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If you have concerns about secrets and lies in your relationship, family, or friendship group, or if you need to uncover the truth and find out the facts about a professional or personal situation, a lie detector test provides the entire solution and is the only method guaranteed to reveal deception and achieve the answers that you need, quickly and easily.

Bond Rees are a professional private investigation agency who provide a wealth of high quality and effective private investigator services including lie detector or polygraph testing, as it is also known, provided by a trained and qualified polygraph examiner using the latest in polygraph instrument technology imported directly from the USA by us to achieve the greatest accuracy for our clients.

We cover the entirety of the United Kingdom and also provide corporate investigations, background checks, covert surveillance, person tracing, asset location, cohabitation investigations, process serving, fraud investigations, vehicle tracking and many more effective professional services and are available for any private individual, business, or agency throughout the UK.

Bond Rees prioritise the privacy of all of our clients and provide a highly discreet and confidential service for every case; we will never share any details or personal data that you disclose to us with any other individual, company, or agency and ensure absolute data protection for all information we hold.

If you would like to find out more about Bond Rees and our lie detector test Dartford or UK wide service, or any of our other private detective facilities, contact us for a discreet and private discussion today about how we can support you or your business to find out the facts and regain peace of mind.

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Dartford Lie Detector Test

A lie detector test is a highly versatile tool that can be used in any scenario to answer questions, evidence a lie, and determine the truth with accuracy and an evidence base of year upon year of research and development that has led to lie detector testing being the highly regarded and reliable method for deception detection that it is used as today worldwide.

As a private individual a polygraph examination can find out the reasons for changes in your relationship such as a cheating partner, catch the culprit of a crime such as theft, or be used to prove your own innocence in relation to false allegations and harmful accusations and rumour that have been made against you.

Polygraph testing can also be of great use within the professional world and as an employer can provide you with insight and understanding of a potential recruit’s honesty and integrity within pre-employment lie detector testing or can assist with employee investigations following workplace theft or money or other assets or information breach.

In America, polygraph testing is used within employment on a regular basis and studies have found this to lead to a higher calibre workforce.

Whatever the situation and whatever you need to find out, a polygraph examination is the quick and straightforward method that provides an accurate and dependable result for you to make informed decisions and have the knowledge you need to manage challenging times resolutely and effectively.

To enquire about or book your lie detector test Dartford or UK service with Bond Rees just get in touch on any of the below provided methods and an advisor will call you right back:


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How polygraph tests work

Neuroscience and psychophysiological research and study have identified that the human body responds with certain physiological changes when presented with stress or threat such as the fear of deception being detected and the resulting consequences that this will incur.

Polygraph testing makes use of this phenomenon by attaching sensors to the body of a subject to record changes to respiration rate, perspiration rate, heart rate, blood pressure, and skin temperature whilst carefully formulated questions are posed verbally, and whilst the subject’s body language and non-verbal clues are also observed.

The data achieved is converted into visual format to enable a trained polygraph examiner to measure and score this and determine whether of evidence of deception was present within the bodily reactions exhibited by the subject.

What to expect at a lie detector test?

Bond Rees can provide a lie detector test at your home which enables a relaxed and familiar environment conducive to effective lie detector testing or we can arrange an alternative discreet and private venue at a location local to you.

Prior to your test day you will need to have a paid a card payment deposit to secure your appointment and had a telephone discussion with the examiner to gain information about your situation and the details behind your request for a test.

On the test day its important that you do not consume alcohol or illicit drugs and try to minimise caffeine and not use energy drinks but do continue to take any prescribed medication as usual.

The polygraph examiner will conduct a pre-test interview with you that will gain further information about you and the matter you need to resolve, talk through the questions that will be asked during the test, and go through a brief consent form with you.

The sensors will then be attached to your torso, arm, and hand and light clothing such as a t shirt is appropriate to wear for this, and the test will then begin.

No other person can be present during your test and no recording devices can be used as this can reduce accuracy of results.

After your test sometimes it is possible to receive your results immediately but sometimes there will be further analysis required due to variations in individual response.

You will always receive your results and a full written report within 48 hours of your test and this will be sent by email so it’s vital you have a working and active email account to use for this as documents will not be posted.

Can you do a lie detector test online?

Polygraph examination has undergone huge development and research in recent years and the testing format is essential to the reliability and accuracy that can now be achieved.

Failure to use correct technique and procedure will mean that results cannot be deemed accurate or relied on in any way.

Online or remote testing has not been evidenced or researched at all and is not a verified or validated method of polygraph examination and Bond Rees will not provide this option and you should be very wary of any provider that does.

Are lie detector tests accurate?

Lie detector testing is used worldwide within criminal investigation, court processes, employment procedures, police and probation services, financial institutions, and insurance verification and is a highly respected and relied upon method.

Authorities in the field such as the American Association of Polygraphy assess lie detector testing to achieve accuracy of 85% or above.

Bond Rees use a trained and qualified examiner and the latest in polygraph technology to enable the highest levels of accuracy possible to be achieved for our clients.

Our polygraph expert

The polygraph examiner at Bond Rees is qualified and fully trained in polygraph examination, holding a BSc (hons) degree in Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma and having undertaken the European Polygraph Academy Diploma and being an active member of the European Polygraph Association.

Polygraph Test FAQs

Are results ever inconclusive?

Sometimes an individual does not respond with physiological changes that provide enough data to enable lie detector testing to confirm deception or non-deception and this provides an inconclusive result.

Our Bond Rees examiner will do all they can to prevent this outcome by running further test sets and ensuring that instrumentation is functioning correctly and calibrated to individual response but very occasionally there will be an inconclusive test.

A second test on another day may be able to resolve this but sometimes there is the very rare individual that just does not provide significant responses to stress.

How long does a lie detector test take to conduct?

A lie detector test is quite an involved process; its best to allow up to 2 hours for your test to take place although, depending on your situation, it might be quicker than this.

I use cannabis; can I still take a lie detector test?

Its important that you let the examiner know about any medication that you take or any use of substances of alcohol so that they can consider this when analysing your results.

The pre-test interview includes an exercise that calibrates the polygraph instrument to your individual physiological responses, so it is still completely possible to obtain accurate and reliable lie detector test results when you use cannabis but important that you do not consume any cannabis on your test day.

How soon can I book a Bond Rees lie detector test?

We are usually able to accommodate test requests within 48 hours and, sometimes, even sooner.

Contact Bond Rees today using any of the options provided above to find out about availability in your area.

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