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Unearthing the truth of a partner’s infidelity can be a heart-wrenching discovery. At Bond Rees, a trusted private investigator company in Cardiff, we comprehend the emotional upheaval and complex decisions that follow such a revelation. In this article, we will steer you through the requisite steps after our private investigation team exposes proof of your partner’s unfaithfulness. Specifically targeting the selection of a divorce lawyer, our aim is to support you through this intricate situation.

Take Time to Digest the Situation:

Upon being hit with your partner’s betrayal, it’s vital to focus on your emotional health. Give yourself the space to digest the feelings of shock, rage, and sorrow that may emerge. Encircle yourself with a compassionate network of friends and family who can offer solace and empathy in this challenging period.

Reach Out to Bond Rees for Professional Advice:

At Bond Rees, our role extends beyond being just private investigators; we are understanding professionals here to help you further. Connect with our team to discuss the investigation results and receive advice on your next course of action. We can equip you with resources, information, and emotional support as you traverse the path ahead.

Understanding Your Legal Entitlements:

In case you choose to initiate a divorce following the infidelity, it’s critical to engage a competent divorce lawyer who can defend your rights and interests. This legal expert will navigate you through the legal labyrinth, ensuring you are well-versed in areas such as asset division, child custody, and maintenance. Their proficiency and counsel will be instrumental in this sensitive situation.

Setting Up a Consultation:

Once you have resolved to secure legal representation, it’s time to arrange a consultation with a credible divorce lawyer. In this session, you can discuss your case, present the evidence collated by Bond Rees, and explore the legal avenues open to you. The solicitor will collaborate with you closely to comprehend your objectives and devise a bespoke legal strategy to attain the best possible outcome in your divorce proceedings.

Progressing with Assurance:

Remember, recovery is a process and it’s crucial to place your well-being at the forefront throughout this journey. Surround yourself with a robust support system, comprising friends, family, therapists, and professional advisors. By partnering with Bond Rees, Cardiff’s leading private investigator firm, you can progress with assurance, knowing that you have a devoted team backing you up and safeguarding your interests.

Make additional arrangements

As your divorce proceeds you may want to make additional arrangements when it comes to your housing. Divorce can be expensive and sometimes you may not have the funds to move into a large enough home that can house all your belongings. If you need to cut down on costs when going through divorce you can use self storage. Cardiff self storage is affordable and can save you a lot of money when you have to move out of the family home.


At Bond Rees, we appreciate the emotional storm that comes with unmasking a partner’s infidelity. After our private investigation reveals proof of disloyalty, it’s critical to prioritise self-care and seek legal advice. Take a moment to process your feelings, consult with our professionals at Bond Rees for support, and then engage a reputable divorce lawyer who can defend your rights and guide you through the legal proceedings. Remember, you’re not alone, and there are professionals prepared to back you at every turn as you navigate this taxing chapter of your life. We highly endorse the following divorce lawyer in Cardiff:

Stowe Family Law

Office address

Temple Court

13A Cathedral Rd


CF11 9HA

0292 060 7879

Accomplished Lawyers Focusing on Family Law and Divorce in Cardiff

We are distinguished for our compassion and professionalism, enabling our clients to feel bolstered and assured during a typically strenuous phase in their lives. With years of seasoned experience, our family law solicitors based in Cardiff exhibit a sharp acumen in resolving intricate financial matters and protecting the welfare of children.

A significant number of our clients are either professionals or high net worth individuals, many of whom possess expansive financial assets and holdings. In addition, we provide guidance to non-UK citizens who are currently residing in the UK, or have done so in recent years, and are in search of UK-based divorce advice.

As such, we are capable of assisting you in formulating a prenuptial agreement (prenup), negotiating child arrangement and support orders, and progressing effectively with your divorce. Should you ever encounter a situation that necessitates help with the dissolution of a civil partnership or drafting a cohabitation agreement, Stowe Family Law Cardiff is the firm to rely on.

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