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Is someone in your life lying to you? Do you need to get to the bottom of secrets and deception? Has there been a crime committed and the perpetrator needs to be found out? Do you want to get to the truth and uncover the facts behind an individual or event?

A lie detector test is the fast and guaranteed tool to provide you with the ultimate truth, evidence of deception, and the ability to know who is guilty and who is an innocent person, and you can book a Bond Rees lie detector test and finally get the answers you need easily and quickly by contacting us today.

Bond Rees are a highly established professional private investigation agency with the experience, knowledge, and private detective resources to offer a wealth of private investigator services including background check investigations, person tracing for a missing person or evasive debtor, corporate investigations, and many more including accurate, professional polygraph examination.

We operate throughout the United Kingdom via our numerous office locations and provide our effective and reliable lie detector test service across the UK including in the city of Gloucester in the west of England, renowned for its 11th century Gloucester Cathedral and celebrated industrial past.

Our accurate polygraph testing is carried out by a fully trained and qualified polygraph examiner, and we provide this to all private and corporate clients with absolute regard for your privacy, confidentiality, and data protection and in a discreet and unobtrusive manner.

If you would like to find out more about our lie detector test Gloucester or UK service, or enquire about our other effective private investigator services, contact Bond Rees today.

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Gloucester Lie Detector Test

A lie detector, or polygraph test as it is also referred to, can find out the truth and provide answers to your questions about any issue, concern, or event in your life.

Every lie detector test is formulated individually and uniquely for every client and case and tailored to meet specific test requirements meaning there is no area or topic that a polygraph test cannot address.

Perhaps you have suspicions about your partner and infidelity and need to get to the truth to make important decisions about your relationship and family, or maybe you have been the victim of theft or other harmful behaviour and want to evidence and confront the perpetrator or have some other worry or situation that you need to reveal the facts behind.

It might be that you are the one being accused and want to take a lie detector test yourself to prove that you are an innocent person and put an end to speculation and rumour spreading.

Polygraph testing is equally effective and useful within employment and business to question employees where misconduct or fraud has been discovered or as a means for verifying job applicant information and claims.

In the United States lie detector testing is used extensively within human resources and employment application, even for law enforcement agency officials, and as a means of employee monitoring when misconduct or company risk is identified and has been found to be highly successful in recruiting the right employees and protecting businesses from future harm and employee fraud.

Whatever situation has occurred in your personal or professional life, polygraph results will tell you all you need to know and establish who is lying and who is being honest.

To enquire about or book your lie detector test Gloucester or UK service with Bond Rees contact us on any of the below provided methods and an advisor will call you right back:


Text: 07792 762 511


Telephone: 0800 051 5329

How polygraph tests work

Neuroscience and psychophysiological findings have established that the human body exhibits certain responses when exposed to stress such as the perceived fear of deception being detected.

This response consists of changes to the heart rate, perspiration rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, and skin temperature and happens at a subconscious level and outside of the conscious awareness or control of the person.

Polygraph testing works by recording these physiological changes through the connection of various sensors to the body whilst the subject is presented with sets of questions about an issue or matter that the test has been requested to address.

The physiological changes of the subject produce data that is converted into visual and numerical format by the polygraph instrument and is then analysed and scored by the examiner to determine whether or not there is evidence of deception within the test results in response to each question that was asked.

What to expect at a lie detector test?

Bond Rees are able to attend your lie detector test at your home or business premises, or we are also able to arrange a private and discreet local venue if you are unable to accommodate the test for whatever reason.

The polygraph test will require you to provide a hard chair and surface such as a dining table if your test is being undertaken at home and no other person can be present other than the examinee and the examiner and no sound or video recording is permitted as this can reduce the accuracy of polygraph results.

A pre-test interview be the first stage of your test where the examiner will discuss the matter that the test has been arranged to address, find out background information about you as an individual, and talk through the questions that will be asked during your test and ensure that you have full understanding of them, and that no adaptation is required prior to the actual test.

The sensors will then be attached to your torso, arm, and hand over light clothing your test will begin, including several sets of questions which will ask about the specific matter at hand, events and situations generally related to this matter, and also questions about unrelated matters that are featured in the test to restore physiological response stability and norm levels.

It might be possible to provide results immediately after your test or there may be a need for further data analysis first and this is not a sign of deception detected but just caused by individual differences and that some people present with more overt physiological changes than others.

Bond Rees guarantee that your results will always be provided to you within 48 hours with a full written report via email.

Can you do a lie detector test online?

Online lie detector testing has not been researched or studied and there is no evidence that this method of testing produces reliable or accurate results, so Bond Rees do not provide this service and recommend high levels of caution if any provider does offer this method of testing to you as the results are not valid.

Are lie detector tests accurate?

Lie detector testing has been developed and honed over decades of use within legal and criminal employment and is a scientifically based and evidenced tool for deception detection.

The American Polygraph Association is the leading global body with regard to polygraph testing and advises accuracy to be between 85% and 95% or even higher in some cases.

Our polygraph expert

The polygraph examine at Bond Rees is extensively qualified and fully trained in lie detector testing, holding a BSc (hons) degree in Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma and having undertaken the European Polygraph Academy Diploma and being a member of the European Polygraph Association.

Polygraph Test FAQs

How soon can I book a lie detector test?

Bond Rees are regularly able to provide your lie detector test within 24 or 48 hours of your request; just get in touch via any of the above methods to instantly find out availability in your area. We will always endeavour to meet your required timescales where at all possible.

How long does a lie detector test take to conduct?

A lie detector test is quite an involved process; its best to allow up to 2 hours for your test to take place although, depending on your situation, it might be quicker than this.

I take medication for my heart; can I still take a lie detector test?

Its important that you let the examiner know about any medication that you take or any use of substances of alcohol so that they can consider this when analysing your results.

The pre-test interview includes an exercise that calibrates the polygraph instrument to your individual physiological responses, so it is still completely possible to obtain accurate and reliable lie detector test results when you are on any medication that impacts on bodily rates and functions.

Are Bond Rees lie detector tests genuine?

Yes, absolutely. Our examiner is fully trained and highly qualified and we use high quality polygraph instrumentation; our lie detector tests may not always give the answer that you wanted to hear, but they will provide you with the truth.

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