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A lie detector test is a scientifically evidenced and highly researched effective and accurate method of finding out if someone is telling the truth or lying in response to specific questions that can be about any event, issue, or situation.

Bond Rees provide a reliable and accurate lie detector test, or polygraph test as it also known, service to any private individuals or corporate clients across the entirety of the United Kingdom including in the southwest town of Swindon, located in Wiltshire between Bristol, and Reading and home to Swindon College.

Every Bond Rees lie detector test is conducted by a fully trained and qualified polygraph examiner.

As an established and experienced professional private investigation company we also offer a comprehensive range of private detective services including background checks, corporate investigations, tracing services to find a missing person or lost relative, partner or matrimonial investigations, asset location tracking, covert surveillance, and many more.

Bond Rees guarantee absolute confidentiality and data protection for every case and client, and we conduct all our work in a discreet manner with the utmost respect for your privacy and information security.

If you would like to find out more about our lie detector test Swindon or UK wide service, or ask about our private investigator Swindon services and extensive private detective resources, contact Bond Rees today.

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Swindon Lie Detector Test

Polygraph testing offers the most effective, fast, and clear solution to any situation where the truth needs to be ascertained and deception detected and can be applied to any circumstances or concerns whether personal or business related with accuracy, reliability, and validity.

As a private individual you may have concerns that your partner is being unfaithful to you or even living some form of double life, or you may have been the victim of a crime such as theft and have an idea who the perpetrator was but need evidence to address this, or you may be the accused individual yourself and want to prove your innocence and put an end to hurtful allegations.

As a business owner or employer, lie detector testing can assist with employee investigations following misconduct or fraud that has been committed and has damaged your company, or a pre employment polygraph can help discern the best applicant for your vacancy and ensure their integrity and honesty during application procedures.

Whatever the reason that you need to find out the truth or be sure about who is being honest and who is lying to you, polygraph testing holds the answers you need and is the evidenced and accurate route to finding out all you need to know.

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How polygraph tests work

Research within neuroscience and psychophysiology has revealed that the human body presents with physiological changes when it is exposed to stress or fear such as the threat of deception being detected.

These changes can be seen within the heart rate, perspiration rate, skin temperature, blood pressure, and respiration rate which are all controlled on a subconscious level by the central nervous system and are not within the conscious awareness or control of the individual themselves.

Polygraph testing works by recording these physiological responses through the attachment of various sensors to the body whilst questions are put to the individual about the matter that needs to be clarified.

The data received by these sensors is then converted into numerical and visual format by the polygraph software which allows measurements to be taken and scoring conducted by the polygraph examiner which will indicate whether or not evidence of deception was detected and, therefore, whether a person was telling the truth or lying in response to a specific question. 

What to expect at a lie detector test?

Initially the polygraph examiner will require a telephone conversation with you prior to your test date to gain relevant information about the matter behind your request for a test and what you want to achieve, and also to establish any physical or mental health difficulties pertinent to you or any prescribed medication or illicit drug or alcohol use.

Bond Rees can provide lie detector testing at your home at no extra charge or can arrange for a suitable and discreet local venue if you are unable to accommodate testing.

At your test appointment, the examiner will require a hard chair and surface such as a dining table and a quiet and private space where no one except the examiner and the subject will be able to be present and no recording of any form can take place as this can impact on the accuracy of your test results.

The examiner will initially conduct a pre-test interview which will help to put you at ease and is just an informal chat about you as an individual, the reason behind your test request, and the questions that will be asked during your polygraph test to ensure that you understand these and that they are correct and appropriate to achieve the outcome the test has been arranged to address.

The examiner will ensure that you are willing to proceed with testing and gain your consent before then attaching the sensors to your torso, arm, and hand over light clothing.

Your polygraph test will then take place and consists of 3 sets of several questions that are ordered, formulated, and worded in line with correct polygraph principles and methodology whilst the sensors submit polygraph information to the software programme to enable analysis of your physiological responses whilst you are answering these questions.

After your test it may be possible to receive your results straight away or the examiner may need to undertake further analysis before being fully confident of your results. You will always receive your polygraph test results and a full written report by email within 48 hours of your lie detector test.

Can you do a lie detector test online?

There is absolutely no verification or validation of online or remote lie detector testing and no research or evidence to support accuracy or reliability of lie detector test results gained through this method so Bond Rees do not offer this service and do not recommend that you accept this method of testing from any other provider.

Are lie detector tests accurate?

In the United States lie detector testing is widely used within pre employment processes, employee investigations, criminal investigations, and even submitted to support an effective court case within the legal system.

Other countries worldwide use polygraph testing within legal and criminal matters and also to verify insurance claims amongst many other uses.

In the UK, lie detector test results cannot yet be used as evidence within court but polygraph examination is utilised by the probation service and by some police forces with regard to domestic abuse offenders and the monitoring of individuals associated with acts of terrorism.

Lie detector testing is a highly trusted, respected, and legitimate tool and the American Polygraph Association which is the recognised leading authority on global polygraph use advises accuracy to e a minimum of 85% to 95%.

Our polygraph expert

With a BSc (hons) Psychology Degree and Post Graduate Diploma, and having completed training with the European Polygraph Academy and being a member of the European Polygraph Association, our polygraph examiner is fully trained and qualified and provides a non-judgemental and supportive environment for your test to achieve the most accurate and valid results achievable.

Polygraph Test FAQs

What locations do Bond Rees provide lie detector testing in?

Bond Rees cover the whole of the UK including the town of Swindon and surrounding area.

Can a person trick a lie detector test?

Lie detector testing employs numerous physiological responses which are recorded at the same time and take place due to subconscious processes within the central and peripheral nervous systems and not within the conscious awareness or control of the individual so cheating a lie detector test is extremely difficult to do, if not impossible!

Can my partner watch the lie detector test?

Having a 3rd party present at your lie detector test or undertaking any form of visual or auditory recording during this has been evidenced to risk influencing the person sitting the test and the responses they give and therefore impact on the accuracy of your results so no other person can be present during Bond Rees lie detector testing and no recording of any form is permitted.

Can I have a friend or family member present to interpret for me?

It is not possible for anyone you know or have a relationship with to be present during your test for the reasons given above. If English is not your first language and you will experience difficulty understanding the questions asked, you will need to arrange for a professional interpreter to attend your test who will be willing to accept instruction from the examiner.

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