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A lie detector test, or polygraph examination as it is also known, offers a quick and reliable means of truth verification; ascertaining if an individual is being honest or telling a lie; and can resolve an extensive range of situations, issues, and dilemmas of both a personal or professional nature in one easy and straightforward step.

Bond Rees are a professional private investigation agency with extensive experience and private detective resources to offer a broad range of effective private investigator services including examples such as background check investigations, covert surveillance, corporate investigation, partner or matrimonial investigations, and, of course, lie detector testing to name but a few.

We cover the whole of the United Kingdom and private and corporate lie detector test services throughout including in East Sussex seaside resort of Brighton, located on the south coast of England and renowned for its Grade 1 listed Royal Pavilion and celebrated Brighton Pride festival.

Our Bond Rees polygraph examiner is trained and experienced in undertaking accurate and proficient lie detector testing and provides a relaxed, comfortable, and non-judgemental experience for all of our clients.

Bond Rees are discreet and ensure complete confidentiality and data protection for all persons or companies we conduct work for and will never disclose the personal information you share with us of the details of your polygraph examination to any other individual, agency, or organisation.

To find out more about our lie detector test Brighton or UK service, book a test, or enquire about our other effective and quality private detective services, contact Bond Rees today.

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Brighton Lie Detector Test

Lie detection testing will let you know if an individual in your life is telling you the truth and can get to the disguised facts behind any behaviour, incident, or situation and is applicable to both personal and professional matters to achieve answers to an infinite range of questions.

Private individuals might want to use a matrimonial lie detector test to find out if a partner or spouse has cheated, or polygraph testing to pinpoint the offenders of a crime or wrongdoing that has been perpetrated such as theft, get to the bottom of family or friendship secrets or questions, or in innumerable other circumstances where dishonesty is suspected to be in play and the facts need to be uncovered.

Corporate lie detector testing is regularly used in the United States to assist recruitment, employee monitoring, employee investigation and fraud investigations. Polygraph examination can be used when fraud or misconduct has been detected such as employee theft and there is a need to identity the culprit, or within application processes to fully vet potential recruits and employees.

Whatever the issue, our Bond Rees polygraph testing service will achieve the answers and evidence that you need to have peace of mind or be informed of all the facts to make sound decisions and take effective next steps.

To book our lie detector test Brighton or UK service, or enquire about our professional investigator provision, contact Bond Rees today:


Text: 07792 762 511


Telephone: 0800 051 5329

How polygraph tests work

Polygraph examinations make use of physiological responses that psychology and the behavioural sciences have ascertained to take place in human beings when they experience threat or fear and that are activated when an individual engages in deception or plans to lie.

Such responses include alterations to respiration rate, heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, and perspiration on the hands which a polygraph instrument can record through use of different sensors attached to the subject whilst polygraph examination questioning is conducted.

Lie detector tests are created and carried out in compliance with conditions, models, and procedures proven to enable the most reliable and valid outcomes and this includes the order and wording used within the question sets asked of the subject.

Every polygraph test is individually and uniquely written and formulated to address the specific issues and circumstances each client needs to address and is bespoke to your situation.

The information and recordings that the sensors acquire from the subject during the polygraph test are changed into numerical or visual data by the polygraph software programme and this enables the polygraph examiner to take measurements that confirm whether deception is detected, or no deception is detected which indicates a person was telling the truth.

What to expect at a lie detector test?

Bond Rees polygraph service can be provided in your own home or business premises, and this is the most usual approach as it ensures a comfortable and familiar surrounding beneficial to achieving good test conditions, but we can arrange a suitable and private location for your test if this is not possible.

Our polygraph examiner will attend the arranged location in a discreet manner and will be able to alleviate any nerves or anxiety you may be experiencing in regard to sitting a lie detector test as is the case for many individuals.

The test will need to be conducted in a private and quiet space and requires use of a hard chair and surface like a dining table, and no one else will be able to attend the room during the process, and you must not use any form of sound or video recording as this can influence the accuracy of your testing outcomes.

Polygraph examination can take up to 2 hours or more but may be achievable within less time in certain circumstances depending on the information provided to the examiner beforehand and the complexity of your situation and your level of anxiety.

Firstly the examiner will carry out a pre-interview to gain information about the issue the test has been arranged to look at, check consent, gain understanding of the subject including any mental or physical illness or prescribed or other medication or substance use and discuss the questions that will be used in the actual test.

Once the subject is comfortable and ready to proceed, the examiner will attach the sensors to the torso, arm, and hand of the subject (over light clothing is fine) and the test will commence. The sensors do not hurt and lie detector testing poses no risk whatsoever of physical harm.

After your test it may be possible to advise of the results immediately or, if further analysis is required, you will always receive your results and a written report via email within 48 hours.

Can you do a lie detector test online?

Online lie detector testing does not offer a legitimate and effective means of truth verification as the examiner needs to meet with the subject in person and ensure correct application of sensors and functioning of these to enable valid and reliable results are obtained.

Bond Rees will never provide online lie detector testing due to their being no evidence or research to support this method, and it is advised that you apply caution if any provider offers this service.

Are lie detector tests accurate?

As the leading international body and globally recognised authority regarding lie detector testing, the American Polygraph Association advise, if correct procedure and model are applied, that a polygraph exam will achieve between 85% and 95% accuracy.

Lie detector testing is a well-recognised and respected practice and is commonly used in the USA by law enforcement authorities and is also used by the UK probation service and some UK police forces due to the confirmed and rigorously researched levels of accuracy it achieves.

Our polygraph expert

Our Bond Rees polygraph expert is a highly experienced and trained and qualified polygraph examiner who has a BSc (hons) Psychology Degree and Post Graduate Diploma as well as having completed European Polygraph Academy training and is a member of the European Polygraph Association.

Polygraph Test FAQs

Can someone trick a polygraph test?

The internet is full of recommendations and tips for fooling a lie detector test but what these sites seem to forget is that lie detector testing is aware of all of these so called strategies and has been continuously researched and developed to prevent and counter any possibility of tricking the test.

Lie detector testing has been honed over many decades and is used within law enforcement and legal processes within the USA and within the UK to some extent; this would not be the case if a person were able to trick a polygraph test and the equipment and models used are far more sophisticated then most people would realise.

How much is a lie detector test?

Contact one of our helpful Bond Rees advisors on any of the communication options provided above to get your instant and no obligation quotation for lie detector test services today.

How many questions can I ask in a test?

Technically you can ask 3 questions in the model of lie detector testing employed by Bond Rees but the most important point to remember is that only one issue can be addressed per test, such as infidelity or theft but not both matters in the same test.

Our polygraph examiner will be able to help you decide what questions would be best to ask to achieve the results you seek and advise if you require one or more tests to meet your needs.

Can I get a lie detector test today?

In some situations Bond Rees are able to provide lie detector testing on an urgent basis and we can always meet your needs within 48 hours of your request if required; contact Bond Rees today to find out about our availability in your area.

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