Client case study: Workplace bullying

How can private investigators help with workplace bullying?

Location: London 

What we did 

We were recently contacted by a client who was struggling with bullying in the workplace. The clients’ co-workers, including their managers, were corroborating plans to try and get them fired or else make the work environment so unpleasant that they handed in their notice. Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour isn’t uncommon, even amongst adults who should know better, but it can be tricky to catch in action.

Private investigators are able to tackle cases of workplace bullying and harassment

How we did it 

Once the client contacted us and briefed us on the situation, we constructed a plan to covertly record evidence to prove our client was being targeted. 

Due to the regular occurrence of the bullying, our private detectives were instructed to enter the department store they worked in and posed as customers, on three separate days over the space of 10 days. Each time, they waited until the people in question were back from their break and were talking with our client. 

On two of the three occasions, the staff members let their guard down whilst on the shop floor and directed threatening verbal behaviour towards our client. Our PIs were then able to hear conversations they were having and record evidence. We compiled a full report for the client with evidence, including all the information we were able to overhear and record. 

The results

The client was able to take this report and evidence to court and sue the company itself for their poor handling of the situation. Their co-workers were punished accordingly and the client’s job was reinstated with an apology.

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