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We’ve all been there, we’ve been sleeping and all of a sudden we enter a dream where we either cheat on a loved one or see them cheating on us. We wake up often confused and angry, and sometimes couples even argue about this fictional scenario that never happened. But what do dreams about your partner cheating mean?

Firstly, it doesn’t mean you want to cheat or your partner is cheating. But dreaming about cheating is one of the most common dreams that people have.

In this article, we will look at the reasons that experts believe we think of cheating when we dream.

Something is missing in your relationship

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Experts believe that we sometimes dream of our partner cheating on us because something is missing in our relationship. This can be anything from feeling ignored or you have spent less time with your partner recently. If you feel like you haven’t spent time with them or they are prioritising other things in life then this can lead you to dreams about being cheated on.

Increased work hours, spending time with friends, working on side hustles or anything else that takes up your time with your partner can lead you to feel left out. Our advice would be to talk to your partner about ways where you can spend more time together.

You have issues

We all have some issues, but when it comes to dreams about cheating it could be down to your insecurities and trust issues. If you have been cheated on in the past and know the signs of cheating then you could be manifesting past relationships into your current one and this is spilling over into your dreams.

We aren’t saying don’t trust your gut, because from experience we know that if you suspect your partner is cheating there is a good chance that they are. If you do think this is happening and would like some advice our private investigators can help you. However, don’t think your partner is cheating on you because of a dream, that isn’t healthy.

You’ve been cheated on before


Being cheated on is a terrible experience and can have a huge impact on your life. If you have been cheated on in a past relationship these feelings can come to light and show in your dreams. You may not have any reason to expect your current partner of cheating and they probably aren’t. Our brains are powerful though and can take past experiences and intertwine them with our current situation.

Being cheated on especially if it caused you trauma can be a reason for you to dream about cheating.

You aren’t official

To the older readers among us, being official means that you haven’t declared your relationship for each other on social media so the relationship technically isn’t set in stone. This is also new to me so from my understanding is that if you aren’t official you are sort of seeing each other but you could be seeing other people too.

If your relationship isn’t defined then it leaves a lot of room for uncertainty and dreaming about cheating could be your brain processing your current situation.

You have been unfaithful

Unfaithfulness doesn’t have to mean having an affair. Your body and mind can interoperate being unfaithful as many different things, it could be you flirted with someone else recently, or liked it when someone flirted with you. It could be you find someone else attractive and can’t stop thinking about them.  

Your mind can then take these thoughts and feelings and make you feel like you have been unfaithful when you haven’t. These feelings can then make it into your dreams where you think about yourself or your partner cheating.

Dreams about cheating on boyfriend with an ex

If you know the person in your dreams or it’s your ex then this could indicate there is something you aren’t quite over in your last relationship. This doesn’t have anything to do with your current partner and you probably don’t want to get back with your ex.

You may on the other hand have resentment, anger or trust issues that have occurred because of your ex-boyfriend and now it’s spilling into your dreams.  

Should you tell your partner about your cheating dreams?

Some experts think you should as it can clear the air and any issues you may have, but if the other person doesn’t think there are issues this could come as a shock to them and cause more issues.

In my experience, I would say to keep the cheating dreams to yourself. They are just dreams and we don’t have control over them. We don’t tell our partners about other nightmares we have had so I don’t know why you would start now. In my opinion, there is no upside to telling your current partner that you dreamed about cheating on them with an ex.

Final thoughts.

Dreaming about your partner cheating usually has nothing to do with them actually cheating. It’s more commonly down to the relationship you have with them and even your past relationships getting into your dreams.

If you do suspect your partner of cheating, get in touch with us. Our private detective and surveillance services have given many couples peace of mind when it comes to cheating partners. Get in touch with us for a free quote today.

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