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Bond Rees provide accurate, reliable, discreet, and professional polygraph lie detector tests throughout the United Kingdom and are a responsible and long standing professional private investigation firm that can also offer a comprehensive range of other private investigator services and professional services to any business or private individual.

Our lie detector test service is provided by a professional, highly trained, experienced, and qualified polygraph examiner and we use the latest and most advanced polygraph examination instrumentation imported directly by us from the United States to ensure the most accurate and reliable results possible for our lie detector test clients.

As well as our unrivalled polygraph examination service, we also have the facilities and private detective resources to provide a wide range of other effective and high quality private investigator services including examples such as surveillance, person tracing for a missing person or evasive debtor, background check services, and corporate investigation to name but a few.

Bond Rees fully appreciate the essential need for privacy for our clients and we guarantee discretion and confidentiality at all times for every case and client and full compliance with all data protection act requirements.

We cover the entirety of the United Kingdom including the Cathedral City and Civil Parish of Truro in Cornwall famous for its ancient, narrow, cobbled streets and Gothic and Georgian architecture.

To find out more about our lie detector test Truro service, or ask about our other effective private investigation services, just get in touch with Bond Rees today.

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Truro Lie Detector Test

Lie detector testing, or polygraph examination as its also called, is the most effective, fast, and accurate way to find out if someone is telling the truth or lying to you.

It is accurate and evidence based with decades of research and experimentation contributing to its evolution and development to the reliable and sophisticated method it provides today and has the ability to uncover deception in literally any situation or for any issue or incident.

As a private individual you may wish to book a lie detector test to establish infidelity you suspect from a partner, clarify the culprit of a crime such as theft, or perhaps even prove your own innocence in response to accusations that have been made about you by a partner, family member or friend.

If you are an employer, a polygraph test can provide useful insight within job application processes and can also assist in matters of employee investigation concerning, for example, employee theft or fraudulent action.

In the United States and in many countries worldwide lie detector testing is used within court and criminal investigations even at the level of solving murder cases, and in the UK, it is used within the probation, police, and custody service to ascertain evidence of risk posed by those on parole or facing release, demonstrating the high regard polygraph examination commands globally.

If you have a matter that needs addressing and you want to uncover deception and reveal the truth behind any situation, event, person, or behaviour, a Bond Rees lie detector test will provide all the answers and evidence you need, quickly and accurately.

To book your lie detector test Truro or UK wide service now, contact Bond Rees using any of the options given below:


Text: 07792 762 511


Telephone: 0800 051 5329

How polygraph tests work

Polygraph testing uses research and learning within the behavioural sciences, neuroscience, and psychophysiology to determine deception and ascertain if a person is lying or being honest in response to questions about a specific matter.

The human body exhibits certain physiological changes when exposed to stress or threat such as the fear of deception being detected and these changes have been evidenced to occur within the respiration rate, blood pressure, heart or pulse rate, perspiration to the hands, and skin temperature.

Polygraph examination uses sensors attached to the examinee’s body during questioning to record their physiological responses and find evidence of deception or no deception by scoring the responses given by the examinee during and following certain questions.

Polygraph examiners are trained to identify the bodily responses that indicate deception and to use correct methods to calculate what this means in terms of whether a person is being dishonest or not.

What to expect at a lie detector test?

Once you have booked and paid the deposit for your test, the polygraph examiner will require a brief telephone conversation with you to find out the issue behind your test and any relevant details so that she can begin to write the test questions and format the examination to meet your specific needs.

It’s important that you inform the examiner of any physical or mental health conditions and any medication that you are currently taking, as well as any drugs or alcohol that you use on a recreational or regular basis.

It’s essential that you do not drink any alcohol or take any illicit substances on the day of your test (including cannabis) but please do continue to take any prescribed medication. It is recommended that you try to limit caffeine intake on the day too if possible and energy drinks are not helpful!

On the day of your test the examiner will attend your home or the arranged location for the test and talk you through the test procedure, the questions that will be used and answer any questions or queries you may have, as well as gaining some background information on you as an individual and your account of the issue under investigation.

The sensors will be attached to your chest (using a band), arm and hand and you will need to remove bulky items of clothing such as a jumper or coat; a t shirt or similar is ideal for wearing during your test.

The examiner will then provide final instructions and ensure you are seated correctly before commencing the actual test which consists of 3 sets of 11 questions, 3 of which will be about the specific issue that your test has been requested to target.

After your test it is sometimes possible to provide verbal results immediately but sometimes the examiner needs a little longer to analyse the data if you are an individual that does not present with extreme or clear physiological changes, and this does not indicate deception but just differences in disposition and physiology.

No matter what you will always receive your test results and a full written report within 48 hours of your test being concluded which will be emailed to you; if you do not have an active email account you will need to set this up in order to receive your report as this cannot be posted to you.

Can you do a lie detector test online?

Some providers do offer online lie detector testing but there is no evidence or research to support this and absolutely no understanding or verification of the accuracy this would achieve so, essentially, it’s a con!

Bond Rees only use evidence based and supported methods for undertaking polygraph examination so do not offer a remote or online service and any lie detector testing must be conducted in person.

Are lie detector tests accurate?

The wide international application of lie detector testing within police, legal, financial, employment, and safeguarding fields is proof of how recognised and respected this method is on a global basis.

The American Polygraph Association is regarded as the leading experts worldwide in regard to lie detector testing and advises polygraph examination to achieve results of 85% to 95% accuracy.

Bond Rees’s polygraph examiner employs the Utah model of testing and scoring system which has been shown within studies to obtain 90% accuracy.

Our polygraph expert

Bond Rees use only qualified and fully trained polygraph examiners; our lead examiner and expert is fully trained by the European Polygraph Academy and a member of the European Polygraph Association as well as holding a BSc (hons) degree and post graduate diploma in psychology.

Polygraph Test FAQs

How quickly can I book a lie detector test with Bond Rees?

We are usually able to offer testing within 48 hours of your request if your need is urgent and sometimes even a same day service depending on your location and our availability; contact Bond Rees now to find out how quickly we can provide your polygraph test.

When can I contact Bond Rees?

You can contact us anytime you like on a 24 hour basis to book your polygraph test using the options provided above and an advisor will be directly in touch to arrange this for you.

I am nervous about a lie detector test – will this affect my results?

It is common to be nervous or worried about taking a lie detector test and this will not affect the results obtained or inaccurately indicate deception so please don’t worry.

Our polygraph examiner will provide a comfortable and respectful environment for your test and will work with you to put you at ease and in the best possible state to achieve accurate and reliable lie detector test results.

Will I receive evidence of my test?

It is not possible to record your test in any way as this can impact on accuracy of results achieved but you can take a selfie of yourself attached to the polygraph instrument if you require visual evidence.

Bond Rees will provide a full and detailed written report that will include the relevant questions, your responses to these and the results of your test emailed to you within 48 hours of your test for you to use as you wish.

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