How to find out if your spouse is cheating

How to find out if your spouse is cheating.

According to statistics, 25% of men and 15% of women cheat in long term relationships. If you are beginning to suspect that your partner is having an affair and your relationship has come under stress, know that you are not alone. In these circumstances it is important not to panic or jump to conclusions, but carefully gather evidence before you confront your partner. If you believe you’re being cheated on, but just can’t prove it, we have put together a guide on how to catch a cheating partner. 

Hiring a private investigator is often the most efficient way to gather the evidence you need. Professional investigators, like Bond Rees, can take the emotional toll off your shoulders at a time you need it most, and are trained to collect proof of a cheating partner in a matter of days.

However, there are ways you can find the evidence yourself without contacting a professional. No one solution is right for every case, and some methods can be quite time-consuming. You might have to explore a little more to find the best approach for you.

Tips for catching a cheating spouse

Install a doorbell with a camera

A doorbell with a camera, such as a Ring doorbell, is able to record video and audio of things happening directly outside your door, even when you are not there. This way you can keep track of anyone your partner might be bringing to the house and even their conversations at the door. There have been many cases of someone catching their partner when they invite the same person over multiple times a week whilst their partner is at work. 

Put a tracker in their car 

Cheap tracking devices are readily available on sites like Amazon and are often small enough to hide in your partner’s car. Apple AirTags, though more expensive, can be used with the FindMy application that comes with an iPhone for a more subtle approach. By hiding a tracking device in their car, you can check where your partner is actually going when they claim to be at the pub or shopping.

Get a dash cam

Having a dash cam installed in your own car allows you to see exactly where your car is at all time, and collect any video footage that may be incriminating. This can be easily explained to your partner as many people have dash cams for a variety of reasons, including insurance purposes. 

The problem with a ‘do-it-yourself’ approach to catching a lying partner

These methods may be able to keep track of your partner’s behaviour, catch them in a lie, or even record video evidence, but they can also take time, money, and a significant amount of patience and planning. Because of this it can be hard to push past these feelings of doubt even if your partner isn’t cheating, and creates a noticeable strain on a relationship. With only 15% of relationships able to withstand the stress of a cheating partner, it’s important to gather evidence quickly to plan your next steps. The only way to get concrete evidence quickly is by turning to a professional private investigator. 

Cheating Spouse Case Study: The Cheating Doctor

Location: Birmingham

Our team of Birmingham private detectives recently helped a client to prove that their wife, who was a private medical practitioner, was cheating on them. The husband has been suspecting something was going on because his wife was working longer hours since the pandemic, and also claimed to be attending many events with overnight stays.

We put a 2-man surveillance team out to watch the doctor’s movements from a distance. The doctor said she was going to be down in London at an event and our PIs were ready to follow her there to see which event she was at and if she was alone. It didn’t take long to realise that the doctor wasn’t in fact going to London. She checked into a hotel on the far side of Birmingham, and went for dinner with a gentleman. During the dinner, they became affectionate. After the dinner they left the restaurant arm-in-arm, becoming more intimate as they went back to the hotel together. Our team gathered the relevant photographic proof, and passed it to our client.

While our client was understandably upset by the outcome, he was pleased that his suspicions were proved right. He served divorce papers (using Bond Rees process servers), and is now able to move on with his life.

Why hire a Bond Rees private investigator? 

Bond Rees have decades of experience in catching cheating partners and other private investigative services. With a 98.7% success rate, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the evidence you need in just a few days.

Coming from military or police backgrounds, our private investigators have been trained to work closely within the law on every case. We are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and contacting us is as simple as giving us a call or filling in an enquiry form on our website.

While hiring a private investigator might be a more costly option, you will be given peace of mind and concrete proof of your spouse’s infidelity or innocence. Suspecting a loved one is cheating is an incredibly challenging time for anyone and you deserve the truth. Bond Rees can help you find it. Get in touch now.

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