Child Safety Investigations: Protecting your child during custody battles

How can private investigators help with child safeguarding investigations?

There’s lots of things to consider during a divorce from court dates to splitting assets, but at Bond Rees we understand the safety of your children will always be your top priority. No one wants to believe that divorce could mean putting your child at risk, but research has shown that family courts have a precedent for providing abusive parents with unsupervised contact with their children. In 2023, it was revealed even those previously accused of abuse were given contact, whilst the other parent was powerless to stop it. 

But Bond Rees are here to help. We are the leading private investigators in the UK and specialise in child safeguarding investigations. We provide families with peace of mind and can find evidence of a parent’s neglect that can be used to protect your child from abusive parents and situations. We can determine if your child is receiving not just the basic necessities to live, food and shelter for example, but also enough care and attention to thrive in their environments. 

In this article we’ll explain how you can use a private investigator to ensure your child’s safety through a child safeguarding investigation. 

Bond Rees are the UK's leading private investigators for child safeguarding cases

What is a child safeguarding investigation? 

Simply put, a child safeguarding investigation is when a private investigator is hired to conduct covert surveillance by following the suspect, typically a parent or guardian, and taking note of their behaviour. A private investigator will be on the look for: 

  • Children being neglected 
  • Drunk parents 
  • Substance abuse 
  • New partners that may also be abusive
  • Poor living conditions
  • School absences
  • Child’s overall happiness and quality of life

Private investigators can also conduct background checks into both your ex-partner and any of their new partners that aim to uncover any previous criminal records or even the funds needed to look after your child. Witness interviews, such as from friends and family members, also make up part of the investigation to provide our investigators with a detailed account. 

During the investigation, private investigators will collect evidence including photos, audio, video, and any documentation that can be used in custody cases. 

Benefits of safeguarding investigations  

There are many benefits to hiring a private investigator to conduct a child safeguarding investigation. These benefits can include: 

  • Expert surveillance equipment. Private investigators have access to records and equipment that the general public does not.
  • Evidence gathering. This evidence can be used for further custody cases whether you’re trying for full or partial custody. 
  • Peace of mind. If our investigation doesn’t reveal anything concerning, you can rest easy knowing your child is in good hands. 
  • Providing an unbiased perspective. Private investigators can offer you an unbiased account that can be invaluable when it comes to child custody cases where emotions on both sides run high.
Private investigators can protect your child during custody battles

Why hire Bond Rees for a safeguarding investigation?

With decades of experience behind us and a 98.7% success rate, Bond Rees can get you the results you need. Our team is highly trained to pick up on the nuisances of child neglect cases and pay close attention to every detail to confirm that your child is as happy and well cared for as they can be.

Our surveillance isn’t limited to the home. We can conduct covert surveillance anywhere, such as: 

  • Theme parks 
  • Restaurants 
  • Holidays – our international branches are available wherever you need us.
  • Shopping trips 
  • School pick-ups

Having evidence to support custody cases is vital in child safeguarding investigations. At Bond Rees we take great care to ensure all of our cases are 100% legal, ethical, and within GDPR so that all evidence we can collect is usable in court. Our private investigators all come from ex-police and ex-military backgrounds and understand how to conduct a legally compliant investigation. 

Bond Rees work with individuals and family members in these investigations, but will also work alongside safeguarding officers and lawyers. The safety of the children involved in these investigations is imperative and we take measures to ensure their privacy and confidentiality is upheld. 

Bond Rees can start your safeguarding surveillance today

Your child’s safety can’t wait, and so Bond Rees offers 24/7 support and availability across the entirety of the UK and internationally. If you’re concerned your child may not be safe or cared for in their current home or whilst with your ex-partner, contact Bond Rees’ covert surveillance team today.

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