinds of work we can undertake for you:

  • Covert Surveillance
  • Surveillance equipment use and siting
  • Corporate Investigation including Fraud and Employee Investigation
  • Asset Checking
  • Bug Sweeping
  • GPS Vehicle tracking
  • Process Serving
  • Person Tracing
  • Lie Detector Testing
  • Background Checks/Information Acquisition

Why choose Bond Rees Private Investigators in Leeds?

benefits of hiring a private investigator

We have extensive experience in providing successful professional private investigation services for private individuals and businesses.

Due to the size of our agency, the manpower and resources we have access to and our wealth of knowledge in the field we can achieve results other private detective companies are unable to obtain, and in the shortest of timescales.

We only employ the highest calibre of agents to undertake our investigations who have experience in previous government, police, or military service to ensure they have the right aptitude, skill set and qualities for the role.

We appreciate your right and need for confidentiality and will always act discreetly and protect all information you divulge to us.

We understand the legal frameworks around private investigation work and will always ensure that all tasks undertaken are legally compliant and ethically approached.

We will always keep you fully informed throughout an investigation so you know how it is progressing and will provide a full report and photographic evidence at the conclusion of every job.

Locations we cover in Leeds

locations we cover

Bond Rees have a local branch in Leeds city centre situated between Leeds Cathedral and Leeds Train Station and close to the main shopping areas.

Bond Rees are able to provide investigation services across the city from this Leeds branch, and outwards in a radius stretching from Meanwood to Beeston and from Farsley to Garforth.

If your requirement falls outside of this area still get in touch as we are likely to be able to work with you through one of our other local branches such as Bradford or York.

How to access private investigation services in Leeds

You can get in touch with Bond Rees via any of the contact methods provided below:


Text: 07792 762 511


You can call any of the below numbers depending on the service you require:

Private Detective Services: 0800 002 9468

Lie Detector Services: 0800 051 5329

People Tracing Services: 0800 270 7260

Process Serving & other services: 0800 773 4931

Or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

We are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and a Bond Rees Advisor will call you back straight away to discuss your situation and what we can do for you.

Private Investigator Leeds Costs

private investigator costs

Exact pricing is dependent on your specific situation and requirements and will be provided in full before you commit to any work being undertaken.

Below is a general guide to the types of costs you can expect to pay for our private investigation services:

People tracing services from £99 to £389.

Surveillance ranging from £389 to £780.

GPS Tracking Devices from £99 to £988.

Lie Detector Testing from £450 per test.

Corporate Investigations starting from £740.

Bug Sweeping Services starting from £998.

Why hire a private detective in Leeds?

we help businesses in manchester cut down on fraud

Hiring a private detective is not an everyday task for most people and you might be wondering whether your situation is appropriate to request this service or how a private investigator will be able to help you?

Firstly, be assured that private detectives deal with all kinds of situations every day and no circumstance is the wrong circumstance to seek our help. Contact us through one of the above provided methods and an advisor will be happy to talk you through how we can assist you and what we can achieve.

Private investigators are professionals and have a wealth of experience, training and skills in their field and access to technology, resources and information not available to the general public. 

You may be tempted to undertake investigation yourself but this will be a frustrating and potentially fruitless task without the right knowledge and equipment.

You may also mistakenly commit a criminal act if you are not fluent in legislation pertaining to private investigation.

Private detectives undertake investigation for private and corporate clients.

You may be worried about your relationship and think that your partner is cheating or hiding something from you such as substance misuse or a gambling habit.

You may need to track down someone who owes you money to recover the debt or enable legal action.

You may be a business that has suspicions about fraudulent behaviour by your employees or associates, or want to know more about a competitor to gain the advantage.

Whatever the reason you are considering using the services of a private detective, get in touch with Bond Rees today and we can provide you with a full understanding of how we can help you and the best course of action for your situation. 

What benefits can my business see from hiring you?

benefits of hiring a private investigator

When you hire Bond Rees you can be confident that you are hiring an established, highly experienced and professional private investigation agency.

We have been helping businesses to detect and evidence employee fraud for many years and have a very high success rate in this.

Bond Rees always operate within legal guidance and there will be no risk of legal challenge or penalty to your business following work undertaken by us.

We will keep you fully updated throughout the investigation so you are fully informed on its progress and will provide a professional report and documented evidence at the end of every investigation we undertake for you.

Bond Rees are able to tailor any service or package to your exact needs and work with you to ensure that you get the results required for you to completely resolve any issue.

Do you help law firms in Leeds?

law firms need process servers

Bond Rees work with legal firms around the country regularly and provide reliable and professional services such as process serving and person tracing for many satisfied firms.

We are happy to receive enquiries from any Leeds legal firms; just use any of the contact methods given above and we will be in touch.

Are private investigators legal?

Yes, private investigators are completely legal in the UK.

There are laws that have relevance to private investigation such as The Protection from Harassment Act 1997, The Human Rights Act 1998, The Data Protection Act 2018, GDPR and The Freedom of Information Act 2020.

Bond Rees are fully informed about all aspects of legislation relevant to private investigation and always comply with these and undertake all work in an ethical and legitimate manner.

What can a private investigator legally do?

Private investigators are able to legally undertake many tasks and actions to support effective investigation and achieve the results and evidence you need.

It is legal for a private investigator to follow someone physically and undertake covert surveillance of them and obtain photographic evidence whilst doing so.

A private detective can legitimately use software and technology to carry out searches to clarify an individual’s personal details and address, employment, financial and criminal history or background. 

Searches of a person’s social media accounts can be undertaken legally by a private investigator to gain insight into their behaviours and lifestyle, and the people within their professional and social networks.

A private investigator can legally make enquiries in a discreet manner by contacting friends and associates of the subject of an investigation to gain further information about them.

Private investigators can take on undercover roles within a business or organisation with the owner’s consent to gather evidence or intelligence.

In some circumstances it is legal for a private investigator to use GPS vehicle tracking technology.

These are a few examples of the many activities a private investigator can legitimately undertake when conducting investigation for you to ensure the most accurate of results and irrefutable evidence.

Private Investigator FAQs

Are you available in Leeds?

Yes. Bond Rees have a local branch in Leeds and are available to start work for you right now.

What are your opening times?

Bond Rees operate on a 24/7 basis and are always available to discuss your needs or commence work for you.

Do I have to pay the full cost upfront?

This will depend entirely on the circumstances of your case and the package that you require and is dealt with on an individual basis.

Get in touch via any of the above contact methods and an advisor will be happy to talk you through payment options.

Will I receive evidence of the investigation outcome?

Yes. Bond Rees will provide you with a full report and photographic evidence at the conclusion of every investigation we undertake for you.

How can I hire Bond Rees?

All you need to do is make contact with us via any of the methods provided above and an agent will call you straight back to guide you through the entire investigation process.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and look forward to providing you with an unrivalled private investigation service.

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