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A lie detector test provides the ultimate means of truth verification and is an evidence based, science backed, accurate method of finding out if someone is lying to you or if they are telling the truth and can be applied to any situation, issue, or individual.

Bond Rees provide a reliable, professional, and accurate polygraph test service conducted by a fully trained, experienced, and qualified examiner. 

As a leading private investigator company we also offer a wide range of other professional services such as background check investigations, person tracing for a missing person or avoidant debtor, asset location, corporate investigation, covert surveillance, process serving, and many more.

With numerous office locations throughout the United Kingdom we can provide our effective lie detector test UK anywhere you need us including in Maidstone, the largest town in Kent of which it is the County Town and a major agricultural and market town situated in the heart of orchard country.

If you would like to talk about how our lie detector test Maidstone or lie detectors UK service can assist you in your personal or professional life, or enquire about any of our other professional investigators services, contact Bond Rees today.

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Maidstone Lie Detector Test

A lie detector test or polygraph examination as its also called is a sophisticated and highly developed method of uncovering deception and finding out the truth and can help in any situation and reveal the facts behind any circumstances, event, or behaviour.

Bond Rees use the latest and most advanced polygraph technology which we import directly from the United States to ensure the highest specification testing for every client we provide polygraph testing for, and our examiners are fully trained and qualified in polygraph testing.

Lie detection can assist with all manner of situations both personal and professional such as a matrimonial lie detector test or partner test which can confirm or rule out cheating and infidelity, or a private investigation test which can address crimes that have been committed such as theft for example and confirm the culprit.

You may be the victim of wrongful accusations yourself or malicious rumours and want to sit a polygraph examination to prove your innocence and that you did not commit the acts you are alleged to have done and rebuild trust and your reputation once again.

Within employment, lie detector testing is invaluable within employee monitoring following an incident that has damaged your company such as employee theft or fraud and can also be applied during pre-employment processes to assess the honesty and integrity of applicants for particularly sensitive or responsible roles in your business.

Whatever you need to address and wherever you need to determine the truth and evidence deception, a lie detector test is the perfect solution and Bond Rees can often provide these within 48 hours of your request and can come to your home or business premises at no extra charge to undertake testing.

To book your lie detector test Maidstone or anywhere in the UK, contact Bond Rees today:


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Telephone: 0800 051 5329

How polygraph tests work

The human body reacts to the experience of stress or threat (such as the fear that one’s own deception will be detected and the consequences of this) by altering rates within certain bodily processes such as the respiration rate, pulse rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, and perspiration rate.

A lie detector test functions by connecting sensors to the torso, arm, and hand of the examinee to record these changes whilst a series of questions are delivered.

The polygraph examiner is knowledgeable in the reactions that evidence deception and those which indicate honesty and methods to measure and score the data received through the sensors.

After the polygraph test, the examiner analyses the data in a graph format and can, from this, ascertain if there was evidence of deception achieved from the examinee during the test.

An experienced and knowledgeable examiner will make use of observations of body language and presentation of the subject during the test to ascertain any other clues of deception and will listen intently to their narrative and account of events leading to the need for testing to check for any incongruence or conflict in their understandings and statement.

What to expect at a lie detector test?

Bond Rees attend your home or work premises (for corporate lie detector testing) at no extra charge, and this can be beneficial to creating a familiar and relaxed environment for testing, but we can also arrange a discreet and local venue for your test if this is not possible for you.

Prior to your test date, the examiner will need to have a telephone discussion with you about why you need a lie detector test and what you need this to achieve and gather any important information about your mental and physical health, medication, and any other substances that you use and its important to be honest and open about this.

On the day of your test it is recommended that you abstain from any alcohol or illicit drug use (including cannabis) and that you try to minimise caffeine intake from coffee or energy drinks for example.

No other person can be present during your test and no recording can occur as this can influence the results and therefore the accuracy achieved for you.

At the test appointment the examiner will initially run through a pre-test interview with you which will gain your consent for testing, explain, and discuss the questions that will be used, and gain any further background information about the issue in question and you as an individual.

The sensors are then attached to your body over light clothing (coats and jumpers will need to be removed and a t shirt is ideal) and the testing will commence and will consist of several sets of questions that will be related and unrelated to the incident that the test has been asked to address.

After your test it is sometimes possible to provide results straight away but more common for the examiner to need to undertake more detailed analysis as this is a complex process and takes some time.

Your results and a full written report will always be emailed to you within 48 hours of your test and its essential that you have a working email account to receive these.

All information you share with the examiner and Bond Rees will be kept wholly confidential and we will never share your personal details or any information about your test with any other person or agency.

Can you do a lie detector test online?

The simple answer is no! There is no evidence regarding online lie detector testing and this does not constitute a valid or accurate means of conducting lie detector testing.

The examiner being present in person is the only means by which to achieve evidence based and verified lie detector testing and the only method that achieves accuracy and so this is the only format that Bond Rees offer.

Are lie detector tests accurate?

Polygraph examination is used worldwide to assist criminal investigation, legal procedures, insurance claim verification, employment processes, probation and offender release and many other areas and is a highly respected and regarded means of discerning truth from lies.

The American Polygraph Association is the leading authority on polygraph examination and advises that lie detector testing achieves between 85% and 95% accuracy.

Bond Rees test using the Utah testing and scoring model which has been established to provide 90% accuracy within studies undertaken.

Our polygraph expert

Our polygraph examiner has trained with the European Polygraph Academy and is a member of the European Polygraph Association, possesses a BSc (hons) Psychology Degree and Post Graduate Diploma, and is committed and passionate about ensuring accurate and reliable lie detector testing.

Polygraph Test FAQs

How long does a polygraph examination take?

It is best to allow up to 2 hours for your test appointment as this is an involved and detailed process and needs to not be rushed in any way to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Can I take a lie detector test if I am pregnant?

Its important that you inform the examiner that you are pregnant but there is no reason that you cannot sit a lie detector test and achieve accurate results when pregnant.

The essential consideration is to remember that lie detector testing can be stressful and cause some degree of anxiety and you need to be sure that this will not harm your wellbeing in any way when you are pregnant.

The examiner cannot provide medical advice or recommendation so this needs to be a decision that you make yourself and perhaps talk through with your GP or midwife if you have any concerns prior to booking your test.

How soon can I book a lie detector test?

In urgent situations we are usually able to accommodate testing within 48 hours or sometimes even less; contact Bond Rees today to find out our availability at this time in your area.

I have done a lie detector test before but do not believe the results – can you help?

Without knowing who undertook your lie detector test or the procedures that they employed it is difficult to know whether your test is likely to be incorrect or not.

Bond Rees use the latest in technology and work from a sound evidence and research base when undertaking lie detector testing and we would be happy to provide a second test for you if you require this and always work to provide the most accurate, genuine, and reliable test results for all our clients.

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