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Bond Rees UK Close Protection Services (also called Bodyguards) are personally tailored security services for high-profile individuals or organisations. Close Protection Officers, or as they’re more commonly known; bodyguards, work closely with clients to keep them safe from harassment, physical assault, or any other threats to privacy or safety they may encounter. 

Close Protection Officers are typically associated with VIPs and celebrities, and can frequently be seen escorting clients to red carpet events. However, bodyguards are called upon to protect a wide array of clientele from politicians to business executives and even the families of VIPs. 

Clients in the public eye, such as celebrities, face a disproportionate risk of becoming victims of crime and often require Close Protection Security Services to ensure their safety. Whether it is harassment from over-enthusiastic fans, direct threats, or organised crime, Bond Rees Close Protection Security services aim to mitigate risk before the problem arises to preserve your peace of mind.

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Why Choose Bond Rees for Close Protection Security Services?

There are many reasons why Bond Rees’ Close Protection Security Services stand out from the crowd. Our decades of experience in bodyguard services provides every Close Protection Officer at Bond Rees with excellent conflict management and defence skills and the ability to tackle any situation that might arise while working with their assigned client.  With expert training from government agencies and backgrounds rooted in the military and the police force, Bond Rees’ Close Protection Officers understand the importance of professionalism and discretion. We are committed to protecting every client, no matter their lifestyle or needs. 

Our bodyguards also respect and uphold GDPR privacy and security standards, so our clients can rest assured that their assigned Bond Rees bodyguard will keep them, and their privacy, safe. 

To hire a Bond Rees Close Protection Officer, please get in touch with our London Private Detectives Team

Benefit of Close Protection Security Services 

You might be wondering if there are any other benefits of Close Protection Security Services Added benefits include: 

  • Preempting risks and threats
  • Protection tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle
  • Travel protections and escorting 
  • First Aid trained 
  • Discreet surveillance
  • Freedom to attend events with concern for your safety
  • Safeguarding property and assets
  • Highly trained and licensed bodyguards
  • Peace of mind for both you and your family 

How Much Does Close Protection Security Cost?

The cost of a personal professional bodyguard can vary depending on your individual needs and requirements for a bodyguard. These factors include but are not limited to, the threat associated with your position, the expected hours, and the activities a Close Protection Officer would be engaged in. 

Please get in contact with us to receive a quote tailored to your needs. 

Close Protection Security FAQs 

Are bodyguards armed in the UK? 

It is illegal for any citizen to own or use a firearm in the UK. This includes licensed Close Protection Officers who work for private security companies. As a result, bodyguards at Bond Rees are not armed. 

However, Close Protection Officers who are employed in the Protection Command branches of the Metropolitan Police force are armed bodyguards. These branches are made up of Royalty and Specialist Protection, which protects the Royal Family, and Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection, which is tasked with protecting the Parliamentary Estate.

Who needs a bodyguard? 

Many individuals may benefit from a personal professional bodyguard. This includes; 

  • Wealthy individuals such as high-profile businessmen or lottery winners
  • Celebrities and entertainers
  • CEOs
  • Money handlers or those tasked with moving expensive assets
  • People in the public eye including those facing online harassment and threats
  • Victims of domestic violence or domestic disputes

Bodyguards can also help protect the families of these individuals. 

What is the difference between a bodyguard and a security guard?

Both Bodyguards and security guards protect people and assets, but there are some distinctions between the roles. While bodyguards focus on an individual, often following a client closely through their day to monitor and prevent potential threats, Security guards typically focus on protecting property and assets or overseeing events. 

Why do close protection bodyguards wear dark glasses?

Most depictions of bodyguards in film and television show bodyguards wearing dark glasses, but there are legitimate benefits for this choice (beyond looking cool). Dark glasses enable bodyguards to hide their eyes, so potential attackers cannot tell if a bodyguard is looking at them. This can also make bodyguards look more imposing which can deter assailants from acting at all. Of course, sunglasses also protect a bodyguard’s eyes from bright lights or the sun which can limit their vision. 

Are there female bodyguards?

There are female bodyguards who are just as well trained and highly respected as their male counterparts, and the demand for them is increasing. Female Close Protection Officers are often chosen to work with families, especially those with children, or else to escort female clients where blending in is beneficial. Bond Rees can call upon a wide range of bodyguards, across a mix of genders, languages, body types, and ethnic backgrounds. We provide whatever protection our clients feel comfortable with.

What training do bodyguards in the UK have? 

Bodyguards in the UK are required to attend a Level 3 course in Working as a Close Protection Operative. This course teaches things such as reconnaissance, risk management, and legislation. They also need to complete first aid training and hold a full driving licence. 

Even when this training is complete, you cannot work as a bodyguard in the UK until you have received a licence from the SIA (Security Industry Authority). All our bodyguards at Bond Rees have the proper licences and qualifications to legally work as Close Protection Officers in the UK.

What is the difference between Close Protection Services and Executive Protection Services?

Close Protection Officer and Executive Protection Operative are titles that are often used interchangeably. Close Protection Officer is the name given to bodyguards in the UK and Europe, whilst Executive Protection Operative is more commonly used for the same role in the USA. 

Can you offer Close Protection Services to someone outside the UK? 

Yes, we have a global network of bodyguards. Regardless of where you need to go, we have the team suitable for the job. Whether you want them to meet you at your destination, or travel alongside you from your front door, our skilled team are professionally trained with the skills to provide the ultimate level of protection. We have body guards in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Africa, and Asia.

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