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The breakdown of a relationship is tricky to navigate even under the best of circumstances, but when children are involved it can become harder. Even after countless court sessions and sleepless nights, there is no guarantee your ex will pay the child support maintenance you deserve. It’s not uncommon for people to go to extreme lengths to avoid paying child support, sometimes even moving house, changing contact information, or seeming to disappear completely. 

This is where child maintenance tracing comes in. 

What is child support tracing? 

Child support tracing, also known as child maintenance tracing is just one form of people tracing that Bond Rees are renowned for. There are many different types of people tracing, including; 

Each form of people tracing uses public and private records to track down either a person’s current location or their current contact information. Child support tracing uses public records such as the Electoral Register, Land Registry, and credit card reference agencies alongside more advanced private technologies to narrow down the search and help you locate your missing ex.

Independent child maintenance tracing 

Child support tracing is something you can attempt to do by yourself, without the help of a private investigative agency – providing you know how. If you decide to conduct a trace independently, you should be prepared that it can be a long and tedious search and you may not receive the results you need. However, we have outlined some methods you can use to trace a missing person, and hopefully recover your owed child support: 

Contacting friends and family

The easiest place to start a trace on a missing ex is their friends and family. If you can, it is worth getting in touch with any mutual friends or your child’s grandparents and asking for your ex’s contact details.

Social Media

Sites like Facebook, X, and Instagram can be great tools for people tracing and are entirely free of charge. Many people update their social media pages with personal information, such as job changes or a big move, that can help you in your search. 

Electoral Register

Much of the Electoral Register, known as the Full Electoral Register, is private and only provided to select organisations, but the Open Register can be bought by anyone at any time. The Open Register contains the names, addresses and contact information of anyone who is registered to vote in the UK, however people are able to opt out of appearing on the Open Register which may affect your search. The Electoral Register is also only updated once a year, and so if someone has recently disappeared this information may be out of date. 

Land Registry 

The Land Registry contains the information on anyone who owns land in the UK, along with the property/land that they own. This can be a helpful step if you know the person you are tracing owns land. However it is important to note that the Land Registry does not contain any information on those who rent. 

Credit Card Reference Agencies 

A Credit Card Reference Agency is often used by a business to determine your credit score and financial behaviour before you are offered a loan or credit. These records often contain a person’s contact details, address, and any alias’ they may be using. You cannot gain access to these records independently, and instead are required to go through a third party agency that has access to this information. There are several Credit Card Reference Agencies in the UK, which update their records at different times of the year. This means you may have to contact multiple agencies to find the records you need. These agencies are: 

  • Experian
  • Equifax
  • Transunion

Why Bond Rees?

Even with these tools at your disposal, independent child support tracing can be a frustrating, complex, and time consuming process at a time when you need immediate results. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for these long searches to come up dry and for your ex to get away with missing child support payments. 

Here at Bond Rees we have a 98.7% success rate and, thanks to our access to advanced technologies and years of experience, can locate a missing person in just days. We aim to take the stress out of missing person tracing by offering confidential and reliable support throughout the process. 

Unlike other tracing agents who hide surprise costs under a ‘no trace, no fee’ promise, we are able to provide you with a clear fee for your trace upfront. This means you are not charged more if your case turns out to be more complex than expected. 

To locate a missing ex who owes child support without the emotional or financial toll of searching yourself, contact a Bond Rees Tracing agent below.

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