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Unearthing the truth of your partner’s infidelity can be a shattering experience. At Bond Rees, Portsmouth’s esteemed private investigator company, we recognise the emotional upheaval and challenging decisions that come in the wake of such a discovery. This article aims to guide you through the necessary steps following the revelation of your partner’s infidelity by our private investigation team. With a focus on securing a capable divorce lawyer, our goal is to help you navigate this difficult scenario.

Take Time for Emotional Processing:

Once you discover your partner’s disloyalty, your emotional wellness must be the priority. Allow yourself time to deal with the shock, anger, and sadness that may surface. Build a network of supportive friends and family who can provide comfort and understanding in this challenging time.

Obtain Professional Advice from Bond Rees:

Bond Rees is more than a private investigation firm; we are compassionate professionals who can offer further assistance. Connect with our team to discuss the results of the investigation and get guidance on your subsequent steps. We are equipped to provide resources, information, and emotional support as you tread the path ahead.

Understanding Your Legal Position:

If you opt to proceed with a divorce following the unfaithfulness, it’s crucial to seek a competent divorce lawyer to safeguard your rights and interests. A divorce lawyer will guide you through the legal procedures, ensuring you are informed about important aspects like property distribution, child custody, and support. Their expertise and advice will prove indispensable in this sensitive situation.

Arranging a Consultation:

Once you’ve chosen to seek legal representation, it’s time to arrange a consultation with a reputable divorce lawyer. In this meeting, you can present your case, share the evidence collected by Bond Rees, and gain insights into your legal options. The lawyer will work closely with you to comprehend your objectives and devise a tailored legal strategy to secure the best possible outcome in your divorce case.

Advancing with Assurance:

Healing is a process that takes time, and it’s essential to prioritise your well-being throughout this journey. Surround yourself with a robust support system, including friends, family, therapists, and professional advisors. By collaborating with Bond Rees, Portsmouth’s leading private investigator company, you can advance with assurance, knowing that you have a committed team backing you and protecting your interests.


At Bond Rees, we comprehend the emotional turbulence that accompanies the discovery of a partner’s infidelity. Once our private investigation unveils the evidence of deceit, it’s vital to focus on self-care and seek legal guidance. Give yourself time to process your emotions, consult with our professionals at Bond Rees for support, and then engage a reputable divorce lawyer who can defend your rights and provide the legal advice you require. Remember, you are not alone, and there are professionals ready to back you at every stage as you traverse this challenging chapter of your life. We highly recommend the following divorce lawyer in Portsmouth:

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We comprehend the hurdles that families and individuals must confront when dealing with family law issues. We frequently help clients tackle complicated financial troubles involving multiple assets, in addition to providing guidance on child custody and visitation arrangements post-divorce. Our skilled divorce lawyers have managed a diverse range of cases, including termination of civil partnerships, domestic abuse, family mediation, prenuptial agreements, child abduction, and concerns related to financial settlements.

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