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Do you think someone is lying to you? Is there a situation, event, or behaviour that you just can’t get to the bottom of and want to know the truth about? Do you have suspicions about a partner, family member, friend, or employee and want to uncover the facts? Or has someone made false allegations and accusations about you, and do you need to prove your innocence?

A lie detector test offers the only solution you need and is the unrivalled method for obtaining the truth and evidencing deception accurately, reliably, and quickly with a sound scientific evidence base and being a respected and recognised means of detecting deception worldwide.

Bond Rees are a highly established and effective private investigation agency who offer a wealth of high quality investigative and professional services including the most advanced and accurate lie detector testing available in the United Kingdom.

Examples of the other effective private investigator services available from Bond Rees include covert surveillance, fraud investigation, background checks, partner or matrimonial investigations, corporate investigations, process server provision, and person tracing to name but a few. 

We cover the whole of the UK including the commuter belt town of Woking in Northwest Surrey, at the southwestern edge of the Greater London urban area.

We can come to your home at no extra charge and often have short notice availability, able to provide your lie detector test within 48 hours of your request, and we guarantee absolute discretion, confidentiality, and data protection for all our customers and every case we work on.

Our polygraph examination service is provided by a fully trained and qualified polygraph examiner, and we use the latest and most capable polygraph instrumentation which we import directly from the United States to ensure the highest quality and specification of lie detector testing for our clients.

If you would like to find out more about Bond Rees and our unrivalled lie detector service in Woking or any other UK location, or any of our other quality private investigator or professional services, contact us today.

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Woking Lie Detector Test

Lie detector testing, or polygraph examination, is a highly developed and sophisticated method of detecting deception and has a sound and well established evidence base having undergone decades of research and experimentation.

It is an extremely versatile tool and can be applied to any scenario, issue, or dilemma and find out the truth about any event or individual.

Private individuals find lie detector testing useful in a huge and diverse range of situations such as when suspicion is raised about a partner who may be cheating or has previously cheated, following incidents of crime such as theft, when faced with secrets and lies within family or friendship groups, or even when needing to prove one’s own innocence following allegation or rumour.

Corporate lie detector test services are widely used within the United States and several other countries with great recorded success to verify information provided by applicants within recruitment processes or to enable in depth and resolute employee investigation following incidents of fraud or theft or other misconduct having been perpetrated within the workplace.

There is literally no situation, topic, or area that a polygraph examination cannot be used within, and every test is formulated on an individual and bespoke basis meaning that it can target the exact issues and needs that you need to address.

To book your lie detector test Woking or UK wide service now, contact Bond Rees using any of the options below and an advisor will be directly in touch to book your test without delay:


Text: 07792 762 511


Telephone: 0800 051 5329

How polygraph tests work

Polygraph testing is based on long standing findings within psychophysiology and neuroscientific research, study, and experimentation that the human body exhibits certain changes within respiration rate, pulse rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, and skin response (sweating or perspiration) when exposed to threat or stress.

Lie detector testing makes use of these responses when the individual is exposed to the threat of their deception being detected and records physiological changes within that individual by means of attached sensors whilst questioning in undertaken.

The responses provided by the individual are then measured and scored using developed and evidenced techniques to ascertain if the person was telling the truth or if there is proof of deception which would indicate that they were telling a lie in response to the issue the test has been arranged to address.

What to expect at a lie detector test?

Bond Rees can carry out your lie detector test in your home at no extra charge and this provides a familiar and comfortable environment that can reduce stress and assist with the lie detector test process, but we are also able to arrange a local and discreet venue if you are unable to accommodate testing.

The polygraph examiner will need to have a brief telephone chat with you to understand the details behind your test and what you want to find out and to enable her to start to formulate your question sets.

You will need to tell the examiner about any mental or physical health problems you have, any medication you are taking, and any drug use you engage in and your general alcohol consumption levels. This is entirely confidential but important for ensuring accurate results are obtained.

On the day of the test its important that you don’t use any illegal substances (including cannabis) or alcohol before your test and try to limit caffeine intake and avoid energy drinks.

Your test appointment will start with an interview that will explain the test procedure and go through the questions that will be used and understand your views and understanding of the issue behind the need for the test.

The sensors will then be attached to your body over light clothing such as a t shirt and the test will commence and will involve several sets of questions which you will need to answer with only yes or no responses. You will be given opportunity to discuss the questions and your feelings between each set.

No other person except you and the examiner can be present during your test and no recording can take place as this can influence result accuracy.

After your test it may be possible to provide verbal results immediately or your data may need to be further analysed; you will always receive results via email with a full written report within 48 hours of your test.

If you do not have a current email account you will need to set this up in order to receive your test results and report as these cannot be posted to you.

Can you do a lie detector test online?

The only evidence based and verified method of lie detector testing is that which is conducted in person and so this is the only service that Bond Rees provide with regard to polygraph examination.

Any provider offering remote or online lie detector testing is doing so without any evidence or validation supporting this method and the results will not be accurate or even vaguely correct so it is recommended that you apply extreme caution in such circumstances before you part with money.

Are lie detector tests accurate?

Lie detector testing has been subject to extreme research, study, and development and is used within legal and law enforcement processes throughout the world, including by police forces and the probation service within the UK, which demonstrates the high regard for this method.

The American Polygraph Association is the leading body for lie detector testing recognised worldwide and advises polygraph examination to achieve accuracy between 85% and 95%.

Bond Rees use the Utah method for test formulation and scoring which studies have found to achieve 90% accuracy.

Our polygraph expert

Bond Rees polygraph examination is undertaken by a fully trained, experienced, and qualified polygraph examiner who has completed training with the European Polygraph Academy and is a member of the European Polygraph Association, and who also holds a BSc (Hons) Psychology Degree and Post Graduate Diploma.

Polygraph Test FAQs

Can you trick a lie detector test?

There are many tips and techniques on the internet for fooling a lie detector test but lie detector testing has evolved and developed with absolute awareness of all these so called methods and knows about them and has the countermeasure in place to address them!

Polygraph examination carried out by the right professional with the latest technology (such as used by Bond Rees) cannot be fooled and any attempts to do so or to manipulate the test by any individual will be quickly spotted and will result in the test being aborted and deception assumed.

Pick us to provide your test and there will be no chance of cheating!

Can I record my lie detector test?

No recording (visual or auditory) is permitted during the test as this has been found within studies to affect the accuracy of the results achieved. You can take a selfie of yourself attached to the polygraph instrument after your test if you require visual evidence.

How long does a lie detector test take?

Lie detector testing is a complex and involved process; its best to allow up to 2 hours for your test as it is important not to feel rushed or constrained by time when undergoing testing.

Can I take a lie detector test if I smoke cannabis regularly?

Cannabis impacts on your physiological responses and so it is important that you make the tester aware that you use this so that she can take this into consideration when analysing your results, but you will still be able to take the test and achieve accurate results.

It is important that you try not to use cannabis on the day of your test or at least during the 2 hours immediately prior to your test.

If you present as under the influence of any substance when the examiner arrives the test will not be able to go ahead but you will remain liable for the full cost.

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