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Do you suspect that someone is being dishonest with you or are guilty of wrongdoing or foul play but in denial? 

Or have you been accused of behaviour or lies that you have not committed and want to prove your innocence once and for all and put an end to harmful rumours being spread within your family or friendship network or on social media?

If you have a situation or individual in your personal or professional life that is raising concern or causing you to question what lies behind the event or person involved, and you want to uncover the truth lie detector testing offers the fast, straightforward, and accurate solution and will reveal the facts and identify any perpetrator of deception.

Bond Rees are a professional private investigation agency that operate across the entirety of the United Kingdom and provide a comprehensive range of effective private and corporate investigative services including quality, expert lie detector testing provided by a fully trained and experienced examiner.

We are available to both private individual and corporate clients and are often available to accommodate testing within 24-48 hours of your request and can attend any location in the UK including the affluent West London area of Chelsea known for the smart boutiques and high end restaurants lining the busy Kings Road and, of course, Chelsea FC!

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Chelsea Lie Detector Test

A lie detector test, or polygraph test or examination as it is also known, is a highly developed and evidenced method of ascertaining truth from lies and obtaining verification of whether an individual is being honest or deceptive in their response to specific questions regarding an issue or behaviour that requires clarification.

Fans of the TV show, Jeremy Kyle, may associate lie detector testing with humiliation and disrespectful practice but professional polygraph examiners do not conduct themselves in this way. 

At Bond Rees we recognise that sitting a lie detector test, and the results that are achieved, are significant and a big deal for most of our clients and we offer non-judgemental, respectful, and dignified polygraph testing where every client and person involved receives support and reassurance and any test result is kept entirely confidential.

Lie detector testing offers an effective solution to any issue, dilemma, or situation, both of a personal or professional nature, and can be used to address all manner of problem.

Private individuals can use polygraph examinations to evidence a cheating partner, find out about secrets and lies within family or friendship groups, identify the perpetrator of a crime such as theft, or any in any other circumstances where the truth remains hidden.

Corporate lie detector testing is used extensively within the United States as part of pre-employment application processes to gain a fuller picture of who an applicant is and studies have shown that this results in a higher calibre of employee, and testing can also help where wrongdoing such as fraud or employee theft has occurred, and the culprit needs to be confirmed.

If you would like to book our Bond Rees lie detector test Chelsea or UK service, just get in touch using any of the methods detailed below and an advisor will answer your or call you straight back if you wish to use our other communication options:


Text: 07792 762 511


Telephone: 0800 051 5329

How polygraph tests work

Neuroscience and psychophysiological study have determined certain behaviours or physiological responses that Human Beings exhibit when in a situation of perceived threat or fear such as the fear of their deception being detected and the consequences that this will result in.

Polygraph technique involves the recording of changes in bodily responses that indicate this such as respiration (breathing) rate, pulse or heart rate, body temperature, movement or fidgeting, blood pressure, and perspiration through various sensors attached to the body of the examinee whilst a lie detector test is conducted.

The test itself consists of research and study led formatting and language use within questions set that include detail of the matter that needs to be clarified and that produce the environment and physiological conditions conducive to achieving the most salient and accurate of bodily changes from the subject when they act to deceive.

Information received by the sensors is transmitted to polygraph software which coverts this into numeric and visual data which a trained examiner is able to analyse and measure and, through this, ascertain if deception is present or, in basic terms, if a person is lying.

What to expect at a lie detector test?

Our Bond Rees expert polygraph examiner is able to attend your home or work premises at no additional cost to undertake your lie detector test and this is the most common format for sitting a test and a familiar environment often reduces anxiety in most subjects, but we are also able to arrange a discreet venue for you if you are unable to provide this yourself.

It is usual for a person taking a polygraph test to feel some degree of nerves and unease and this will not affect your results and does not indicate an intent to lie.

Initially, the examiner will conduct a pre-interview with the examinee, and this is just a relaxed and informal chat that establishes some background and essential information for the tester, ensures consent of the subject, and talks through the questions that will be used in the test and makes sure that these are fully understood and do not need to be adapted in any way.

It is not possible for any other person to be present during the pre-interview or lie detector test itself and no sound or visual recording can be undertaken as this can unduly influence the examinee and impact on the reliability and validity of the test result achieved.

Once the subject is ready to proceed, the examiner will attach the sensors to the torso, arm, and hand and this can be placed over light clothing such as a t-shirt, but large jumpers or jackets will need to be removed.

When all sensors are attached and found to be functioning correctly the test itself will commence and this consists of 3 sets of 11 questions, some of which will be specific to the matter the test has been arranged to address, some of which will ask about the general topic area around this, and some that will be wholly irrelevant and in place to rebalance and regulate the examinee.

At the conclusion of the test it is sometimes possible to provide test results immediately but on occasions it is necessary for the examiner to conduct further analysis of data first and this is no indication of guilt but just individual differences wherein some people exhibit more subtle bodily changes than others.

You will always receive your Bond Rees lie detector test results within a maximum of 48 hours of sitting the test and a full written report detailing the test itself and the outcomes determined.

Can you do a lie detector test online?

A wealth of research and development has taken place in regard to lie detector testing over many decades and this all supports in person lie detector testing to achieve reliable and accurate results, with no evidence in support of online or remote testing.

Bond Rees only provide in person lie detector testing as this is the only method evidenced to produce a valid result.

Are lie detector tests accurate?

Lie detector testing is widely used in the United States of America for all kinds of purposes including pre-employment application processes for law enforcement recruits, criminal investigation interviews, and legal action evidence. 

In Israel lie detector testing is used by insurance companies before policies are agreed and to counter insurance fraud.

In the UK, lie detector evidence is not yet admissible to court or used within criminal investigation but is used within police and probation services specifically in areas of high risk domestic abuse perpetrators and individuals with a history of involvement with terrorism.

Polygraph examination is clearly a well respected and highly used method throughout the world in important and responsible decision making areas which would not be the case were it not an evidence based and highly accurate tool.

The American Polygraph Association is the global expert on lie detector testing and reports lie detector tests to achieve accuracy between 85% to 95%.

Our polygraph expert

At Bond Rees, we employ a fully trained and experienced polygraph examiner to oversee and manage all lie detector testing for us who has a BSc (Hons) Psychology Degree and Post Graduate Diploma, and who has completed European Polygraph Academy training and is a member of the European Polygraph Association.

Polygraph Test FAQs

How soon can I book a lie detector test?

Bond Rees are usually able to accommodate lie detector test requests within 24 to 48 hours if your need is urgent; contact us today to check our current availability in your area.

Do I need to tell you if I use illicit drugs?

It is really important that you inform the examiner if you regularly use any form of substance; this will not mean you are unable to sit the test but there could be an impact on the results of your test and the examiner needs to be aware of this when analysing your test data.

It is essential that you do not use any substance (other than prescribed medication) on the day that your test is taking place as the examiner will refuse to test you if you present as under the influence of any drug or alcohol and you may still be liable for the test fee.

Can I ask any question in a lie detector test?

Each test can only address one issue, i.e. you can only ask about cheating and not cheating and theft in the same test. If you have multiple issues that you need to address you will need more than one test.

Question wording and format is essential to reliable test results and only yes and no answer questions can be asked; the examiner will talk through what you need to find out and advise on the best questions and wording to achieve the outcomes that you seek and the most valid and accurate results.

Can someone trick a lie detector test?

There are many tips on the internet for how to trick a lie detector test but lie detection has been developed over decades to counter such attempts and is now a highly sophisticated and accurate method of deception detection.

Bodily responses recorded during lie detector testing arise from signals triggered within the sympathetic autonomic nervous system which operates on a subconscious and involuntary basis and is not able to be controlled or manipulated by a person trying to trick a lie detector test.

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