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A lie detector test is a reliable and evidence based means of finding out if someone is lying or telling the truth and has been researched and honed over many decades to offer an accurate and science backed method that is used worldwide within criminal investigation, legal cases, police and probation services, employment processes, and insurance and financial investigation.

Bond Rees offer professional and dependable polygraph testing by a fully trained and qualified polygraph examiner employing the most advanced polygraph technology imported directly by us from the United States to guarantee the highest specification lie detector test for every Bond Rees client.

As a prominent and long standing UK private investigation agency we also provide an extensive range of other effective private investigator services and professional services such as background check investigations, cohabitation investigations, covert surveillance, corporate investigations, asset location, process serving, person tracing, and many more.

Bond Rees operate throughout the whole of the United Kingdom including the city of Leicester in England’s East Midlands region, a unitary authority and county town of Leicestershire, most famous for its culturally diverse scene and world-class universities.

If you would like to find out more about our lie detector test Leicester or lie detector test UK service, or our private investigators Leicester services, contact Bond Rees today.

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Leicester Lie Detector Test

Bond Rees ensure a supported and comfortable atmosphere for your lie detector test where you can have peace of mind that you will receive an objective, neutral, and accurate test, and subsequent results.

Our lie detector test service is completely discreet and confidential, and we will never disclose any personal information that you share with us or any detail of your test with any other individual, organisation, or agency.

We can attend your home or workplace (for a corporate lie detector test) for no additional cost and this facilitates a comfortable and familiar environment conducive to successful testing or we can provide a local and discreet venue if you cannot accommodate the test.

A lie detector test is a highly flexible tool and can be used in literally any circumstances or to resolve any dilemma.

As a private individual you may have concerns that your partner is cheating on you and want to arrange a partner or matrimonial lie detector test to clarify this, or you may suspect a friend or family member who is not being wholly honest with you or has maybe even perpetrated a crime against you such as theft and you want to get to the entire truth.

Perhaps you are the victim of incorrect and false allegations and accusations and want to sit a polygraph examination yourself to evidence your innocence and put an end to the rumours and rebuild trust with those around you.

If you run a business, polygraph testing can be hugely beneficial within application processes to confirm the honesty and integrity of applicants and can also help with employee investigation such as where fraud or employee theft may have been committed and you need to reveal and prove the culprit or behaviour.

Whatever scenario or circumstance you need to prove deception and uncover the truth behind, whether personal or professional, a lie detector test is the solution to your dilemma and will provide all the answers that you need, allowing you to take practical and informed action and move on with your life. 

To book your lie detector test Leicester or UK wide service, contact Bond Rees today:


Text: 07792 762 511


Telephone: 0800 051 5329

How polygraph tests work

Polygraph testing applies research and study from the disciplines of neuroscience and psychophysiology that have found that the human body exhibits certain physiological changes when encountering stress such as the threat or fear of one’s own deception being uncovered and the consequences resulting from this.

During polygraph examination these physiological responses, which include respiration rate, heart rate and blood pressure, skin temperature, and perspiration rate are recorded via the use of sensors connected to the examinee and their body language and other non-verbal clues are also observed by a trained polygraph examiner whilst technically constructed questions are asked.

Recordings obtained by the polygraph software are adapted into visual format which enables measuring and scoring to be undertaken by the examiner and this will ascertain whether there is evidence of deception or no evidence of deception within the responses provided by the examinee during the test.

What to expect at a lie detector test?

You will be required to pay a deposit via card payment to guarantee your lie detector test and once this has been received the polygraph examiner will telephone you for a discussion about the issue you want to address and to obtain some details from you about the person taking the test and the questions that need to be involved.

A lie detector test is only able to look at one issue per test and decreases in accuracy if more than one issue is addressed so you will need to arrange more than one test if you have multiple issues to address and discounts are possible if more than one test is required at the same time and location.

The questions asked during polygraph examination have to be specifically constructed with correct language used and the examiner will explore a question set that will best obtain the answers and outcomes you need from the test.

On the test day it is essential that the examinee does not use any alcohol or illegal substances including cannabis and that they minimise caffeine intake where possible and energy drinks should not be consumed.

The examiner will undertake a pre-test interview which will gather more information about the matter that the test is addressing, and the individuals involved, acquire consent for testing, talk through the question sets that will be asked and check no changes are needed.

The sensors are then connected to the torso, arm, and hand over light clothing and a short calibration test will be conducted to ensure all instrumentation is functioning correctly before commencing the main test itself which involves several sets of relevant, comparison, and irrelevant questions.

Only the examiner and examinee can be present during testing and no recording can take place as this can impact the results and reduce accuracy.

Following your test you may verbally receive results straight away or there may be a need for more detailed data analysis before these can be provided; you will always receive your result and a full written report within 48 hours of your test, and this will be emailed to you so you need to make sure that you have an active email account to receive this as it cannot be posted to you.

Can you do a lie detector test online?

There is no evidence or research supporting the use of remote or online lie detector testing and the results achieved through this are not proven to have any degree of accuracy or reliability.

Bond Rees only provide evidence based and verified lie detector testing so do not offer an online or remote service and advise caution if any other provider offers this service.

Are lie detector tests accurate?

Lie detector testing is extensively employed and respected within criminal investigation, legal cases, police and probation services, and financial organisations on a global basis due to its compelling evidence base and accuracy of findings.

The American Polygraph Association, the recognised world authority on polygraph testing, report accuracy to be 85% or higher but this is largely affected by the strictness and application of procedure conducted by the examiner so it’s essential to use a professional who is dedicated to ensuring accuracy and reliability such as our Bond Rees examiner.

Our polygraph expert

Our polygraph examiner has undertaken training with the European Polygraph Academy and is an active member of the European Polygraph Association and also possesses a BSc (hons) Psychology degree and Post Graduate Diploma.

Polygraph Test FAQs

How much does a Bond Rees lie detector test cost?

Contact us today to obtain a full and no obligation quotation for your lie detector test.

Can my partner attend my lie detector test?

No other person can be present during your test as this has been found to potentially impact on the accuracy of results achieved but the examiner will be happy to have a brief chat with any significant person prior to your test at the test location.

I have a mental health difficulty – can I still take a lie detector test?

This will depend on the severity of your mental health disorder and any medication that you take but it is often still possible to sit a lie detector test and receive accurate results – contact Bond Rees today to discuss your case and find out if lie detection is a viable option for you?

Will I receive a report of the test results?

You will receive a full written report of your lie detector test by email within 48 hours of sitting your test; this will include copies of the charts achieved during your test and scorings regarding levels of deception or non-deception found. You must have an active email account in use to receive your report as we will not post this to you.

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