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If you or your business require effective and efficient professional investigative services, Bond Rees are the private investigation agency you can rely on to deliver peace of mind and the veracious answers and evidence you need.

We have a long history of providing comprehensive and meticulous investigative services to both private and corporate clients across the UK and working in partnership with our customers to ensure that we achieve their aims and requirements.

Bond Rees are a national agency who also offer the benefit of many local offices distributed in towns and cities across the UK including King’s Lynn.

You can contact Bond Rees on any of the methods detailed below and an experienced advisor will be happy to discuss your requirements and how we can help you today.

Private Investigator Services in King’s Lynn

Whatever issue or situation troubling you in your personal life or business, Bond Rees have the investigative service to resolve it and can tailor this to your precise outcome needs.

Examples of the types of work we carry out throughout the UK on a regular basis are provided below:

  • Background Checks
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Polygraph Examination
  • Data Recovery 
  • Corporate Investigation
  • Mystery Shopper Investigation
  • Bug Sweeps
  • GPS Vehicle Trackers
  • Process Serving
  • Fly Tipping Investigation
  • Surveillance Equipment use or installation
  • Covert CCTV installation
  • People Tracing 
  • Asset Checking
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Employee Investigation
  • Brand Protection Investigation

If you have any questions or queries about any of our services or want more information about how to hire Bond Rees, contact us via any of the communication options detailed below.

Why choose Bond Rees Private Investigators in King’s Lynn?

Bond Rees are the primary professional investigation agency in the UK and have the experience, proficiency, and knowledge base to provide the pragmatic and efficacious solution to any predicament or plight our clients are experiencing.

Essentially, we get to the truth of the matter and ensure that our clients receive compelling evidence to prove whatever this is.

Over our many years operating in the industry, Bond Rees have developed our service provision to achieve the most accurate and targeted of investigations that get straight to the heart of the matter our clients need to resolve.

Bond Rees have an experienced and resilient team of professional private detectives and specialist agents that hail from a background in military, government, or police service and can tackle any task with resolute determination and skill.

We are an ethical and responsible agency and guarantee every investigation will be discreet and that we will ensure ultimate confidentiality for our clients; any information that you share with us will never be shared with any other organisation or agency unless you specifically request this.

Bond Rees work day and night for our clients and are available to contact or commence investigation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our committed private investigators will undertake investigative tasks whenever the investigation dictates and so we don’t miss out on a single crucial finding.

You will be provided with regular updates throughout your investigation and will receive a full and detailed report of our findings and observations at the end of our work accompanied by powerful photographic evidence.

Locations our Detectives cover in Kings Lynn

Locations we cover in King’s Lynn

Bond Rees offer the dual benefits of nationwide coverage as well as numerous local offices to our clients.

One of our branches can be found in the port town of King’s Lynn (or just “Lynn” to the locals!) and is situated in the busy town centre just a few streets away from the main post office.

We can provide our professional services throughout the town from this convenient base and out to surrounding areas. Bond Rees is a UK-wide investigations agency with local detectives based in the Midlands area, including Coventry, Stafford, Cannock, Loughborough and Warwick.

How to access private investigation services in King’s Lynn

We have provided a number of contact options below so you can use whichever you find most convenient.

Once you have got in touch with us via any of these methods, a Bond Rees advisor will call you today to discuss how we can help you and answer any queries you may have:


Text: 07792 762 511


You can call any of the below numbers depending on the service you require:

Private Detective Services: 0800 002 9468

Lie Detector Services: 0800 051 5329

People Tracing Services: 0800 270 7260

Process Serving & other services: 0800 773 4931

Or you can just fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Private Investigator Costs King’s Lynn

We will need the details of your case and requirements of your investigation before we can provide you with the exact cost of your investigative service but we appreciate that expense is an important factor in your decision to hire us so have provided the below general guide to our pricing:

People tracing services from £99 to £389.

Surveillance ranging from £389 to £780.

GPS Tracking Devices from £99 to £988.

Lie Detector Testing from £450 per test.

Corporate Investigations starting from £740.

Bug Sweeping Services starting from £998.

One of our advisors will be able to provide an exact quote for you once we have a general understanding of your needs so contact us now on any of the above methods to obtain this.

Why hire a private detective in King’s Lynn?

Has someone significant to you gone missing and you are worried about their safety and wellbeing? Or has an individual or company that owes you money disappeared off the face of the earth leaving you out of pocket?

Are you considering a relationship with someone you have met online but want to furnish yourself with a few more facts and verify who they are before you commit to this next step?

Do you suspect that your partner or spouse may be cheating or engaging in activities that could pose you or your family harm such as drug use or gambling?

Is someone invading your privacy and making you feel uncomfortable and unsafe? Do you worry that they may be stalking you or using surveillance devices to record your movements and who you meet?

Are you involved in arduous divorce or child custody proceedings and tired of the lies your ex-partner is telling about their income, assets, lifestyle, or relationships and need firm evidence to prove their deceit to the court?

Bond Rees can uncover the truth about any situation or individual and provide the solution to all of these issues and many, many more.

We have the skills, techniques, resources, and technology to ensure no fact escapes us and that we achieve compelling evidence to support every finding we make.

If you have a personal situation that needs the effective assistance of professional private investigative services, contact Bond Rees today.

What benefits can my King’s Lynn business see from hiring you?

Whether you have an inkling or feeling that something just isn’t quite right in your business or definite knowledge that someone is causing it harm, Bond Rees can gain the fuller picture for you, find out exactly what is going on and equip you with everything you need to act to address this.

It can be hard to keep a constant eye on every aspect of your business and every employee and, sadly, not everyone we work with can be relied upon and even senior management or directors with the longest service can abuse trust at times.

Running a business can be a highly rewarding undertaking but with every element of growth and development, whilst growing in success, your business is opening up to another area of risk and potential harm.

Contractors, current and past employees, competitors, suppliers, bookkeepers, and even customers can all pose a risk in one way or another.

Bond Rees corporate investigation provides that overarching eye that one person or managerial group just can’t achieve and gets the inside intelligence or external observations that enable our corporate clients to be fully informed and back in control.

If you suspect fraudulent employee sick or expense claims, data breach, theft, abuse of company time or assets, undercutting or skimming, hacking or have unpaid invoices or unfulfilled orders or any other business concern or threat contact us today to regain the wellbeing and safety of your company.

Do you help law firms in King’s Lynn?

Bond Rees provide professional services to legal firm across the UK.

We can help with many different areas including process serving, person finding and many more.

If you are a legal firm in King’s Lynn and require our diligent and reliable professional assistance, contact us on the number provided above.

Are private investigators legal?

There is legislation and statutory guidance within the UK that relates to the fields of private and corporate investigation such as GDPR, The Data Protection Act 2018, The Human Rights Act 1998, The Investigatory Powers Act 2016, and The Freedom of Information Act 2020 to name but a few.

These form a framework around what can and cannot legitimately constitute private investigation and any provider acting within the confines of this is practicing in a completely legal manner.

Private investigation is a long recognised and respected profession and has a significant history in the UK.

Private investigator reports and evidence are able to be used to support legal matters and included in court bundles.

What can a private investigator legally do?

When you think about private investigation you would be forgiven for getting visions of middle-aged men in trilby hats and overcoats sneaking around dark alleys with a gun holster and listening at windows to hushed conversations! This is not the reality of modern day of private investigation!

Our professional private detectives use sophisticated technology and equipment to undertake interrogation of records, files and databases held by other agencies and authorities to obtain information about a person and their history not available by any other means.

In the same method they can also meticulously search social media accounts to gain insight into lifestyle, activities, attended locations and social and professional networks.

Our professional investigators do carry out covert surveillance, but they don’t wear an overcoat or carry a gun! This is conducted in the most discreet manner and our detectives are experts at avoiding detection and obtaining photographic and video proof of any observations they make to support your case.

These activities form the foundation of any investigation we undertake and provide us with extensive information and understanding about an individual or situation.

Our experienced professional private investigators and specialist agents have a whole host of other tricks and techniques up their sleeve however that will get to the truth our clients seek but are entirely legal and permitted in the UK!

Private Investigator FAQs

Do you work with businesses?

Bond Rees are highly experienced in both private and corporate investigation and provide professional investigative services to private individuals, businesses, and legal firms across the UK.

What are your opening hours?

Bond Rees are open 7 days a week, day and night.

Do I receive a report from your investigation?

Bond Rees provide a full report with supportive documented evidence at the conclusion of every investigation.

Will I know how my investigation is going?

We will provide you with a personal point of contact who will provide regular updates throughout the investigation and ensure you alerted to any significant findings or progress made.

What locations do you cover?

Bond Rees are nationwide and can provide our professional investigative services anywhere in the UK.

How do I need to pay?

Payment is made by card, and we usually require this in full and prior to investigation commencing. There may be other options available in vey specific circumstances which can be explained by our advisor if they apply to you.

Will my information be safe with you?

Bond Rees guarantee total confidentiality for every client; we will never share information you disclose to us with any other agency or organisation unless you specifically request this.

How can I hire Bond Rees?

If you are ready to proceed with hiring Bond Rees or have a few more questions you need answers to before you make your decision, just contact us on any of the options provided above and an advisor will call you right back.

We can start investigation for any private or corporate client anywhere in the UK and usually on an immediate basis where required.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you or your business today.

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