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Do you think there are lies being told within your relationships, family, or social groups or even amongst your employees? Is dishonesty harming your daily life, your relationships, your family, and impacting on trust and causing stress and anxiety for you and those you care about?

A lie detector test offers the fast, effective, and accurate solution to revealing deception and determining the truth behind an event, individual, situation, or behaviour.

Bond Rees offer polygraph testing undertaken by a professional, fully trained, experienced, and qualified polygraph examiner throughout the United Kingdom including in the market town and civil parish of Northampton in the East Midlands region of England lying on the river Nene.

As a highly regarded private detective agency we also provide a wide range of effective private investigator services including cohabitation investigations, background checks, corporate investigation, tracing services for a missing person, surveillance, matrimonial investigations, and many, many more. 

Our lie detector and private investigation services are offered to any private individuals or corporate clients, and we always act in a discreet manner providing a confidential service that guarantees absolute data protection for any personal information you disclose to us.

If you would like more information about our lie detector test Northampton or UK lie detector test service or any of our other effective private investigator services, contact Bond Rees today.

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Northampton Lie Detector Test

A polygraph examination today is the product of decades of research and development and offers a highly accurate and sophisticated method of detecting deception and revealing the truth behind any situation, issue, or individual.

It’s a very versatile tool and can be applied to any circumstances or dilemma whether of a personal or professional nature with every test being individually formulated and constructed to ensure that it targets the precise issues you wish to address and achieves the specific outcomes you need.

You don’t need to worry that you will be subjected to the humiliation and bullying tactics employed by the likes of the Jeremy Kyle show; we conduct lie detector testing with professionalism, respect, and understanding for the difficult time and emotive circumstances you may well be experiencing.

Bond Rees offer a polygraph test service that is conducted  by a fully trained and qualified polygraph examiner, and we use the most advanced polygraph technology imported directly from the United Stated by us to make certain  our clients receive the highest quality and most advanced testing available.

Private individuals frequently use lie detector testing to ascertain the truth behind concerns regarding infidelity, the culprit of a crime or betrayal, long held secrets or rumours within a family or social group, or to evidence their own innocence in response to incorrect allegations that have been made or malicious rumours that have been circulated.

Lie detector testing is also helpful within the field of business and employment with a pre employment polygraph clarifying integrity and honesty of an applicant or a corporate lie detector test proving invaluable within business investigations into reasons behind unauthorised absence, the identity of a culprit following workplace theft, fraud, or misconduct.

There is no problem or circumstance that polygraph examination cannot be employed to clarify and it’s the quick and accurate way to achieve reassurance or facilitate fully informed decisions and action.

To book your lie detector test Northampton today just get in touch with Bond Rees using any of the following methods:


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Telephone: 0800 051 5329

How polygraph tests work

We have learned through study within the disciplines of neuroscience, psychology, and psychophysiology that people react with typical bodily changes when they are exposed to stress or threat such as the fear of deception being detected and the possible consequences this will bring.

Polygraph tests employ a range sensors that are placed on the body of the subject to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, skin temperature, and perspiration rate whilst a number of questions targeting the issue behind the reason of request for the test are delivered.

The data recorded by the sensors is adapted into visual format by polygraph software which allows measuring and scoring of the physiological changes exhibited by the subject at the salient points within the question sets and the examiner is able, through this, to determine evidence of deception or no evidence which is an indication of honesty.

What to expect at a lie detector test?

Having confirmed that you wish to book a lie detector test with Bond Rees and paid your deposit by card payment, the examiner will make a contact phone call to you gather basic relevant information about issue your test needs to address and talk through the questions that would best achieve the understandings that you want to obtain as a result of the test.

You will need to be open and honest with the examiner at this stage about any mental health or physical health difficulties pertinent to the examinee, any medication they are currently taking, and any illicit drug use or regular alcohol use they take part in.

On the test day it is asked that the examinee does not use any alcohol or illicit drugs or substances and limits caffeine and energy drink consumption. There is no need to stop taking prescribed or over the counter medication.

At the test appointment the examiner will start with a pre-test interview which will provide her with knowledge of the examinee’s views behind the issue the test is about and some background information about them, and she will also explain the test questions thoroughly to ensure that these are appropriate and fully understand.

The sensors are then attached over light clothing to the torso, arm, and hand and there will be a short acquaintance exercise to calibrate the polygraph instrument to the subject’s individual responses before the actual test commences which consists of several sets of a range of different questions.

No other person can be present during your test and no recording devices may be used as this impacts on the accuracy of the results achieved.

After your test it is sometimes possible to provide verbal results straight away, but it is more often the case that your data will need careful analysis to guarantee an accurate and correct result is provided as this is quite a lengthy process.

You will always receive your results and a full written report within 48 hours of your test which will be emailed to you, and it is necessary for you to have an active email account to receive this as it is not possible to post this to you.

Can you do a lie detector test online?

The examiner must be physically present to make certain of correct application of sensors and to observe body language and these are vital elements of any accurate and reliable lie detector test.

There is no evidence and no research to back the application of remote or online lie detector testing and this method is unable to provide any level of accuracy or validity and we recommend extreme caution if any provider offers this service to you.

Bond Rees only undertake in person lie detector testing as this is the only way that has been evidenced to provide reliable results and therefore is the only ethical means of undertaking a lie detector test.

Are lie detector tests accurate?

The American Polygraph Association is the global authority on polygraph examination and advises that lie detector testing achieves between 85% and 95% accuracy.

Polygraph examination is employed throughout the world to support criminal investigation, legal procedures, insurance claim verification, employment processes, probation and offender release and many other areas and is a highly respected and regarded means of discerning truth from lies.

Bond Rees use the Utah testing and scoring model which has been established to provide 90% accuracy within studies undertaken.

Our polygraph expert

Our polygraph examiner has trained with the European Polygraph Academy and is a member of the European Polygraph Association. She also holds a BSc (hons) Psychology Degree and Post Graduate Diploma and is a true and dedicated professional in the field with the knowledge and qualification to provide accurate and reliable lie detector testing.

Polygraph Test FAQs

How soon can I book a lie detector test?

We are usually able to provide lie detector testing within 48 hours of your request if there is an urgent need or sometimes even sooner; contact Bond Rees on the options provided above to find out our availability in your area.

Are you a genuine provider of lie detector testing?

Our Bond Rees polygraph examiner is fully trained and qualified in polygraph examination, and we use the latest technology imported from the United States; we provide genuine, professional, and evidence based lie detector testing.

I am really nervous – will this affect my test?

Its absolutely normal to be nervous about taking a lie detector test and this demonstrates how important this is to you and how much you care about the results and is not an indicator of deceit.

Our examiner will provide a comfortable and non-judgemental environment for your test, talk you through any concerns or queries you may have, and reassure you so that you are calm and ready to take your test.

Can I record my lie detector test on my phone?

No recording devices can be used during your test as this can directly impact and influence the results achieved – you are welcome to take a photo of yourself connected to the polygraph instrument after your test if you require visual evidence. Any observed recording will result in the test being aborted immediately and no refund of fee.

Will I receive a report?

You will receive a full written report of your test, the results, and the conclusion drawn within 48 hours of your test.

This will be emailed to you and its essential that you have a working email account to receive this.

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