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Bond Rees are a long standing and leading UK private investigator agency who provide an effective and professional lie detector test service in all areas across the United Kingdom including in the naval city of Portsmouth on the south coast of England in Hampshire, renowned its maritime heritage. 

Bond Rees polygraph testing is undertaken by an experienced and professional polygraph examiner who is fully trained and qualified and our testing will uncover the truth regarding any question and reveal deception behind any behaviour, statement, or situation.

Our clients have the reassurance that polygraph results obtained through our precise and stringent lie detector test service will be correct and achieved via the most evidenced and sound of polygraph practices and that we employ the latest research and science based approaches to our lie detection processes for every test we conduct.

Bond Rees prioritise your privacy and ensure a highly discreet and confidential service where your personal information is safeguarded and where all personal data is subject to the strictest data protection measures.

If you would like to find out more about our lie detector test Portsmouth or UK wide service or if you to enquire about our comprehensive range of other professional and private detective services, contact Bond Rees today.

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Portsmouth Lie Detector Test

Today, a lie detector test, or polygraph examination as it is otherwise referred to, is a significantly researched, studied, and technical method of ascertaining truth from lies with outstanding levels of accuracy and is backed by a strong evidence and scientific base.

Polygraph examination is employed globally to assist with criminal investigations, insurance claims, the assessing of individuals on probation or within the prison service, and for many other applications and is a well-respected and regarded means of evidencing deception.

At Bond Rees our lie detector testing is conducted by a seasoned and trained professional and we utilise world class polygraph instrumentation imported by us directly from the United States of America which allows us to ensure the highest and most technical testing specifications.

Polygraph examination is helpful within any manner of situation or issue and can, for example, find out cheating within a relationship, the perpetrator of a theft, interrogate employees following occurrences of fraud, or even be used within employment application procedures to verify information and integrity and within literally any other circumstances and needs.

Whatever the issue or dilemma you need answers about, or wherever you need to determine the truth and uncover deception, or even if you want to evidence your own innocence in regard to accusations that have been falsely made, lie detector testing offers the only accurate, fast, and reliable solution.

Bond Rees can usually offer lie detector testing within 48 hours of your contact and sometimes even less, and we ensure a supportive and non-judgemental service where you will feel reassured and at ease during your examination.

To book your lie detector test today in Portsmouth or any other location throughout the United Kingdom, get in touch with Bond Rees using any of the communication methods provided below and a helpful advisor will call you right back:


Text: 07792 762 511


Telephone: 0800 051 5329

How polygraph tests work

Polygraph testing today is the result of extensive evolution and development using research, experimentation, and learning from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, the behavioural sciences, and psychophysiology. 

The human body exhibits certain physiological changes in reaction to perceived threat or risk such as the fear of a person’s deception being detected and these impact on areas such as heart rate, respiration rate, skin temperature, and perspiration to the hands.

Lie detector testing works by recording these physiological changes through sensors attached to the bodies of subjects whilst question sets about a specific issue are asked of the subject.

The data recorded by the sensors is transferred to the polygraph software and converted into visual format which the examiner can then score using evidenced and tested methods which identify if deception is detected, if no deception is detected, or if the data is inconclusive.

In the quite unusual situation of inconclusive result being obtained, further testing will be caried out to establish if conclusive data can be achieved through this but there are the very odd occasions where it is not possible to determine an outcome although all efforts will be taken to ensure that this is not the case with your Bond Rees lie detector test.

There are many internet techniques and tips that claim to advise how to cheat a lie detector test but polygraph examination has been developed within awareness of such behaviours and attempts and countermeasures have been built into processes to eliminate possibility of this and examiners are vigilant to any attempts to manipulate testing or data and will not allow this.

What to expect at a lie detector test?

The polygraph examiner will initially need to undertake a telephone conversation with you prior to your test to ascertain brief details about the matter involved, the general outcomes that you need to achieve, and to allow her to start to formulate the testing script that will be used.

It’s essential that you are clear with the examiner about any physical or mental health issues that you suffer with, any medication that you are presently on, and any alcohol or illicit substance use that you regularly take part in.

On the test day it’s really important that you don’t drink any alcohol or use any non-prescribed drugs (including cannabis) before your test, and it is advised that you try to limit the amount of caffeine you drink, with the recommendation that energy drinks are also not consumed.

Your testing appointment will start with a pre-test interview where questions are discussed and any changes made, the test procedure is fully explained to you, and some information and understanding of you as an individual is ascertained as well as your views and narrative about the incident or matter the test has been arranged to address.

The sensors will then be attached to your torso, hand, and arm over light clothing and the test will commence, comprising of 3 sets of 11 questions with 3 of these questions will be about the target issue that you have arranged for the test to address. 

Lie detector testing following the Utah model that Bond Rees adheres to can only address a single issue or accuracy is highly affected so if you have more than one issue you need to find out about you will need to book more than one test and multiple tests in the same location and time will be provided at a discounted rate.

At the conclusion of your test it may be that you can receive your results immediately or the examiner might have to carry out further analysis of data and this is not an indication of deception, just variation in the levels of how different people respond and how their bodies function. 

Your results and a full written report via email will always be sent to you within 48 hours of your test. You will need to arrange an email account if you do not already have one to receive this as test results are not possible to send via post.

Can you do a lie detector test online?

There is no study or verification of online or remote lie detector testing and it is not possible to follow necessary procedures and processes using this method so results will not be accurate, valid, or reliable so Bond Rees do not offer online or remote testing.

We only offer evidence based and verified lie detector testing methods and are committed to ensuring practices which achieve the highest levels of accuracy and reliability.

Are lie detector tests accurate?

The American Polygraph Association is regarded as the global authority in regard to lie detector testing and advises polygraph examination to achieve results of 85% to 95% accuracy.

Bond Rees’s polygraph examiner employs the Utah model of testing and scoring system which has been shown within studies to obtain 90% accuracy.

The accuracy achieved is very much influenced by the practices and knowledge of the examiner and so its essential that you hire a true professional who has the skills and attitudes required to ensure accuracy.

Our polygraph expert

At Bond Rees, our polygraph examiner holds a BSc (hons) Psychology degree and Post Graduate Diploma and has completed training with the European Polygraph Academy and is a member of the European Polygraph Association so is highly qualified and able to carry out the highest standard of polygraph examination for our clients.

Polygraph Test FAQs

Can I take a lie detector test if I am pregnant?

Its important that you inform the examiner that you are pregnant as this can cause some differences to your physiological response levels but there is no reason why you cannot sit a test and achieve accurate results.

You do need to consider that a lie detector test can cause some degree of stress to an individual and think about whether this is right for you during pregnancy and perhaps even consult with your GP or midwife first if you wish but this is your responsibility, and no medical advice or recommendation can be provided by the polygraph examiner.

Is Jeremy Kyle TV show a fair representation of lie detector testing?

No! Lie detector testing should not be a humiliating and bullying experience – Bond Rees provide a comfortable and non-judgemental testing environment where our only aims are to make your experience as stress free as possible whilst obtaining accurate results.

The test questions used with Jeremy Kyle lie detector tests were also incorrectly formulated and would address several issues within one test which would have rendered the tests inaccurate and unreliable. Our examiner will provide guidance and assistance around the questions that will best achieve the most accurate results regarding the issue you wish gain answers for.

Can I book a lie detector test today?

We are sometimes able to accommodate testing at last minute notice, but this depends on your location and our availability.

Generally we can provide testing within 48 hours but its best to contact us and find out our exact availability in your area and allow us to advise how soon we can attend to provide your test.

Where will my lie detector test take place?

The most common situation is that we attend your home (or workplace in situations of employment related tests), and this provides a familiar and comfortable environment for the examinee which is conducive to achieving accuracy.

Should you be unable to accommodate the test yourself, Bond Rees can arrange a discreet and private venue locally to you for your test.

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