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Bond Rees are a professional private investigation company who cover the entirety of the United Kingdom and are a reliable and proficient service provider of private investigator services with the expertise and experience to offer a wide range of high quality private investigator products and facilities including accurate lie detector testing.

Our expert polygraph testing is available to all individuals and customers, both private and business clients, throughout the UK including in the city of Winchester in the county of Hampshire, on the edge of England’s South Downs National Park.

We offer a high standard of excellence, qualification, and accuracy within our professional polygraph test service, conducted by a fully trained and experienced polygraph examiner who can tailor your test to address any manner of questions, concern, or issue.

Bond Rees take the need for privacy for our customers extremely seriously and we guarantee a discrete approach and undertaking of your lie detector test and always ensure total confidentiality and data protection regarding all personal information and data.

If you would like to find out more about our Winchester or nationwide lie detector test service, you can access one of our helpful call centre agents by using any of the communication details provided below at any time.

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Winchester Lie Detector Test

A lie detector test is a scientifically proven and highly researched and developed means of achieving verification of the truth and identifying deception and is used within court and legal processes, criminal investigation, and insurance claim confirmation worldwide.

In the UK, lie detector test results cannot yet be submitted to court as evidence but are used by some police forces and by the probation service to assist with monitoring and safe release of convicted high risk domestic abusers and individuals involved with terrorism and is a highly recognised and respected method.

As a private individual you may find lie detector testing useful in innumerable life situations and dilemmas such as when you have suspicion about a partner cheating on you, when a friend or family member is suspected of a crime such as theft of money or other property, where there are long standing secrets and lies within your family or social network and many more such examples.

As a business owner or employer, lie detector testing can prove invaluable in verifying the integrity of potential recruits and their honesty within employment applications and interviews, and can also help when employee fraud or misconduct is suspected to identify the true perpetrator and extent of the wrongdoing before further damage is caused to your company and work environment.

In the United States polygraph testing is used extensively within employment application and monitoring procedures and has been found to be highly successful in attracting higher calibre employees and preventing incidents of fraud and misconduct.

Bond Rees provide effective and reliable lie detector testing conducted by a fully trained and qualified polygraph examiner, in line with methodology and principles that have been evidenced to obtain the most valid test results, and with complete confidentiality and data protection.

Contact Bond Rees today to book your lie detector test Winchester or UK wide service and to find out our availability to undertake your test at any time or place in line with your lie detector test need:


Text: 07792 762 511


Telephone: 0800 051 5329

How polygraph tests work

A polygraph test works by recording physiological reactions of the subject whilst they are asked a series of carefully and evidence based formulated question sets to address a specific matter where deception and dishonesty are suspected.

Sensors are attached to the body of the subject whilst they sit the polygraph examination which record bodily changes within functions such as heart rate, perspiration rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, and respiration rate and this information is then transferred to a polygraph software programme which coverts data into visual and numerical format to allow analysis.

The physiological changes within the body of the subject have been determined within neuroscience and psychophysiological research and experimentation to indicate that an individual is experiencing stress such as the fear of their deception being detected and therefore can be utilised to evidence whether a person is telling the truth in response to specific questions or is lying.

Such bodily changes occur as a result of triggering within the central nervous system in response to perceived stress and are not within the conscious awareness or control of the individual and take place as a result of established neuronal pathways meaning that tricking or cheating a lie detector test is extremely difficult and unlikely.

What to expect at a lie detector test?

We can provide a lie detector test at your home or work address which is normal protocol and provides the best and least stressful environment for your test, or we are able to arrange a discreet and local venue if you are unable to accommodate this.

The examiner will need to have a telephone conversation with the subject and person requesting the test (if this is a 3rd party and you are not requesting the test for yourself although consent of the subject is essential) to find out the details behind the need for your test prior to your test day.

On the test day it is important that you abstain from any drug or alcohol use (except prescribed medication) and that you limit caffeine intake if possible.

The examiner will attend the test location and conduct a pre-test interview with the subject which will talk through the reason for the test, gain consent to participate, obtain details of any physical or mental health complaints or any substance use either prescribed or illicit, and explain the questions that will be asked during the test and ensure you understand these fully.

No other person can be present in the room except the examiner and the examinee during the pre-test interview or the test itself and no recording whatsoever is permitted as this can all influence your test results and reduce accuracy and validity.

The sensors will then be attached to your body over light clothing, and these will not cause any physical pain or risk, and your test can then begin.

It is normal for any person to feel some anxiety and nervousness when sitting a lie detector test and this will not affect your results and our polygraph examiner will work with you to reassure you and put you at ease and support you through the test process.

Once your test has been completed it might be possible to provide results on the day or there may be a need for further analysis of data before results can be confirmed to ensure absolute accuracy and certainty.

You will always receive your lie detector test results within 48 hours of your test as an absolute maximum timescale contained within a full written report that will be emailed to you and is yours to keep and print off or use however you wish.

Can you do a lie detector test online?

Online or remote lie detector testing does not provide the conditions necessary for accurate and evidence based examination and will not result in reliable or valid data and therefore Bond Rees do not offer this service and urge caution if any other provider is willing to do so.

Are lie detector tests accurate?

Polygraph testing has been subject to rigorous investigation, experimentation, research, study, and development and is a highly sophisticated and effective tool within deception detection used worldwide within legal and corporate matters.

The American Polygraph Association is the leading global expert regarding polygraph examination and advises that accuracy achieved is between 85% to 95% or even higher in some circumstances.

Our polygraph expert

Our polygraph examiner at Bond Rees is highly qualified and fully trained, possessing a BSc (hons) degree in Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma and having undertaken the European Polygraph Academy Diploma in polygraph examination and is a member of the European Polygraph Association.

Polygraph Test FAQs

How much does a Bond Rees lie detector test cost?

Contact Bond Rees to obtain an instant and exact, no obligation quotation for our affordable lie detector test service.

Can a person cheat a lie detector test?

Lie detector testing uses several physiological responses which are recorded simultaneously and occur due to subconscious processes within the central and peripheral nervous system and are not under the conscious control or awareness of the individual so cheating a lie detector test is extremely difficult to do, if not impossible!

How quickly can I book a lie detector test?

We are often able to accommodate lie detector testing within 24 hours of your request so contact us today to find out our availability for lie detector testing in Winchester or whichever location you require.

Will my test be confidential?

Bond Rees place the utmost importance on customer privacy and the absolute need for confidentiality and data protection; we conduct all lie detector testing in a highly discreet manner and will never share your personal information or details with any other individual, organisation, or agency.

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