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The services of professional tracing agents are employed when a person needs to be found; tracing will provide the current physical address or habitual location of that person. 

There are many circumstances in which someone may need to be traced; this could be for personal reasons to regain contact with an estranged family member or long- lost friend, to address matters of debts owing or to pursue legal action against a debtor, absent tenant or within child custody proceedings.

Individuals or businesses needing to trace a person often find that undertaking this task themselves or making use of free online or charity-based searching can be an overwhelming and fruitless endeavour. This can be extremely disheartening and frustrating especially when there is an urgent need to find the person or significant personal or financial consequences for not finding the person. 

Individuals or companies not operating in the field of people tracing only have access to limited information that is available to all within the public domain; this data relies on self-report and consent of individuals to be up to date and accurate so is not helpful when seeking a person that does not want to be found. Individuals or those not experienced within person tracing also do not have the background knowledge, experience and expertise to efficiently and effectively address such a huge task.

In the UK the current population is estimated at 66,435,600 people. To find a person who is missing within such a dense population and complicated geographical infrastructure of rural, village, town and city compilation is an almighty undertaking; to find someone who does not want to be found within this context, or who has potentially passed away or gone overseas could present as an impossible task. As a result of the highly complex and challenging nature of the exercise of person tracing, individuals and businesses will often employ the services of a professional tracing company or agent to achieve this for them.

You may be wondering how a professional tracing agent operate and can find a person in such difficult and formidable conditions; professional tracing agents are trained and experienced operatives who have a wealth of knowledge, practical skill set and access to state-of-the-art technology and data to support them in their project. They have the capacity to undertake their role on a full-time basis and to commit fully to each person trace. They develop and hone techniques and methods through their extensive experience within every-day person tracing to the point of expertise.

Professional tracing agents often have a previous employment background in military, government or police service which has already equipped them with the mind and skill set pertinent to people tracing and knowledge of the industry. Upon entering the specific field of people tracing and private investigation they will undergo further training to extend and develop these qualities and their knowledge of current technologies and information accessing, as well as their understanding of and compliance with legal frameworks relevant to the field of person tracing such as Data Protection, Human Rights and Consumer Credit services.

Professional tracing agents have access to data and record files significantly beyond that available within the public domain or to private individual or amateur people searches. They can access the most current and comprehensive data records through state-of -the-art software that enables constant updating of information held. People do not realise the footprint that they leave through the most benign of daily tasks and the address links that can be obtained with the right software and information access; anyone can access information pertaining to the electoral roll, land registry or directory enquiries but professional tracing agents are able to view information related to online purchasing, credit agreements, mobile phone contracts and even online ordered take away home delivery. The information available to and software held by professional tracing agents greatly enhances their capacity to achieve a successful person trace in the most difficult of conditions.

Professional tracing agents invest significant amounts of research into every trace they undertake; individuals or non-professional search agencies may not understand the value in this or have the time or capacity to commit to such a task. Professional tracing agents will look into the history and behaviours of the person they are tracing in terms of location, employment, finances and networks or affiliations to determine patterns and themes and probability of where a person might be or how they will best be found. The information provided by the person requesting the trace may well be limited but a professional tracing agent will be able to use this to develop a deeper understanding of the individual being sought and a profile for the search. Further to this, professional tracing agents have the capacity to leave no footprint when undertaking data or online searches meaning that your trace will not be detected and will remain confidential, known only to you and the agent themselves.

Professional tracing agents are not only experienced and knowledgeable within technological and online information accessing; they have a wide set of practical skills that enable them to support the theoretical aspect of people tracing with robust and evidence gathering physical activity. Professional tracing agents are often also private investigators and as such are fully trained and experienced in covert surveillance, surveillance equipment and technology use and tracking. They operate in a discreet and confidential manner to gain information about a missing person through communications with employers, local businesses, neighbours, friends and family. They attend physical locations to observe premises, households, behaviours and activities to ensure that the right person has been traced and that information obtained is definitely fully up to date and accurate before providing this to the trace requester. Where possible they will also obtain physical evidence, such as photographs to prove the success of the trace to the person requesting this as well as providing them with reassurance and peace of mind. 

Professional tracing agents will usually go above and beyond to find the person that is being sought and to ensure that accurate and current information is passed on to the person requesting the trace.

They will comply with legal requirements and will operate ethically and legitimately. Due to their level of expertise and the information records available to them professional tracing agents can often complete a comprehensive person trace within short time scales and find a missing person within days or even, in some instances, hours of the trace being requested.

They use their experience, knowledge, training and resources and commit fully to each person search; this is a passion for professional tracing agents and the majority take great pride and interest in their work.

If you need to find someone for personal, commercial or financial reasons it is worth investing in the services of a professional tracing agent; this will avoid you the wasted time, expenses and effort in undertaking a futile task of searching for this person yourself and provides you with the reassurance that information gained has been achieved in a legal and ethical manner, and is current and correct. Professional tracing agents are also highly discreet and will guarantee complete confidentiality regarding the trace you have requested and any information you provide in relation to this.

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