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A lie detector test or polygraph examination offers a reliable and respected means of revealing deception and has been honed for decades to ensure the accurate and evidence based method it now provides to determine if someone is lying or telling the truth about a specific issue.

Bond Rees offer a first rate and exacting lie detector test service that is conducted by a trained and qualified polygraph examiner using the highest specification polygraph technology imported directly from the United States by us to guarantee the highest quality and most robust polygraph examination in the UK.

As a highly established private detective agency we also provide a wide range of professional and private investigator services including covert surveillance, process serving, person tracing for a missing person or absent debtor, background checks, corporate investigations, to name but a few.

We are available to any private individual or business client and we operate throughout the whole of the United Kingdom including in Hereford, the County Town, civil parish, and Cathedral City in Herefordshire lying on the river wye approximately 16 miles from the border with Wales.

We ensure total confidentiality and data protection for every client and work in a discreet and courteous manner that recognises that many of our customers are undergoing challenging times when they contact us and require understanding and respect.

To find out more about our lie detector test Hereford or UK wide service or ask about any of our other effective private investigator services, contact Bond Rees today.

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Hereford Lie Detector Test

At Bond Rees we always aim to provide lie detector testing in a comfortable and reassuring approach, reassuring our clients that they will undergo a fair and objective test that facilitates genuine accuracy and correct results.

Polygraph examination can be applied to resolve any matter, situation, or issue and at Bond Rees we design and formulate every test in an individual and personal manner so we can address your precise questions and suspicions and achieve the exact answers you need.

So if you suspect infidelity or adultery by a partner or spouse and require a partner or matrimonial lie detector test, or if a theft has been perpetrated and you suspect a friend or family member is the culprit, or even if you are the victim of malicious or false allegations and need to prove your innocence, a polygraph examination is the perfect solution for any problem or dilemma.

As an employer a corporate lie detector test can prove invaluable in supporting you to employ the most suitable applicant for a sensitive or high responsibility vacancy in your company and can also assist following incidents of fraud or misconduct where you must pinpoint the perpetrator to prevent further risk or harm to your business and evidence their actions.

No matter what issue you need to clarify and in whichever circumstances you need to evidence deception and reveal the truth, lie detector testing is the quick, straightforward, accurate, and reliable method you need, and we can come to your home or workplace often within 48 hours or less to carry out testing and provide peace of mind and informed decision making.

Contact Bond Rees to book your lie detector test Hereford or UK wide service today:


Text: 07792 762 511


Telephone: 0800 051 5329

How polygraph tests work

Scientific learning and laboratory study have revealed that the human body exhibits certain physiological responses when it is exposed to threat or stress and these alterations happen within the heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, and perspiration rate.

Polygraph examination makes use of the fear a person experiences when they realise that their deception may be detected if they are responding in a dishonest way and their bodily responses will show this.

Sensors are connected to the body of the subject and sets of expertly written questions are asked whilst the sensors continuously record the physiological changes shown by the subject and the polygraph software alters this data into visual format.

The polygraph examiner can then measure and score the information and establish whether or not there is evidence of deception presented or not and, therefore, confirm if a person is being honest or telling a lie in their answers to the questions that they have been asked.

What to expect at a lie detector test?

There are numerous elements involved in a polygraph examination; the first is a phone call from the examiner to gather the basic details of the matter behind your requirement for a test and to gain details about the subject such as any physical and mental health issues and any medication they are currently taking as well as any illicit drug or alcohol use they engage in.

On test day it is vital that you try not to use any illicit substance or consume any alcohol, and it is advised that you try to limit caffeine consumption and avoid energy type drinks if you can.

Your testing appointment will start with a pre-test interview where the examiner will want to know background information about the subject, their opinions and account of the pertinent issue or event behind the test and will explain the questions that will be asked and ensure that these do not need any adaptation.

The sensors are placed on the subject’s torso, hand, and arm over light clothing such as a t-shirt and a calibration or acquaintance test will be carried out to make certain that the instrumentation is functioning properly and to provide the examiner with information about how the individual reacts when being dishonest.

The test can then proceed and consists of 3 sets of 11 questions, 3 of which will be directly about the issue that the test has been arranged to clarify, and the subject will be required to sit still and adhere to all instructions given and respond with clear yes or no answers to the questions asked.

After the test it may be that the examiner can provide verbal results immediately or data may need more extensive analysis due to differences in individual response and any complexity that may arise.

Your results and a full written report will always be emailed to you within 48 hours of your test, and its essential that you have an active email account that you are able to access and use to receive your results and report as these cannot be posted to you.

Can you do a lie detector test online?

The necessary actions that enable accurate and reliable polygraph examination results have been developed to be conducted in person and the physical presence of the examiner with the examinee whilst testing occurs is a vital part of the procedure.

There is no evidence, research, or study to back the accuracy or reliability of online or remote lie detector testing and results achieved by such methods are not valid.

Bond Rees will only offer physical in person polygraph examination as this is the only process that has been evidenced to provide accurate and reliable results.

Are lie detector tests accurate?

Lie detector testing is employed globally within legal processes, criminal investigation, insurance investigation, prisoner and probation monitoring, and employment procedures and is a well-established, authoritative means of discerning deception.

The American Polygraph Association is the recognised worldwide body on the use of lie detector testing and reports polygraph examination to achieve 85% to 95% accuracy.

Bond Rees’s polygraph examiner uses a control question Utah model which has undergone study and testing and found to achieve approximately 90% accuracy.

Our polygraph expert

Our experienced and qualified polygraph examiner has completed training with the European Polygraph Academy and is a member of the European Polygraph Association and she also has a BSc (hons) Psychology degree and a Post Graduate Diploma.

Polygraph Test FAQs

Can I get a lie detector test on an urgent basis?

Bond Rees can usually accommodate lie detector testing within 48 hours where urgency is required and sometimes even within shorter timescales, occasionally offering same day testing; contact us today to enquire about our availability for testing in your area.

Can someone trick a lie detector test?

There are many “helpful” articles on the internet providing tips on how to cheat a lie detector test, but these underestimate the complexity of polygraph testing and the knowledge and awareness of the examiner.

Polygraph examination has been developed with full knowledge of the tricks and techniques people employ to try to manipulate data achieved and countermeasures have been included to mitigate this and any experienced examiner will be vigilant to attempts and will record this as non-cooperation which is usually presumed to indicate deception.

Can I record my lie detector test on my phone?

No recording devices can be used during your test as this can directly impact and influence the results achieved – you are welcome to take a photo of yourself connected to the polygraph instrument after your test if you require visual evidence. Any observed recording will result in the test being aborted immediately and no refund of fee.

I take anxiety medication – can I still take a lie detector test?

Some medication and medical conditions can impact on physiological response so its important to make your examiner aware of the details of these but there is no reason that you cannot take a lie detector test and gain accurate results if you are using anxiety medications.

The important thing to consider is that lie detector testing can unavoidably provide a somewhat stressful and anxious experience so think about what is in your best interests and whether or not such an activity is likely to be harmful to your wellbeing before making the decision to proceed – the examiner is not able to make specific medical recommendations, so this is up to you.

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