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Lie detector testing, or polygraph examination as it is also known, provides a quick, straightforward, and clear means of resolving any situation where there are signs of deception, or deceit is suspected and there is a need to obtain accurate answers to questions and find out the truth.

Bond Rees are a professional private investigation agency who operate across the whole of the United Kingdom and provide private and corporate investigation services including accurate and conclusive polygraph testing throughout England, Scotland, and Wales.

Our accurate lie detector testing is available at nationwide locations within cities, major towns, and even remote areas including in Aylesbury, the County Town of Buckinghamshire in central England, home to the Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery and the Waterside Theatre.

Our fully trained and experienced polygraph examiner can attend your home or work premises at no extra cost to conduct your test and we offer lie detector testing to any client, both private individuals and corporate or business customers.

Bond Rees are a legitimate and responsible company and guarantee absolute discretion and confidentiality for every client, meeting all data protection act requirements with regard to personal information and we will never share any details you disclose to us with any other person, agency, or organisation.

If you would like to find out more about our lie detector testing, enquire about costs or availability, or book a polygraph examination to resolve any matters in your personal or professional life, contact Bond Rees today.

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Aylesbury Lie Detector Test

A lie detector test provides the effective solution to any dilemmas or concerns and is the most accurate and versatile method of discerning the truth, uncovering a hidden fact, and gaining true clarity regarding all manner and variety of situations and scenarios; it can literally lend its benefit to every problem or quandary possible and work in any circumstances.

Perhaps you have concerns that your partner or spouse has been cheating on you or engaging in secret and harmful activities such as gambling or even conducting a double life but won’t admit this to you?

It could be that there has been a crime committed within your family or social group such as theft and nobody is coming clean about their behaviour, and you need to pin down the true culprit?

Maybe there have been long standing secrets and lies in your family or relationship and you want to finally get to the bottom of things and find out what really happened or who is telling the truth.

Or possibly you are the person who is being unfairly accused of wrongdoing or actions that you didn’t perpetrate, and you want to take a lie detector test yourself to clear your name and prove your innocence to those around you.

If you own or run a business, a corporate lie detector test can provide unvaluable information during work application procedures to ensure the honesty of your new employee or can be used to identify the perpetrator of fraud or misconduct within your office or company.

In the United States polygraph testing is used extensively within workplaces and studies have shown that this not only achieves a higher calibre of recruit but also just the knowledge that lie detector testing is possible within the terms of employment provides an effective deterrent to future misconduct or fraud such as time theft or false sick pay claims saving company damage and money.

Lie detector testing is the reliable and fast fix to any matters wherein the truth needs to be accurately established and Bond Rees have the experience and expertise to help any client or with any concerns.

To book your lie detector test Aylesbury or UK service, or enquire about any of our other private detective services,contact Bond Rees using any of the below options and an advisor will be directly in touch:


Text: 07792 762 511


Telephone: 0800 051 5329

How polygraph tests work

Polygraph tests record physiological changes within the body of the subject through application of numerous sensors to their torso, arm, and hand and these readings are then conveyed to polygraph instrument software that converts data into numeric and visual format which enables the examiner to take measurements and analyse the information to discern whether deception is detected.

The physiological changes measured within lie detector testing have been determined within neuroscientific research to occur when a person has the experience of threat or fear such as the fear of their deception being found out and the outcomes that this could entail.

Physiological responses recorded within polygraph examination include respiration rate, heart rate, blood pressure, movement, body temperature, and perspiration which are determined by subconscious and involuntary central and peripheral nervous system activation and cannot be controlled or managed by an examinee at a conscious level making fooling a test impossible.

Lie detector testing has undergone extensive research, study, and development since it first came into use and there are specific models and principles that must be adhered to in order to obtain valid and reliable results including specific requirements around the number and type of questions used and the language and format of questions.

Experienced and trained polygraph examiners formulate a unique and bespoke test for every individual and case and no two tests will ever be the same, meaning that each test is able to purposefully address the exact individual issue required by each client.

What to expect at a lie detector test?

The examiner will attend your home or work premises at no extra costs, and this is the most usual manner to conduct lie detector testing, but Bond Rees can arrange another discreet and local venue for your test if you are unable to accommodate this.

No other person can be present in the room whilst testing is carried out and no recording devices can be used as this can impact on the testing process and therefore the accuracy and validity of the results that you receive.

Prior to your test the examiner will have a telephone conversation with you to acquire brief information about the reasons behind your request for a test and any important points such as physical or mental health issues, prescribed medication, pregnancy, or alcohol or illicit substance use.

When the examiner arrives for your testing appointment, they will initially conduct a pre-interview which is an informal and relaxed chat about the circumstances behind your test and your general background and identity and will also serve to gain your consent to take part in the test, provide you with instruction for the test, and discuss the questions that will be asked during your examination.

The sensors will then be attached to your torso, arm, and hand and this can be done over light clothing but bulky items such as jumpers or coats will need to be removed, and the test will commence.

The lie detector test sequence consists of 3 sets of questions that will include the specific matter the test has been arranged to address, some questioning around related matters, and some questions about irrelevant topics and these are all evidenced to provide the most conducive environment to achieving the greatest accuracy within polygraph testing.

After your test concludes it may be possible to receive your results immediately or the examiner may need to further analyse your data to be sure that they are giving the correct outcomes as some individuals have more subtle physiological responses.

You will always receive your test results within 48 hours by email within a full written report that is yours to keep and use however you require.

Can you do a lie detector test online?

There is no evidence to support online lie detector testing and absolutely no verification that this produces accurate or reliable results.

Bond Rees provide only evidence based and validated lie detector testing methods and therefore do not offer an online service and any provision offering this should be treated with extreme caution.

Are lie detector tests accurate?

In the United States of America lie detector testing is widely utilised in many forms including pre-employment assessment for law enforcement and federal government recruits, criminal investigation, and in many states polygraph evidence is admissible as evidence to court.

In the UK, lie detector evidence is not yet permitted to be used in court or legal cases, but some police forces and the probation service employ lie detector testing with application to high risk domestic abuse perpetrators and individuals with a risk of terrorism.

Polygraph examination is utilised in many countries worldwide to assess high risk offenders and also in situations such as insurance claims which would not be the case were it not a highly regarded and evidenced tool.

The American Polygraph Association is the accepted leading global expert on lie detector testing and reports lie detector tests to achieve accuracy between 85% to 95%.

Our polygraph expert

At Bond Rees we have a dedicated and experienced lie detector test expert who is not only trained by the European Polygraph Academy and a member of the European Polygraph Association but also holds a BSc (hons) Psychology Degree and a Post Graduate Diploma which is a very rare standard of qualification and expertise within UK polygraph examiners.

Polygraph Test FAQs

Is a lie detector test ever wrong?

No lie detector test is 100% accurate and any provider advising of this is being dishonest. The accuracy of the lie detector test is hugely influenced by the experience and understanding of the examiner conducting the test and their adherence to requirements and principles that enhance the reliability and validity of the test results.

There are rare occasions where an individual does not have the typical physiological responses recorded within lie detector testing and where the test can be inconclusive or incorrect, but this is highly unusual.

Can someone obstruct an accurate result in a lie detector test?

Individuals often try to trick a lie detector test with tips and techniques they may have gained from “helpful” websites or associates but lie detector testing measures bodily responses that are not consciously controlled and so such techniques do not work.

Examinees also try to evade a correct result by not answering questions as they have been instructed, trying to initiate conversation during testing, or fidgeting during testing; any behaviour such as this will be highlighted, and the examinee will be asked to stop but if they continue with this their actions will be found to indicate lack of cooperation which implies deception.

How soon can I have a lie detector test?

Bond Rees are usually able to accommodate testing within 24 to 48 hours of a test request dependant on your location and our availability; contact us to find out how soon we are able to provide your specific lie detector test.

How many questions can I ask in a test?

The simple answer to this is 3 but lie detector testing is a little more complex than this and you cannot just ask any 3 questions. Many providers offer the option to ask several questions of any nature, but they are not complying with correct and evidence based methodology if this is the case and their results will not be reliable.

The important thing to consider is that one test can only address one issue and not multiple concerns; the examiner will talk you through how the question sets need to be formulated and help you to decide what questions you need to ask and formulate these with correct language to achieve the outcomes you seek.

If you need to address more than one issue, you may require more than one test which Bond Rees offer a discount on if tests are to be undertaken at the same time and location.

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