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Bond Rees are a well-established professional private investigation agency who offer an extensive range of high calibre private investigator services including lie detector testing or polygraph examination as it is otherwise known to any private individual or corporate client. 

We operate across the entirety of the country and can provide polygraph testing in any United Kingdom location you require including in the south coast resort town of Bournemouth, famed for its blue flag sandy beaches, shops and restaurants, and popular nightlife scene.

A lie detector test is used to ascertain if someone is being truthful or deceitful about a particular matter or situation through monitoring physiological responses to assess if the person responds honestly to any question asked of them about this issue during the polygraph test.

Lie detector testing offers help in innumerable situations and can address a broad range of issues and problems in both personal and professional fields from unfaithful partner investigations to suspicions around employee theft and employee investigations.

Bond Rees employ trained and proficient polygraph examiner agents who undertake lie detector testing with respect and in a non-judgemental manner that seeks to minimise any anxiety or nervousness an individual may be feeling, and we use the most up to date and reliable of testing equipment and technology.

Every Bond Rees polygraph test is undertaken with absolute discretion, and we guarantee confidentiality and data protection for every client.

If you or your business require a reliable and professional lie detector test to find out the truth, or any other private investigator Bournemouth services, or you wish to hire a Bournemouth private detective, contact Bond Rees today.

Bournemouth Lie Detector Test

A lie detector test supplies the fast and straightforward answer to an extensive range of difficulties and dilemmas within both private and corporate investigations and enquiry.

Private individuals can find a polygraph test beneficial if they have concerns regarding a cheating partner or worries that a loved one is engaging in secretive and potentially harmful behaviours such as gambling or substance misuse or even living a double life, or if a crime such as theft has been perpetrated within a friendship or family group and the culprit needs to be confirmed.

Maybe you are the one who has been accused of infidelity or another wrongdoing that you didn’t commit, and you want the opportunity to prove your innocence and set the facts straight.

A corporate lie detector test can provide any company or business with invaluable information to protect against future risk or threat such through use of a pre employment polygraph examination or can find out the truth behind ongoing harm such as workplace theft or a breach of information as part of resulting employee monitoring or even within fraud investigations.

Lie detector tests are commonly utilised within employment application processes within the United States of America and have been found to improve the calibre and quality of the staff members recruited following this.

Whatever issue or question you or your business need answers to, a lie detector test offers the quick and simple solution to achieve these and find out the facts to protect yourself or your company and make fully informed decisions to enable effective next steps.

How polygraph tests work

A polygraph test records bodily responses of an examinee through attachment of sensors to areas of their body whilst testing is conducted, with the examinee being asked questions regarding the issue or behaviour that needs to be determined.

The sensors record reactions including heart rate (pulse), respiration (breathing rate) skin conductivity (which indicates sweat produced on the hand), blood pressure, movement, and temperature which are then passed to a software programme and changed into numerical or visual data such as a graph which measurements can be achieved from.

The bodily reactions described above have been documented within psychology and the behavioural sciences to indicate fear or anxiety and exposure to threat which human beings experience when they are aware they are telling a lie.

A polygraph examiner will use a set model to design the question sets used within a lie detector test that comply with research and study into the methods and procedures found to provide the most accurate and reliable polygraph test results and will employ certain language and order of questioning conducive to this.

Once the lie detector test is concluded the examiner can analyse the data obtained and undertake scoring techniques to determine the presence or lack of deception indicated by the recorded responses of the examinee during questioning.

What to expect at a lie detector test?

You may be feeling somewhat uncomfortable or worried about attending a lie detector test, or unclear about what to expect especially if your only knowledge of lie detectors is the unethical and brutal testing provided by the Jeremy Kyle show!

Anxiety and nerves are commonplace, and the majority people are anxious about taking part in a polygraph test and this will not affect the results achieved.

A lie detector test is not harmful and will not place you at any physical risk.

Lie detector tests are usually undertaken within the home of the examinee as this provides a comfortable and familiar environment helpful to achieving reliable results but other discreet venues can be arranged if needed.

The examiner will need a quiet and private space for the test to be carried out and the availability of a firm chair and surface such as dining chair and table or desk, and no one else except the examinee can be present during the examination due to any influence or pressure this may exert.

The examiner will explain the whole process to you, talk through the issue at the heart of the need for a test, and find out your side of the story whilst providing a supportive and comfortable environment for you.

Before conducting the actual lie detector test, the examiner will gain your consent and undertake a pre-interview which will find out information about you as a person and any important details such as physical or mental health difficulties, prescribed medication, or use of alcohol or illicit substances.

They will explain the questions that will be used during the test and ensure that you fully understand these and are able to provide a fully informed response.

Lie detector tests include the main or “hot topic” questions about the pertinent issue as well as other more general control questions about similar situations and also irrelevant questions to regain emotional and physiological regulation.

The examiner will then attach the sensors to your body which are sited on your hand, arm, and torso and can be applied over a light piece of clothing such as a t-shirt.

After your test the examiner will either be able to provide results immediately if you are an individual who gives clear and obvious responses or may need to analyse the data in more detail before advising of outcome due to every individual being different and the variations in personal bodily response.

You will receive a full written report providing the results of your lie detector test which will be emailed to you and for you to keep and use however you wish.

All discussions held and details of your test and those involved will remain entirely confidential and will never be shared with any other individual, organisation, agency.

Can you do a lie detector test online?

Any search engine will bring up innumerable options if you type in online lie detector test, but these are usually at best joke or prank tests or, at worst, are cons.

A polygraph test is highly complex, and the examiner has to attach sensors to your body, get to know a bit about you as an individual, and observe body language to acquire accurate and reliable results.

An online lie detector test will not comply to any of the principles and methods behind lie detector testing that research and study have found to achieve the most proficient of examination and results from such tests will not be valid or reliable.

Are lie detector tests accurate?

The accuracy of a lie detector test is reliant on various factors such as compliance with principles and techniques ascertained to provide valid results, the providing of an appropriate physical environment for the test, the construction of the test question set, and the strictness of the examiner when conducting the examination and scoring the results.

If all these requirements are met, lie detector testing is estimated to provide 85% to 95% accuracy by the American Polygraph Association who are the international experts and most knowledgeable body in relation to polygraph examination.

Our polygraph expert

Our lie detector tests are overseen by our chief examiner who has a BSc (hons) Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma and has also undertaken European Polygraph Academy training and is a member of the European Polygraph Association.

Our chief examiner has a deep interest in all aspects of psychology and human behaviour and has employment experience in many fields relating to this and the behavioural sciences and is dedicated to providing our clients with the most accurate and reliable lie detector testing available.

Polygraph Test FAQs

How much does a lie detector test cost?

To obtain an instant, accurate, and no obligation quotation for a Bournemouth lie detector test just contact Bond Rees on any of the options provided below.

Do lie detector tests really work?

Lie detector testing is an established, respected, and evidenced method of detecting deception and is widely used in the USA for employee application processes, criminal investigation, and within legal cases.

Although the UK does not yet accept lie detector evidence within courts, it is used by the police and probation service for high risk domestic abusers and known terrorists and is a highly regarded means for determining if someone is telling the truth.

Can someone trick a lie detector test?

There are some extremely rare individuals who do not respond in the typical manner to anxiety or threat and so detecting deception via a polygraph examination is not possible. However, the vast majority of people present with common responses when they intend to lie.

The internet is awash with tips and techniques that an individual can use to trick a lie detector test and many people think they just need to stay calm and that they can control their bodily responses; this is quiet an overestimation of their ability however and few people can control their heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, temperature, movement, and sweat production simultaneously.

What locations do you provide lie detector testing in?

Bond Rees cover the whole of the UK including Bournemouth and can provide a polygraph test wherever you require.

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