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Are there secrets and lies affecting your life that you want to resolve? Is there a situation that needs clarifying, or do you suspect that someone you are involved with is lying to you about their behaviour, past, or identity? Do you need to find out the truth behind an individual or event?

A lie detector test can assist with any situation or concern and is an accurate and scientifically backed method of finding out whether someone is telling the truth or a lie in response to any question you need to ask.

Bond Rees offer effective, reliable, and professional lie detector test services provided by a fully trained and qualified polygraph examiner to any private or corporate clients.

Our service is highly discreet, and we ensure absolute confidentiality and data protection both during and after our work for you and will never share any personal information you divulge to us with any other individual, organisation, or agency.

We provide lie detector services across nationwide locations in many towns, cities, and rural locations throughout the UK including in the city of Stoke on Trent, or Stoke, in the county of Staffordshire, known for being the home of the pottery industry in England.

As an established and experienced professional investigators agency, Bond Rees also have the private detective resources and expertise to offer a wealth of other private investigator services such as background check investigations, asset location tracing, corporate investigations, person tracing, employee theft investigations, fraud investigations and many more.

To find out more about our lie detector test Stoke on Trent or UK wide service, or any of our private detective Stoke or UK investigative provision, contact Bond Rees today.

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Stoke on Trent Lie Detector Test

A modern lie detector test, or polygraph examination as it is also known, is the result of many decades of development and research and is a sophisticated and highly accurate means of determining whether someone is being honest and evidencing deception.

It is an extremely versatile tool and can apply to any situation or circumstance, both of a personal or business or professional nature, and will provide the answers you need and resolve any issue of concern, giving certainty and peace of mind.

Lie detection services can be helpful to private individuals who are worried that someone in their life is lying to them; perhaps they have suspicions that a partner is cheating, have long term secrets and hidden truths in their family past, or there has been a crime such as theft and the culprit needs to be identified.

Individuals also request polygraph examination for themselves when they have been accused of acts or behaviour they did not commit and want to evidence their innocence and prove to others that their allegations are unfounded.

A corporate lie detector test can be helpful to business owners and employers to verify application information of potential recruits, and to help safeguard the business and confirm the source of risk through employee monitoring lie detector testing following an incident of theft or fraud such as in employee theft investigation.

A lie detector test can help in any situation and uncover the truth no matter how well hidden.

Contact Bond Rees today to find out how our lie detector test Stoke on Trent or UK service can help you or your business, or to enquire about our other proficient private investigator services:


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How polygraph tests work

Study and research within neuroscience and psychophysiology has established certain physiological changes that occur in the human body in reaction to exposure to stress or threat such as the fear that deception or a lie will be revealed.

Polygraph examination works through the recording of these bodily responses that occur within heart rate, respiration rate, skin temperature, blood pressure, and perspiration rate with the use of sensors attached to the body of the examinee whilst lie detector testing is conducted.

The examinee is asked questions related to the behaviour or event that needs clarifying and the physiological responses they present with whilst hearing and replying to these questions are recorded and converted by the polygraph technology into visual and numerical data that enable scoring processes by the examiner and a conclusion to be drawn as to whether deceit is present.

What to expect at a lie detector test?

You will need to make an upfront payment of a deposit to secure your lie detector test and then the examiner will call you to find out details about the reason for your test and what you want to find out or evidence.

The examiner will then use the information that you have shared to formulate your bespoke and individual lie detector test question sets in line with principles and methodology ascertained through research and experimentation to provide the greatest salience and accuracy.

It’s important that you tell the examiner about any mental or physical health difficulties that you have, and that you advise of any prescribed medication that you are currently taking, and any alcohol or illicit substance use that you engage in, and that you abstain from this on the day of your test and also try to limit caffeine intake.

The examiner can attend your home address at no extra charge, and this offers the best environment for testing as is familiar and less likely to induce unnecessary stress, but Bond Rees can arrange another suitable and discreet local venue if required.

Initially the examiner will conduct a pre-test interview with you to gain your consent, gather further information about the matter behind your lie detector test and about you as an individual, and go through the questions that will be asked during the test to ensure full comprehension of these and make any adaptations required.

The sensors will then be attached to your torso, hand, and arm and this can be over light clothing such as a t-shirt, but bulkier items need to be removed.

Your polygraph test will then commence and will consist of several sets of questions, some related to the matter you wish to address and some of a more general nature to restore regulation and emotional base levels.

In all the appointment will take up to 2 hours and it is vital that no other person is present except the examiner and the examinee and that no recording of any form is undertaken as this can influence the accuracy and reliability of your test results.

You may be able to receive your results directly after your test has concluded or there may be a need for further analysis of data to ensure correct and confirmed results are given; your results will always be emailed to you within a maximum of 48 hours of your test with a full written report.

Can you do a lie detector test online?

Lie detector testing needs to take place in person to meet the necessary principles and methodological requirements to achieve accurate results; remote or online lie detector testing is not supported by any scientific evidence or research and results are not validated in any way.

Bond Rees only provide proven and verified lie detector testing and will not offer an online or remote service and urge caution if any other provider advises you that they are willing to do so.

Are lie detector tests accurate?

Lie detector testing is a well-respected and recognised tool, used widely across the world within legal and criminal investigation and processes.

The American Polygraph Association are the leading global authority on polygraph testing use advises accuracy to be a minimum of 85% to 95%.

Our polygraph expert

At Bond Rees we have one of the only female polygraph examiners operating within the UK.

Our examiner is fully qualified having completed training with the European Polygraph Academy and is a member of the European Polygraph Association, and also has a BSc (hons) Psychology Degree and Post Graduate Diploma.

Polygraph Test FAQs

Can someone cheat a lie detector test?

Lie detector testing has been extensively developed to prevent the ability to cheat by subjects and has many countermeasures in place to stop any possibility of an individual tricking or fooling the test.

Lie detector testing records numerous physiological processes that are not within the conscious awareness or control of an individual and supports this with observation of non-verbal cues such as facial expression, fidgeting, and body language.

Despite numerous internet claims for tips and techniques to trick a lie detector test, this is an extremely difficult if not impossible task to achieve.

How much is a lie detector test?

Contact Bond Rees today on any of the options provided above or fill out our contact form below to get an instant and no obligation quote for our affordable lie detection services.

Can I take a lie detector test if I have been diagnosed with a mental illness?

Its important that you make the examiner aware of any mental health difficulty or medication that you are currently taking; in the majority of cases lie detector testing will still be able to proceed but in cases of severe mental illness a lie detector test would not be advised and may be stressful for the participant and cause inaccurate results.

How quickly can I book a lie detector test?

Bond Rees are often able to accommodate lie detector test requests within 24 to 48 hours of contact with us and sometimes even less; get in touch to find out our availability now. We will always try our very best to meet your needs and timescales required.

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