How to tell if your partner is lying about cheating

Most of us who have been in a relationship for a while can tell when something is up with our partners, but it doesn’t always mean they are cheating. Today we will be looking at some of the most common signs on how to tell if your partner is lying about cheating.

Cheating happens in many relationships, as private investigators in London and Manchester and the rest of the UK we have seen it happen time and again. Often spouses have a gut feeling which results in them contacting us, and the majority of the time they are right.

So what are the common signs your partner is lying about cheating?

Behaviour change

A behaviour change can be a sign that your partner is cheating, especially if they lie about it when confronted.

For example, they may start eating new foods or going to new places and staying out more often than usual. If confronted and they brush it off to make you look like you are insecure then it could be a sign they are lying about cheating. I believe this term is called gaslighting.

Now changes in behaviour are not always a sign of cheating so don’t be confrontational. For example, after catching Covid this year I changed my diet and exercise routine to become healthier. I stopped eating takeout and swapped my foods to healthier ones.

Some experts would consider that a behaviour change and would say there’s a high chance of me being a cheater. But that isn’t the case. Covid made me unwell and gave me breathing issues weeks after it. Because of this, I started exercising a lot more to get my health back. Your partner could have reasons for the changes so ask them.

Schedule changes

Is your partner working more or going on more business meetings or travelling more for business? It could be that work has got busier but if the other members of staff aren’t doing it then it could be a sign your partner is lying about cheating.

One or two nights here and there aren’t typically a sign of cheating but if it happens more often than it used to then your partner may be lying.

One way to test this is to ask if you can visit them at work or go along with them when they are travelling away for business. Their reaction to these questions often gives you a sign of whether they are lying or not.

You no longer talk


Talking in a relationship is key to any healthy relationship and if there is a sudden breakdown and you no longer talk it could be a sign that your partner is giving their attention to someone else. At this point, you may want to consider marriage or relationship counselling, or you can ask them if anything is wrong. Once again their reaction should give you an indication either way.

Liars aren’t going to tell the truth about their cheating habits but you may be able to get a reaction from them which seems odd. From there, you can hire a private investigator as the fees for catching a cheater aren’t too high compared to what you could lose in a messy divorce.

Do they change the way they speak when confronted?

Liars often practice and rehearse speeches in case of being caught by their partner and often have a “good” answer for everything. However, when people tell the truth their answers aren’t perfect and you often hear them use pause words like “um” when thinking. This isn’t them thinking of a story, this is them usually thinking of what happened.

Cheaters will generally have a story ready and it will often sound perfect to try and move your suspicions away from them. Catching a cheater is hard so if you do need help, contact one of our private detectives today and we can help you catch a cheating partner.

Deflecting and projecting 

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Innocent people don’t tend to deflect or project onto you, but cheaters do. As we mentioned earlier, cheaters will try to manipulate you to make it look like you are insecure or you are going crazy, but your suspicions are often well-founded.

If you confront your partner and they deflect or project onto you then this is a good sign your partner is lying about cheating. If you would like to learn more about our cheating partner investigations click here.

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