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Do you have suspicions that someone is not telling you the truth and need to find out the facts behind an individual or event, or have you been the victim of incorrect allegations and harmful rumours and want to evidence to others that you are not guilty of the behaviour you have been accused of and prove your innocence?

Bond Rees are a highly established professional private investigation agency who have the experience and private detective resources to offer a comprehensive range of high quality and effective corporate investigations and private detective services including lie detector testing throughout the United Kingdom.

We provide accurate and professional polygraph examination or lie detector testing as it is also known, throughout the UK that are conducted by a fully trained, qualified, and experienced polygraph examiner including in the ancient city of Exeter situated on the river Exe in southwest England renowned for Exeter University and the medieval passages that snake beneath the city.

Our skilled and reliable polygraph testing is available to any private individuals or corporate clients, and we can often accommodate a lie detector appointment with minimal notice and at any time or location of your choice.

Bond Rees provide complete discretion for every test, and work with absolute regard for confidentiality and in line with all data protection requirements so you can feel assured that any personal or private information you share with us will never be divulged to any other individual, agency, or organisation.

To book or find out more about our lie detector test Exeter or UK service or ask about any of our other effective and professional private investigator services, contact Bond Rees today.

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Exeter Lie Detector Test

A polygraph test provides an accurate, evidenced, and scientifically backed method of determining if a person is telling the truth or telling a lie and detecting deception in response to specific questions asked during the lie detector test.

It is an extremely flexible tool and can be used with regard to any issue that you need to find out the truth about and offers equal benefit and insight within private and personal matters as well as business or professional situations.

As a private individual or person you may find a lie detector test useful in circumstances where you suspect a family member is guilty of a crime such as theft of money or property, or that a person in your life is secretly engaging in harmful activities such as gambling or drugs use, or where you want to find out for sure if a partner has been cheating, to name but a few examples.

Employers and business owners utilise lie detector testing as part of pre-employment application processes to ascertain the integrity and honesty of recruits, and for employee monitoring purposes particularly when some misconduct has occurred such as theft of revenue, fraudulent sick pay claims or timesheets, or data breaches for example.

In the United States of America, lie detector testing is utilised widely in employment recruitment and even with regard to law enforcement agency applicants and has been found to attract a higher calibre of employee and also to serve as deterrent for an employee, reducing any future issue of misconduct.

Every lie detector test is formulated to address the specific and individual details of the issue that each client wants to clarify and so there is no matter or topic that this technique is not applicable to.

To book a lie detector test in Exeter or at any location you require across the United Kingdom, contact Bond Rees today:


Text: 07792 762 511


Telephone: 0800 051 5329

How polygraph tests work

Research and developments within neuroscience and psychophysiology has found that the human body exhibits certain bodily changes when it is exposed to stress such as the fear an individual may feel if they perceive that their deception might be detected.

The central nervous system, specifically within the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system triggers such changes and they are involuntary and below the level of human conscious control.

These physiological changes occur with regard to a person’s heart rate, perspiration or electro dermal activity, blood pressure, skin temperature, and respiration rate.

These changes are recorded through sensors attached to the body of the examinee during a lie detector test and information received is transferred to software which converts data into numeric or visual form enabling measurements to be taken which can then be interpreted and scored to establish whether there is evidence of deception.

What to expect at a lie detector test?

It is usual for lie detector testing to take place at the home or premises of the examinee as this provides a familiar setting and minimises unnecessary anxiety for the examinee, but Bond Rees can provide a private and discreet venue if required.

Individuals taking a lie detector test often experience some stress or worry prior to and during the test and this will not influence the results and does not arbitrarily indicate deception.

Our Bond Rees polygraph examiner operates in a very different manner to situations you may have seen in unhelpful media portrayal of lie detector testing such as the Jeremy Kyle show where examinees were ridiculed and bullied; we offer a reassuring and supportive test environment, and you will not be judged or made to feel embarrassed or in the wrong.

The examiner will call you prior to your test to gain details of the matter pertinent to your polygraph test request and then will conduct a pre-test interview in person when they attend for testing, and this is just a relaxed discussion about the issues behind the need for testing and some background information about you as an individual.

It’s essential that you inform the examiner of any physical or mental health problems as well as any prescribed medication or illicit drugs that you use as well as any alcohol use. 

It’s important that you abstain from alcohol or drug use (except for prescribed medication) on the day of testing and also try to limit your consumption of caffeine if you can.

If you present as under the influence of any substance when the examiner attends your test will not be able to go ahead.

No other individual is able to be present during the pre-test interview or the test itself as this can affect the accuracy and reliability of testing results, and no visual or sound recording can be undertaken.

Following the pre-test discussion and with your consent to proceed, sensors are attached to your torso and arm and hand over light clothing such as a t-shirt and are not invasive and do not cause any physical pain.

The polygraph examination can then get underway and feature several sets of questions which will have been talked through with you during the pre-test interview and be about the issue you need to address as well as including irrelevant questions to settle and regulate you and your bodily responses between main topic questioning.

Following your examination you can sometimes receive the results immediately or these may need more analysis dependant on individual differences in bodily responses. We ensure that all clients receive test results and a full written report of the lie detector test by email within 48 hours of you test which you can print off or use as you need and is yours to keep.

Can you do a lie detector test online?

All research, study, and experimentation into lie detector testing has focused on in person testing where the examiner is physically present with you and determined levels of accuracy and reliability are based on this format and basis for testing.

There exists no evidence or research to back or understand the effectiveness of remote or online testing and no verification of accuracy of test results regarding this method, so Bond Rees do not offer any lie detector testing online or via remote means. 

Are lie detector tests accurate?

There are numerous elements that can affect the accuracy of lie detector test results such as the formulation and wording of the test, the style in which it is conducted, the transparency of examinees in regard to any substance use, and the diligence applied when analysing data.

As long as correct and proper methods and principles are ensured and the polygraph examiner has adequate and appropriate experience, training, and knowledge, the American Polygraph Association, which is the global authority on lie detector testing, advises that polygraph examination accuracy is between 85% and 95% or even higher.

Our polygraph expert

Our Bond Rees polygraph examiner has completed full training with the European Polygraph Academy and is a member of the European Polygraph Association and also has a BSc (hons) Psychology Degree and Post Graduate Diploma and is committed to providing the most accurate and ethical lie detector testing achievable.

Polygraph Test FAQs

How soon can I book a lie detector test?

We are often able to accommodate lie detector testing within 24 to 48 hours of your request; contact Bond Rees now on any of the options provided above to find out our availability to provide your lie detector test.

Will my medication or drug use affect my lie detector test results?

Prescribed medication and illicit drug use can both affect bodily responses; some such as antidepressants may inhibit certain physiological changes whilst as other substances such as amphetamines may increase these. It is still possible to sit a lie detector test but important that you make the examiner aware of any substance or medication use.

Can someone trick a lie detector test?

It is not uncommon for individuals to believe they can manipulate their own bodily responses to trick a lie detector test and the internet is full of so called tips and techniques for achieving this.

Numerous bodily responses are measured simultaneously during lie detector testing and these changes are triggered by involuntary and unconscious chemical and electrical signals within the central and peripheral nervous systems through well-established neural pathways and the bloodstream, so this is pretty difficult for a person to manipulate!!

How much is does a lie detector test cost?

Contact Bond Rees to gain an instant and exact quotation for your lie detector test requirement now.

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